All God of War Games Ranked Worst to Best -

All God of War Games Ranked Worst to Best

Kaptain Kuba
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It’s been 5 months since God of War Ragnarok released, which means it is time to rank the series all over again!
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  1. Strongly disagree

    1. GOW Ragnarok
    2. GOW 3
    3. GOW 2
    4. GOW 1
    5. GOW 2018

  2. I hope they release a DLC expansion for gow ragnarok.Continuing the story of Kratos and Arteus.

  3. Gow 3
    Gow 2
    Gow 2018
    Gow 1
    Gow gos
    Gow coo

  4. Totally agree that Norse Saga should have been 3 games. Or at least have a couple of "witcher 3" like expansions for GoW 2018 in order to leave more room for Ragnarok.

  5. 2 set the bar so high with the the best button configuration

  6. Mine would be:

    1. God of War 3 (favorite game of all time)
    2. Ragnarok
    3. 2018
    4. God of War 2
    5. Ascension
    6. Chains of Olympus
    7. Ghost of Sparta
    8. God of War 1

    GOW 1 is still a great game, but those challenges were really annoying. The challenges really helped me decide everything after the top 3. Also, I have not played Betrayal.

  7. I think they should make a game in between god of war raganrok and 2018, to answer some questions that were never answered, cause it was a good amount of time skip that something could of happen, but maybe Kratos does it solo and doesn’t wanna talk about what happen

  8. My ranking:
    2: God of War Ragnarök
    1: God of War (2018)
    I haven’t played the other god of war games yet.

  9. My ranking:
    1. God of War 2 (best game of all time)
    2. God of War 3
    3. God of War 1
    4. Ragnarok
    5. God of War (2018)
    6. Ghost of Sparta
    7. Chains of Olympus
    8. Ascension
    9. Betrayal

  10. The worst thing about god of war 3 is unskippable cutscenes

  11. My rankings:

    God of War 2018
    God of War 3
    God of War Ragnarok
    God of War 2
    God of War
    God of War Ghost of Sparta
    God of War Ascension
    God of War Chains of Olympus
    God of War Betrayal

  12. Great list! Sisters of Fate are also my favorite boss fight.

  13. My list:
    8: god of war ascension
    7: god of war chains of Olympus
    6: god of war ghost of Sparta
    5: god of war 1
    4: god of war 2
    3: god of war 2018
    2: god of war 3
    1: god of war ragnarok

  14. 1.codbo2.2.god of war ghost of sparta.3.roblox💀

  15. My list
    That crappy mobile game
    Ghost of Sparta
    GOW 2018

  16. I think that list was spot on. While I might have listed the original trilogy in order of release your explanation with two put me in agreement with the perfect flow the game had it just deserves top spot. While I loved the Norse game they really shouldve made it a trilogy. Instead of Ragnarok it could've been just straight up Fimbulwinter and honestly like 70-80% of what happened in Ragnarok couldve been in Fimbulwinter. A lot of the key moments nearing the end of the game they couldve saved for the next game and flushed them out more with some extra grandeur.

  17. god of war 2018 shouldnt be that high cause had repetitive bosses

  18. Chains of olympus has so many bugs, i wouldnt put it above ascension or betrayal

  19. My personal ranking is:
    GOW 2
    GOW 3
    GOW 2005
    GOW Ghost of Sparta
    GOW 2018
    Chains of Olympus

  20. My list:

    GoW 3
    GoW 2
    Ghost of Sparta
    Gow 1
    Chains of Olympus

    The other 2 I don't consider God of War games. They're more like TLOU with a GOW theme.

