All Total War Games Tier List -

All Total War Games Tier List

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All Total War Games ranked based on how good their release was and how good they are in 2021.

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  1. Its sad that the best total war game is a total bogus fantasy game…ridiculous

  2. "Hey you wanna maybe trade some goods?"

  3. ///This is my experience with TW so far///

    Fall of the Samurai: Really fucking good with only a few problems
    Three Kingdoms: Great battles and campaign handling.

    Shogun 2: Awesome battles, basic econ and campaign handling.

    Attila: Battles are epic but the turn change time is way to slow

    Rome classic: All around good basic game but not as godlike as people make it out to be. Also the first TW game I ever played. Playing around in Descr_Strat and Descr_Unit was one of the things I liked about it.

    Empire: Just barely playable only if you have Darthmod, and even then that's only for graphics and sfx enhancement

    Medieval: Played it once, for about 10 minutes. Never touched it again.

    Rise of the Samurai: You like pain

  4. Attila's AMAZING mods put it much Higher IMO. Also Age of Justinian 55 Ad has amazing AI in battles, Ai Campaign movement and AI army composition. Also Medieval 1212 and Ancient Empires are really good too!!

  5. 40 minutes and 8 seconds of someone agreeing with me. I like it!

  6. Started playing when Medieval was released….I remember being 12 years old and staying up all night playing over Christmas Holidays! I bought Rome when it came out and absolutely LOVED it…and
    then came Medieval 2 which in my opinion is the greatest Total war game and one of my Top 5 favorite games of all time!!

    Continued with Empire (good not great) – Rome 2 ( One of the biggest letdowns in the history of gaming) – Warhammer 1 and 2 (good not great) – Troy (played for 10 mins, did not feel right) – Rome Remastered (Also was letdown…Felt like a mobile game in some areas)

    In my opinion Total war has continued to go downhill for a long time…There are a lot of new feature I don't like (looking at you garrisons)

    My biggest hope in Gaming is that they don't mess up MTW3

  7. I think a big problem with the series in general is that there's a tendency to release what was clearly an expansion is a full game, it technically started with Shogun 2 with turning FoTS into a standalone game, then you have Britannia, which was not only an expansion that turned into a a full game, but also would have introduced optimization fixes for Attila, so it's existence actively made its original base game worse until someone figured out how to apply ToB's fixes to Attila, and they're probably going to the same thing with Three Kingdoms, the new game will be the actual Three Kingdoms start date which would have been DLC had the DLC for Three Kingdoms not flopped in China.
    Also Warhammer 2, it's factions, and it's features should have been DLC's and patches for Warhammer, it came out a fucking year after 1? It's completely unreasonable to have us pay AT LEAST 120 BUCKS without DLC for a still only semi complete Warhammer experience

  8. Can't wait for warhammer 3 hopefully fix issues from warhammer 2

  9. Someone said Turks? 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷…

  10. Woman screaming: Empire total war, Total war Rome 2

    Cat: Empire Rome 2

  11. You are objectively wrong, Napoleon and Rome two are above everything else.
    Fucking fantasy fans ruining the series.

  12. Was sharpening my knives when TWW2 hovered anywhere below S tier for 0.1 milliseconds.

  13. Shogan 2 never worked on my pc. Complete waste of money.

  14. Empire total war with darthmod is fun, but economy and diplomacy is shit thats 100% correct

  15. Why do you need TW Warhammer 1 to play Warhammer 2? Is it story wise or do you get more gameplay mechanics if you own 1 as well? My only experience with total war is a borrowed pc playing total war three kingdoms… sadly didnt manage to finish it… can only afford a ps4 and havent been able to afford a gaming pc yet for total war games.. wish they came out for console as well

  16. Got a friend into total war years ago when he was having some problems by showing him medieval. When he got his hands on medieval 2 he basically became a hermit for a year, at the end of which he showed me his max difficulty campaign where he had taken over the known world as Scotland (his name's Scott) I don't know whether I helped or harmed his life, but I was very proud of him anyway.

