Angola Civil War 1986|Rescue Frank Woods|Call of Duty Black Ops 2|8K -

Angola Civil War 1986|Rescue Frank Woods|Call of Duty Black Ops 2|8K

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  1. They made Savimbi look so badass in this game.

  2. Before the memes my brother used to interrupt me when i was talking to my friends by going “HERE THEY COME! HERE THEY COME MY BRUTTAAS!! FIIIIIGGHT MY BRUHTTAAS!!!!” It used to get me mad but now I miss that 😭
    Edit xD: 1:20

  3. شنو اسم هذه اللعبه تصير لجهاز الاندرويد

  4. Would ya'll believe the real Savimbi had a high, nasal voice?

  5. يوم كان عمري ٧ سنوات كنت احب هاذي الألعاب كنت اتابعه واستمتع بعد 🙂 مدري وش كنت احس يومه 😂😂

  6. This was always one of my favorite missions in bo2

  7. The propaganda in this is CRAZY. UNITA was backed by Apartheid Era South Africa and Israel. If you're backed by 2 apartheid nations, you are objectively the bad guys.

  8. I got told Savimbi was a hero by my father who I didn't have much of a relationship with on a phone call once. Savimbi was definetly the man to run a whole army against MPLA

  9. I have family members who fought in this war.

  10. Is there any chance for a Call of Duty: Julius Caesar (Roman Empire) ?

  11. This guy and Philip Graeves are best side characters..

  12. Fua mientras el diego ganaba la copa del mundo. Mason se c4g4b4 a tiros en África, el hijo habrá hecho lo mismo el 2022?

  13. Black ops 2 great memories 😊😂❤

  14. I was high as fuck when I saw the dude burning in the thing that but fucked me up

  15. Wait, you could rip npc's head using melee😂 i didnt know

  16. did they have American made Kevlar helmets back then i know SADF had a variant

  17. Angola would be better off under Portuguese rule anyway

  18. The AI is so dumb lol u stand in front of em they miss u

  19. Savimbi is so badass here. A natural born warrior!

  20. Love this i remember the first time i played it cant never forget

  21. The sodiers enemy's looks like brazilian

  22. Até o nal do canal tá na parada kkkk krlh

  23. They need to make that commander playable

  24. One of the best missions in COD history, hands down

  25. recuerdo que se podia salvar al soldado atrapado en el camion, yo lo logre y salia obviamente muy mal herido pero cargando en brazos del capitan y lo dejaban en una roca

  26. This was my favorite mission back then

  27. FOR THE MPLA mission is the best mission in black ops 2

  28. Lol, I can’t believe Jonas Savimbi’s children tried to sue the developers of this game because they thought it painted him in a negative light.

  29. Bangladesh Army Special Forces

    Bangladesh Army Para Commando Brigade

  30. What I find interesting is how the MLPA has a lack of uniforms in this game making them look like rebels while in reality they were the governmental faction with better uniforms while UNITA were the rebels, UNITA still had uniforms, but not camouflaged compared to MPLA. Goes to show how historically inaccurate COD can be.


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