All Winners and Losers of WWE Survivor Series 2022 Wargames | Wrestlelamia Predictions -

All Winners and Losers of WWE Survivor Series 2022 Wargames | Wrestlelamia Predictions

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The Winners of WWE Survivor Series 2022 Wargames

Match Card

Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim, and TBD Defeat Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky), Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley

The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, Sami Zayn, and The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso)) vs. The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch), Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens

Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins (c) vs Austin Theory

Ronda Rousey (c) v Shotzi

Judgement Day vs The OC

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  1. If I may not be wrong drew vs solo sikoa is wrestlemania worthy

  2. Don't understand why people getting their hope up when it comes to Sasha reports are clearly indicating it's Becky but people like you keep saying Sasha Sasha. At this point i don't think she is returning to wrestling i think she is going to Hollywood

  3. Theory, Rollins and Lashley could be one hell of a match!! That has massive MOTY potential IMO.

  4. I want the Bloodline to win, leading to Sheamus vs Roman at a Ppv and Kevin vs McIntyre. I'd like to see Rhea winning it for the female faction, leading to her challenging Bianca at Mania for the title. Judgement Day over the AOC, and Shotzi finally winning the title to give it a frashz circulation. Don't want Sasha to be the 5th member as it will instantly kill Naomi and her push coming back. Would like it to be Chelsea Green.

  5. Look for Theory to pull that age old BS of hiding outside the ring and popping back in for the win at the last minute.

  6. Could be Charlotte or Becky or if they really gonna surprise it be Sasha but that's a long shot. Who knows these days we see I guess

  7. To stimulate the women's division, Ronda Rousey vs Bianca BelAir for ALL THE GLORY MUST HAPPEN!

  8. I hopre Ronda Goes away shes not needed on wwe

  9. The bloodline need to take a loss. It's one thing to make a heel faction a dominate faction. It's another one entirely when that heel faction seems to rarely or never lose, brother.

  10. Nothing with Ronda will ever be interesting Liv clears in every way even without the title she’s still more interesting than Lousy

  11. The points you brought up are my main problems with Ronda. WWE always books themselves into a corner with Ronda because they are so focused on keeping her looking like a beast that a whole roster needs to take a supporting role

  12. Charlotte didn’t make Ronda look “weak”, she she help made Ronda a top star during her 2018 run as a babyface😭

  13. You just said the other day you believe itll be becky. But for every prediction vid you have to say sasha is returning so that itll increase viewers

  14. It's Becky Lynch who is going to be the fifth person for team belier against team baley at survivor series war games

  15. Women Wargames Match
    Bianca Bliss Asuka Mia Yim ?(Sasha Banks or Becky Lynch)🔥
    Bayley Dakota Sky Ripley Cross

    Ronda Rousey 🔥 vs Shortzi
    SmackDown Women Championship

    Seth Rollins 🔥 Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Austin Theory
    United States Championship

    Braun Strowman 🔥 Vs Santos Escobar (possible)
    SmackDown WorldCup Final

    Braun Strowman Vs Gunther 🔥
    Intercontinental championship

    AJ Styles Vs Finn Bálor 🔥

    Bray Wyatt 🔥Vs LA Knight(possible)

    Men's Wargames Match
    The BloodLine🔥
    Sheamus McIntyre Owens Butch Holland

  16. Who I think should win
    AJ Styles beats Finn Balor by pinfall
    Shayna attacks Shotzi during the match and she wins by DQ.
    War games: 1. Bianca Belair eliminates Nikki Cross
    2. Bayley eliminates Mia Yim
    3. Iyo Sky eliminates Alexa Bliss
    4. Bianca Belair eliminates Iyo Sky
    5. Bayley eliminates TBD
    6. Bayley eliminates Asuka
    7. Rhea Ripley eliminates Bianca Belair for the victory
    8. I would have TBD be either Tegan Nox or Sasha Banks

  17. Who I think should win Part 2
    I would have Seth win by beating Theory after Mustafa Ali hitting him beating with a chair.
    1. Sheamus eliminates Jimmy Uso
    2. Roman Reigns eliminates Butch
    3. Sami Zayn eliminates Drew Mcintyre by roll up
    4. Solo Sikoa eliminates Ridge Holland
    5. Sheamus eliminates Jey Uso
    6. Kevin Owens eliminates Sami Zayn
    7. Solo Sikoa eliminates Kevin Owens
    8. Sheamus eliminates Solo Sikoa
    9. Roman Reigns eliminates Sheamus for the victory

  18. I love AJ as a gritty baby face. The dude puts in so much work in every match. Hopefully he can get another push soon and maybe even win one of the few titles that are out there.