  17. My top 5
    Rome 1
    Medieval 2
    Shogun 2
    Rome 2

  18. Exactly the list we needed. RIght when you said Empire could go "straight into the f***in' bin" I lost it lmao

  19. I disagree about Empire. It was awfully bogus at launch (and deserves D tier on launch) , and the sieges still are really bogus, but it's not a bad game like rome 2. To me it should be in B tier, with napoleon. B rather than C because of naval battles.
    I also disagree about medieval 2 : for the time it was incredibly good, and most of all, you have third age total war and other mods in it. It definitely is S tier. Definitely my #1 total war game. You actually need a category above S to put it in the "on release" table.

  20. Imagine a shogun 3 that combined with 3 kingdoms in a bit of a mortal empires. 3 kingdoms would have to have a different era but that would be sick. They could then add south East Asian kingdoms and tribes. Maybe European factions coming in too but that might be too ambitious

  21. Which Total War games can I play with my laptop?
    MSI GE75 Raider 2020
    CPU Intel Core i7 10750H (2.6 GHz to 5.0 GHz, 6 cores, 12 MB cache)
    32 GB RAM DDR4 @ 2933 MHz
    512 GB SSD Samsung + 1 TB
    GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Mobile 8 GB DDR6

  22. As soon as he put the arcade warhammer games above the og games I stopped the video 🤣😂

  23. For best battles Troy aint good which One is more immersive?great vídeo!thanks!

  24. The worst for me is Attila, because of game optimization. I cant run it even today, with my Ryzen 7 2700x + GeForce 1660 Super 6Gb + 16 Gb RAM + SSD

  25. The only thing i want from Total War Warhammer at this point is a better end game crisis. Give me something other than just choas or the vortex. Empower another enemy and Lets goooo.

  26. Didn't know about the addition of a lord to replenish the Wagh. Me learned somfin

  27. im so tired of these warhammer 2 fanboys. Its still unbalanced and unrefined and relies on mods to fix these problems

  28. Is anyone else hearing him say "toad of war"?

  29. Bro really put warhammar in S tier thinking we wouldnt notice

  30. Low key my favs have been Rome 2, Warhammer 2, and Troy 😂

  31. Played all the early games. Loved Shogun, Medieval and Rome. Didn't like Medieval II, hated the Inquisitors. Empire is far and away my favourite, love the huge campaign, I have over 3000 hours on it. Second best is Rome II with 1300 hours. Warhammer doesn't interest me nor does Three Kingdoms. Waiting for another historical Total War that will pique my interest.

  32. I played barbarian invasion and medieval 2 the most out of any total war game and today still revisit them.

  33. Rome 2 Total War is a brilliant and beautiful game

  34. I've been playing TW games since Rome 1, and I remember MTW2 being extremely, extremely well received on launch. It was an instant classic. It has some age issues (mainly with diplomacy and agent stuff) but in my opinion is easily the most well rounded and best TW game of all time. Warhammer 2 is a great game also, but overall by both "then and now" criteria, I would put Med 2 at the top of any ranking.

  35. Top 3 TW games for me are

    Warhammer 2 by large margin
    Three Kingdoms
    Medieval 2

    Worst 3
    Troy, Empire, Britannia

  36. Bruh you cant put Empire in bottom rank and not expect downvotes

  37. Even though Shogun 2 lacks some variety compared to other games. The battles are just amazing siege,field, and naval. I easily slammed 450 hrs on this game because of its beautiful simplistic layout and engaging battles/campaigns honing in on a specific time and place

  38. 3 Kingdoms is still a solid game. For me it's right behind the warhammer games.

  39. How is Warhammer 2 S tier?? it should be SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Tier LUL

  40. Rome Total War on the same level as Rome Total War II –_________

  41. What is wrong with Empire? Empire is one of my favorite Total War games.

  42. Rome 2 is my favorite total war 100% but I also was 1 when the first game came out so I guess that makes a difference. How you felt about Rome 1 is how I felt about Rome 2.

  43. Attila is still my favorite, most people disagree with that but i do enjoy dark and miserable tone of the game. Also, the only game in the franchise where the battle are actually epic in the truest meaning of the word. The music, visual effects and the theme are just ridiculously on point.

  44. The lotr mod for medieval 2 will always be the greatest mod of all time

  45. Three kingdoms is the worst imo. Bought it n dropped it.

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