An inside look at TakeOver's WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 7, 2018 -

An inside look at TakeOver’s WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 7, 2018

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Get ready for the return of the most fearsome battleground in sports-entertainment at NXT’s TakeOver: WarGames on Nov. 17. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.


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  1. Can anybody say what is that background music used post 1:40? 🤩


  3. Kings of War and Heartache vs Undisputed Era

  4. Whoever edited this. did a fantasic job. What a hype package

  5. What’s the metal song they used? It sounds like Lamb of God

  6. Them must recruite another mmbers for undisputed era..

  7. I'm more hyped for this match than I was for any WrestleMania main event in the past 4 years lmao

  8. This is damn near the best wwe promo this year I’m stoked to see this match I got UE taking it all baby !!!!

  9. NXT takeover War Games Los Angeles I can't f**** wait

  10. Sigh they are really gonna make a faction lose to a rinky dink makeshift team. Undisputed era deserve better

  11. Each member of the Undisputed Era has their own demeanor and style but yet they all correlate together so perfectly

  12. Hey wwe, post that match of last year war games

  13. I can’t wait for this…..I hope The Undisputed Era wins again

  14. Reminds me of Ecw arena but the nNET NxT version vision the games Wwe 17 time world champions company speaking of has he ever won his own company championship like Vince McMahon’s has many times over rosters counts and will there ever be a nxt DX championship belt title ? X-Division to tna impact fans out there

  15. I can get pass WcW why can’t anyone else? The company is still technically around it might hunt the original attitude era stars but I’m not sure why I guess it haunts me also the thrill of defending your company boss or as sets pay check from be fired it’s a whole hell of a lot of reasons to keep going on but not all the thrill of survival and the harsh reality of defeat but a new day can and she’ll arrive but some would say ain’t raw and smack down there on two different shows inside of one company yes they are so why not just keep smackdown stars and show ideas away for raw in the great brand extended experience? I am not sure but it’s well of a time I think this network should get a cable channel already it’s been about five years since or it’s been a app and most of amateur and professional wrestling 🤼‍♀️ Greco Roman wrestling history is stored in titan sports brands WWWF/WWF/WWE/NXT/WCW/ECW/FSW/WWEL/ with three active brands going on what is NxT should that allowed I believe so The Man Called Sting to Run A new WCW for them I say yes how to stay focused on all of that some might ask well the hell I say bring it back under a good team of professionals and let sting and stone cold handle talent and god bless him while we still have him rick the mature boy flair of course the immortal HULK HOGAN at wrestle mania have the Wwe universal championship or champ battle it out against our champs in the company just like night of champions but also definitely defend it on a regular occasion also against other championships throughout the company brands champ of each brand the main championship is the universal title so smack downs champ title belts can finally say smack down and Raw titles can finally say raw and Ecw titles and WCW titles can say wcw and NXT says NXT titles there now five nights I guess even out of the dark shows and the mix show of the week 205 live is cruiser weights division but I’d say Wwe SuperStars would be the head of the mixed brand shows along with the MainEvent read it I was going to say now that the Monday night wars are over can’t forget about professional Football 🏈 have the MainEvent moved to Monday nights and raw Re titled RawHeat since it’s a combination of Sunday night heat and Monday night Raw so yes WWE RawHeat sounds nice. The Monday night is just for the day it airs on at twilight zone hours and a fresh mid day afternoon show when the cable network pulls up a Schedule hopefully WWE sees this comment suggesting for this weekly gladiatorial non death matches but extremely fun ones to happen reads me suggesting box comments ttyl thank you for listening to the small frie

  16. You just know war games is going to steal the weekend

  17. I’ll say once and I’ll say it a million times… no roof, it’s not War Games. We waited so long for War Games to come to WWE and they give a watered down version

  18. It would be the next nexus faction cant wait

  19. I'm glad Ricochet is in this match cause I have a great feeling he is gonna do something mind blowing inside the War Games Cage.

  20. Undisputed Era for the win!!!!! I have a feeling that Undisputed Era, is going to break up.

  21. Amazing video package. I'm soo hyped for WARGAMES 2.

  22. Survivor Series got booked in a rush and is probably going to suck all because they wasted time on that stupid Saudi Arabia show. AT LEAST WE HAVE TAKEOVER WAR GAMES

  23. At Survivor Series there should be Raw Vs NXT

  24. War Games will be amazing, but on April 6th, the greatest day in professional wrestling history will happen when NXT Takeover Brooklyn 5 and the G1 Supercard happen on the same night.

  25. The coast to coast from Killian Dain was the main highlight of that fantastic match

  26. From the thumbnail I thought Eminem debuted as a nxt tag team champion

  27. I absolutely love the inside look of nxt takeover. It the best with the theme playing so dope. Nxt war games>>>>>>>>>>>survivor series.

  28. Why takeover is not aired in INDIA I am bored of main rosters stuff

  29. We wants war games for smack down and raw roster please

  30. Sad day when these guys go to the main roster after wrestlemania

  31. There is no way Survivor Series gonna be better than NXT War Games

  32. ᛗᛁᚲᚲᛖᛚ ᚺᚨᛁᚲᚲᛁᚾᚾᛖᚾ says:

    After this, I cannot be more hyped for a NXT or WWE match. What a build-up ! Love or hate them, but WWE sure damn knows how to make these video packages.

  33. You know what would be a interesting match UA vs The Elite

  34. These THREE teams will be in TWO rings in ONE cage…….IN WAAAAAAR GAAAAAMES!

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