  21. Yeah got of wars Norse mythology should had 3 games like in the recent game Thor should be the main boss and in the third game then Odin being the main boss

  22. My personal ranking
    1. Gow 2018
    2. Gow 3
    3. Gow Ragnarok
    4. Gow 2
    5. Gow 1
    6. Gow ghost of Sparta
    7. Gow Ascension
    8. Gow chains of Olympus
    9. Gow betrayal

  23. God of War 3 is my Favorite in the Series an Hack and Slash MasterPiece

  24. Wish they would remaster the older God of wars into the 2018 version of God of war I'd buy that in a heart beat just take away the mashing sections that destroy controllers fast

  25. Disagree on many fronts.
    GOW 2005 is just bad at places, the camera and controls are a bigger obstacle than any challenge or enemy.
    Ragnarok on the other hand is a masterpiece with great character development, unexpected and emotional plot points, cinematic cutscenes and the best gameplay in the franchise.
    Don't know where the Ironwood hate comes from, It's atmospheric and serves as character development for Atreus, if you don't like experiencing it on replays you have the option to skip cuscenses.

  26. In my opinion :

    #1 God of War Ragnarok
    It has flaws, but for me, this game and GOW3 are the best God of War series.
    The Realms at War should be longer up to 2 hours maybe, and more bosses at the final war.
    Also hand-to-hand combat should not be removed. The shield combat system is OK, but please don't remove the skill tree.

    #2 God of War 3
    I like "the end of mythology" theme and chained weapons of this game. The combat system is also very good.
    I remember that Zeus on Chaos is easier than Cerberus + Satyrs.

    #3 God of War 4 (2018)
    In terms of story and how the game is delivered, this is the best. The combat system also has no big flaws IMO, unlike GOWR which has bad hand-to-hand combat system.

    #4 God of War 2
    One of my favourite childhood games.
    God Armor is also still one of the best armors in GOW series.

    #5 God of War Ghost of Sparta
    The deep and emotional story really hits on this game. I also understand why Kratos did things in GOW2 and GOW3 because of this game.

    #6 God of War 1
    The combat system is still so so, well considering it is the first game on PS2. Bonus armors are not that satisfying. Very Hard mode is really unforgiving.

    #7 God of War Ascension
    The combat system is really good, but I don't really like the rage mode. It is good for attacks to get stronger the more you hit enemies. But, removing the style staying on Rage Mode is no go.

    #8 God of War Chains of Olympus

    Just my opinion. I love all God of War series. Played them all, except God of War Betrayal.

  27. I think this series is of the few where both old and new games are on the same pantheon tier

  28. I did enjoy 2018 more than Ragnarok, I did love the variety of enemies and the boss fights from Ragnarok tho it was a very important factor.

  29. you an oldhead hater. biasedass list. god of war 2018 is number 1.

  30. 1)Gow 2
    2)Gow 1
    3)Gow 3
    4)Ghost of Sparta
    5)Gow 2018
    6)Gow ascension
    7)Gow Ragnarok
    8)chains of Olympus

  31. god of war 2018 is my first ever God Of War game so i cant really rank anything

  32. Gow 3 is easily the best Out of the whole series. The new gow are god but don't hit the same as the first 3. Ragnarok got boring asf halfway through

  33. I love a game that throws a unexpected curveball and GOW 3 did that by making you face Poseidon so early in the game and what a battle , i was in complete shock and after that i was hooked on the story

  34. 1: gow
    2: gow 2
    3: gow 2018
    4: gow 3
    5: gow ascension
    6: gow ghost of sparta
    7: gow chains of Olympus

  35. For me
    God of war 3
    God of war 2
    God of war ghost
    God of war 1
    God of war chains
    god of war ascension
    god of war 4
    god of war 5

  36. I think 2 is the best. 3 and 1 follow. The new ones are crap, poor puzzles, too long, bad camera, atmosphere dont appeal to me at all… gameplay is superbasic and repetitive too. I dont know why they call it god of war, should have been a different franchise

  37. Ghost Of Sparta is the best PSP game I have played and GOW2 is my favourite of the franchise till now

  38. To me Ragnarok was the weakest! I was really disappointed of the game. Chains of Olympus was basic but still fun. The mobile game I don't even consider.

  39. My personal ranking:
    Betrayal (never played and don’t plan on ever playing it)


    Chains Olympus


    Ghost of Sparta





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