An inside look at TakeOver's WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 7, 2018 -

An inside look at TakeOver’s WarGames Match: WWE NXT, Nov. 7, 2018

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Get ready for the return of the most fearsome battleground in sports-entertainment at NXT’s TakeOver: WarGames on Nov. 17. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.


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  1. Im calling out Pete Dunn on the Numbers Game, Johnny Gargano helps Undisputed Era win and becomes the 5th member

  2. Its gotten to the point where nxt takeovers are my favorite shows to watch in all of wwe. Nothing compares to the quality it puts on. Not even wrestlemania anymore. Wargames this year simply can't disappoint. It will be immaculate

  3. People pls stop saying: I can´t wait to see XYZ on the Main Roster. Because NXT is the A Show. I really enjoy Undisputed Era , Velveteen Dream , Ciampa, Gargano, Ricochet, Pete Dunn and many more in NXT right now. It would be sad when they get called "up"

  4. I don't know why but I am having this strange feeling that the undisputed era are going to invade and attack raw and smackdown superstars at survivor series alongside with rest of the NXT to show that nxt is the A brand in wwe and raw/smackdown is the B show
    I wish that this would be true, I would love nothing more then to watch nxt rooster invade/seize and attack raw/smackdown superstar. I am willing to pay any price just to watch the invasion of main rooster by nxt

  5. Make it like the old WCW.

    NXT Tag title, NXT title and NXT north american title on the line.

  6. कब होनेवाला है ये match

  7. Am I the only one who thought it's Eminem in thumbnail .

  8. I hope dunne or ricochet turn heel and joins the undisputed era it would really be like a new nexus

  9. For a second i thought the guy on the right of the thumbnail was eminem

  10. I still think EC3 should have been part of Wargames with Team War Raiders instead of Dunne but this is going to be killer! I'm gonna see if I can still get a ticket


  12. UE is winning this,they won't make their hottest stable lose to some mixed team…

  13. Imagine at War Games Richotte turns heel and joins Undisputed Era. And at survivor series raw and smack down come out then SHOCK THE SYSTEM and have Undisputed Era as team NXT. 😂😂

  14. Can't lie
    Action looks better than smackdown and raw

  15. Best. Video. Package. EVER! 😁💥🔥

    Nah, but seriously… I'm pumped for WarGames. I wanna see Dunne, Ricochet, and War Mach–Raiders vs. The Undisputed Era. I'm putting my money on Undisputed Era to pull off the upset. 🤣

  16. I'm going to war games 🔥🔥🔥👍 can't wait to see this match there live

  17. What's the god damn song in the background!! Me not finding it is driving me crazy

  18. watching nxt is a lot more entertaining than raw and smackdown like cmon now

  19. This is gonna be epic. Survivor Series who?

  20. "We can't be stopped" Except by the WWE creative team when you will make your debut

  21. War Games has become my favorite PPV event. Last year was awesome. This year’s is going to be better.

  22. The contrast between NXT and the main roster’s video packages are like night and day

  23. All 8 of them already look like stars. NXT is out of its exodus period after losing Nakamura, Joe and all its women who were on the brink of discovering their characters but were prematurely called up. The roster is once again full of depth and I even got excited to see Ciampa defending his plagued prize against Dozovic the other month! These random encounters feel legitimate and are infinitely better than the copy-paste job we get on RAW every week. SmackDown still holds its own, but this is easily the top show of the three.

  24. I love UE and this match will be awesome!!!

  25. Give them all the titles to win in nxt

  26. VINCE…. Give HHH the Keys to the Kingdom already.. this is better than your Flag Ship and your B Show

  27. nxt is friggin AAAWWEESSSOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Face the facts nxt is better that main roster

  29. This video package is x10 more exciting than 3 hours of Raw

  30. This sounds better then 4 hours of raw

  31. How badly are these guys gonne be wasted on the main roster?

  32. Just make sure you do proper WarGames rules: 1 additional person at a time!

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