  19. I see Austin Theory winning in some weird fashion he makes a great heel it will make up for him losing MITB and getting a push

  20. Beth phoenix makes the better sense shes got a bone to pick with rhea that went cold for no reason other than why put rhea and beth in a singles match run this can be a 1 and done for beth and rhea can demand a singles match later on with a reason to

  21. Finally the homie is back! That other dude is lame af!

  22. Frankly I don't get the concept of these spoilers of potential winners and losers predictions of upcoming PLEs. It takes away from the thrill of seeing whose going to be the winner and losers at the time of PLEs. This is absolutely ludicrous, especially if the bookings are accurate enough to foreshadow these so called predictions. It's a takeaway from the surprise mystique, and akin to being foretold the ending of a blockbuster movie before it premieres in theaters! To each is own, I reckon.

  23. Nah Seth’s Holding The Title Until Mania

  24. Was looking forward to see Ronda Vs Bianca at Survivor Series.

  25. I so badly want the 5th woman to he Sasha Banks.. but that's far reaching

  26. Nah I reckon Becky Lynch with blue hair 😊

  27. You're right Roman Reigns will lose the match just like Roman Reigns is a big phony his whole family is a phony

  28. I figured the triple threat stipulation would be a good way to have Rollins retain while still making Lashley look strong

  29. They should have Kevin Owens betray his team in favor for the bloodline and slowly start taking sammies place as honorary uce but like we know he's doing it only to get Sammi away from them , slowly leading to a bloodline betrayal on Sammi turning him Babyface

  30. ok take what im about to say with a grain of salt, this is just me creating a scenario besides who i think might win these matches.

    Team Bianca vs Team Bayley – i see Alexa Bliss costing her team the match, so i predict Team Bayley to win, but not so fast. they'll win, but im predicting a few swerves now that Becky is back. Alexa turns heel, and it turns out she's been plotting behind the scenes, and she knows Nikki Cross is there for her. all those Bray signs add up guy's, but what do they mean, she already knows, she's just pretending she don't. see Nikki Cross is the setup piece for Alexa to turn heel, and to go dark much more twisted than anything we've seen from her.
    Alexa is about to become Uncle Howdy, one of Bray's many personality traits.
    so the swerve is this, at some point in the match, something will be going on with Alexa that her team can't explain. so that will get there attention, any team mate would wanna see what's up, but that's the trap. Bianca most likely will be the one to see what's up, but Bianca doesn't suspect a thing with Asuka. out of nowhere Asuka attacks her team mate and Nikki Cross jumps in, while Becky is occupied with someone else. eventually Becky stops and even Bayley stops to look, but while Bayley is distracted Io Sky hits her with a chair. meanwhile Bianca is out, Becky's out after trying to help, and Alexa is just watching them. Bayley has no idea why he own team mate her, then as Dakota was arguing with her, out of nowhere Alexa hits Dakota with some kinda object and busts her open, and starts laughing. at this point the crowd is like, wtf is going on here. Michael Cole is trying to make sense of Alexa, and Corey goes, this must have been planned. well Rhea really doesn't care one way or the other, but i mentioned Nikki Cross, she's being used as a pawn.
    so with Alexa going crazy, Nikki is enjoying it, but then both Io and Asuka attack her, and then Alexa gets involved. now where is Mia Yim, she saw what was going on, she wanted no part, they attack her to. but that's how Team Bayley gets the win. Rhea Ripley takes advantage of an injured Mia Yim. so where is Dakota and Bayley, there knocked out,
    after Io hit Bayley, Alexa took out Dakota. Becky and Bianca were already down.
    so after Rhea gets the win for her team, Alexa hugs Asuka and Io.
    they may be down, but Bayley can see Io, and Bianca is looking at Alexa and Asuka.
    see there all confused, Bayley looks like she seen a ghost, and Bianca and Becky especially, is this what i came back for. Becky just coming back ain't gonna see the swerve,
    so ya Asuka and Io align with Alexa. but it's not over, all the signs, we see the person Howdy, he doesn't say anything, but he gives Alexa something, and they become her servants.

    The Bloodline vs the jack off crew – i don't think Roman's titles are on the line, but i still see the Bloodline winning somehow. now the Usos can lose there belts, because i do think there's is on the line. but i don't see the Usos dropping just yet, i think the Bloodline survives somehow.
    however i do this is the end of the road for Sami Zayn, Jey saw KO talking with Sami, and he lied about it. so at some point in the match, after they win, i think Roman rather than Jey will be the one to do it. so he attacks him, after that they all jump him. people are predicting Jey, but i think Roman needs to be the one. plus he's gonna need a new opponent at the rumble,
    and who do you got, it's not gonna be KO, unless he wins the rumble which i don't see,
    you might as do Sami. he won't beat him, but atleast it gives him something to do.
    but that loss wouldn't be the end, that's when he can team up with Kevin Owens. now he'll have to work at gaining his trust, but if KO sees he's not with them anymore, little by little they can make up. now what if it goes the other way, well either way, this is the end of the relationship.
    so whether it's Jey or Roman it wouldn't make a difference, Jimmy does seem a little conflicted, but in the back Jey probably told Jimmy what KO said about striking before they strike.
    so if Sami is thinking of making a move, it's most likely gonna go the other way.
    plus i think Roman was planning to do it at the right time.

    Seth vs Theory vs Lashley – this match is way too predictable, but im confused as to who the face is, because Lashley was the heel following his loss to Brock, but it seems like they tweaked that a bit. Seth should be a face, that stupid joker gimmic is played out, but there not gonna turn him, and Theory is this new character now. but Seth is walking out,
    i don't see Theory or Lashley.

    Ronda vs Shotzi – i don't know why people are giving a Shotzi a chance here,
    but i think her being in a title match is a good thing. putting her on a PPV will help get her some exposure, i think Shotzi can have a bright future if they do her right,
    but with Shayna there i don't see her winning. taking out Raquel is a sign,
    with her out of the way, Shotzi will be dealing with them.

    now keep in mind what i said about Team Bianca vs Team Bayley, i was just using my creative imagination. i do think someone is turning heel, but now that Becky is back, i don't know what that means for Alexa. because i can see Becky challenging Bianca, maybe Bayley if the title is the line.
    Alexa can certainly use a heel turn, it's no accident Nikki Cross is there. she might be involved with Bray, and Alexa. but i guess we'll find out.

  31. It will be a very good show, 100%! Waiting for it! Good video and good predictions!

    My predictions: The Bloodline, Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim and Becky , Ronda Rousey , AJ Styles , Seth Rollins.

  32. roman won't get pinned. K.O will take roman out the ring and both men will be desqualified im telling u

    or if he does get pinned, it should be mainly drew or K.O that pins him.

  33. Theory is going to win the triple threat match. Mainly cause at some point where Bobby is beating the hell out of Seth and Austin alike, Brock will show up to ruin Bobby’s moment and implement some payback for what was done to him after the Crown Jewel match. Whilst the match continues where Seth gains the upper hand on a young Theory, his words will come back to bite him as The American Nightmare makes his long awaited return and hits Seth with the CrossRhodes setting Theory up for the 1 2 3! That sets up Bobby VS Brock for a Royal Rumble rematch and also allows Seth and Cody to enter the Rumble with each eyeing to eliminate one another. That’s the best outcome for the match and will also make it the match of the night.

  34. world's resident lunatic nikki cross… i'm dead

  35. 5th remember for Bianca’s team Is Becky lynch

  36. Michael Cole yelling and screaming is annoying he seen almost everything and acts shocked it’s so lame

  37. Jey Uso getting Sami Zayn out of The Bloodline first and Sami Zayn not related to The Bloodline family

  38. Bloodline won the men's War Games match & Sami didn't turn on the Bloodline, nor did the Bloodline turn on him. He turned on Kevin Owens instead

  39. My guy everything you said was wrong. Except the team Bianca and team Bel Air.

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