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Anti-War War Games

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What happens when video games dish out a harsh dose of reality or thoughtful introspection towards their most familiar theme?

Gotta plug This War of Mine again. Because war’s never been so much fun:
Check out ARMA 2/3 on Steam here: and
And then check out Dslyecxi’s channel to glimpse the game’s potential:
Papers, Please:
Supplementary Materials:
Dev interview:
“One Year In Hell:”
“War Play: Video Games and the Future of Armed Conflict:”
1994 BBC Sarajevo Documentary:


  1. This war of mine just can't keep my attention am I retarded?

  2. There's one anti war game that many wouldn't know I guess. Red orchestra 2 heroes of Stalingrad. While it's a shooter and a realistic one kinda everytime you kill someone and hear them cry out in pain, choke on their own blood or call out to their mothers as they die. Fuck me I don't want to experience the real deal, it's horrible, they made me feel guilty for virtual kills. Damn good detail they added. unfortunately those bits were removed I guess.

  3. why does he sound so pissed off about the holocaust game

  4. Defcon is one of the best antiwar games I have played. You play as a general, commanding aircraft, nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers but with one major difference. The objective is nuclear war.
    The music, which is apocalyptic and depressing, gradually slows down as more cities are bombed to obliteration. The graphics are crude but it fits the game as a Cold War 80s theme.

  5. As soon as I saw the title I immediately thought of the Valkyria Chronicles Franchise.

  6. AS SOON as I saw white people in trains I knew something was wrong

  7. Some games capture the worst or best of war

    The worst being brutality and the horrors of war

    Then the good glorifies it

  8. One of the worst things about war are the soldiers who "act beyond duty" and are unusually brutal, it's common for some reason. The thing that surprises me most about reading these stories is that there are good soldiers, ones lumped in with this group and refuse to participate and harm innocent people. The Tank Man is a good example, the day before, tank drivers were more than happy to run over crowds, but here they didn't. It always gives hope that even in the bleakest of settings, there are still good people.

  9. Arma 3 is one of the best, most realistic war games I’ve ever played. It’s so scary to the point that you might actually get an adrenaline rush as you get shot at, or get chills as a bullet passes over your head. That doesn’t happen in other games. I don’t flinch when I get shot in Call of Duty.

  10. I hope you sumbled upon Arma 3's DLC "Laws of War". Looking 5 years back, I can say it changed my perspective on all of this.

  11. yoooo, is this guy swedish?, cause thats some swedish subtitles for far cry

  12. Anti war games: the war Is bad, say "no war"
    Obama: XD._.

  13. Personally: spec ops the line made me feel guilty about the events of it

    Because… yes, i had an option: quit the game
    But i decided to continue and see the final, to see if the things could get better
    At some point, i wasn"t even getting fun playing it

  14. I felt really bad when I stole the elderly’s medicines :c

  15. 5:06 I just wanted to say that the game actually hits you shouldn’t be playing in that you would be a better person if you weren’t to be there in the first place a lot of people make the argument that they had no choice well you could’ve just not played the game Spec ops openly tells you that you would be a better person if you didn’t want to play it therefore not have killed the civilians

  16. Someday walk through the rain, someday you're gonna eat a tree frog.

  17. Of all games I've played, I think the Project Reality mod (now a standalone game) is the only one that's actually given me the feeling of being in a war zone. The vast distances, the tactics you use, with surpressing fire and whatnot, how fragile you are, how you get next to no help from the HUD and need to keep your wits about you and communicate effectively with your squad mates to survive, and how you're, as the cliche goes, just a cog in the big machine, involving infantry, the command hierarchy of squad leaders and the commander, the logistics trucks, mortars, helicopter air lift squads, air support, and so on, is so vital. Then there's the fact that you can hear explosions and weapons fire from miles away, like in reality. It doesn't appeal to the "gameplay over realism" crowd, and nor should it, because fun is not the point. It's about immersion and realism and sending a message, intentionally or not.

    Another very good example is the board game Fire in the Lake, probably the best board game I have ever played. It's just so grim, and so good at making you think and play like the leaders of the time, from the corrupt and unstable South Vietnamese regimes to the ruthless Viet Cong guerillas.

  18. Missing the Ace Combat franchise as a whole

  19. It's ironic that you don't feel guilty for commiting bad stuff in spec ops cuz the hidden meaning in the game is that there is something wrong with the player as they dismiss their actions as Walker's. Just like Walker dismisses his actions as Konrad's. Walker did it because it was an order and then after seeing what he did blamed Konrad. The player did it because the game told them to and after seeing what happenes blamed Walker. The player is no different than Walker.
    Idk if that makes scense but yeah. You ironicly missed the point.

  20. Me playing fps: Absolute GOD
    Me playing military simulators: Where are the bullets coming from? Shit! A tank!
    Enemy airstrike incoming! Is that my teammate or the enemy? *Empties mags to the slightest movement

  21. Y'know a critique is good when it's nuanced and deep and you still disagree with it. Good one.

  22. Arma 2 is only antiwar if you're not someone built for war. As a soldier, I don't see it that way.

  23. Me when i read the title thats says anti war war game: wat da fok

  24. The iconic and well-overused phrase "war, war never changes" in fallout 3 is always recollected as an anti war phrase. It's clout of being such a well known phrase arguably helped fallout 3 in terms of revenue and reputation.

  25. Didn't know the game "What War of Mine" was based on the Bosnian Agression. Really nice to hear it getting some recognition

  26. Hold up, did everyone sleep on Ace Combat 5 or something? I won't reveal exactly why I think AC5 is an anti-war wargame due to it involving some pretty big campaign spoilers, but if you don't give a single damn about said spoilers, look it up.

  27. The fact that Arma is so accurate in it's depiction of war is what makes it fucking suck the most

  28. arma 3 has a dlc called laws of war, it has a really great campeign about the effects of war on civilians and the soldiers, plus the strange way two sides of a war actually interact with eachother outside of battle

  29. the makers of the arma series and the original operation flashpoints saw the effects of the cold war first hand, its what inspired them to make a game that depicts war realistically, kinda ironic that it ended up becoming an actual training tool for real soldiers

  30. Spec Ops isn't an Anti-war game. It's an anti-wargame game.

  31. Ngl war is bad but war is also like a volcano it restarts the world it changes it I believe that war will never end.

  32. (This is for the people who'll read this comment section in the future) Tbf, aren't Spec Ops: The Line's shooter mechanics and controls so generic they make you desensitized to violence like how Walker becomes desensitized throughout the story?

  33. multiplayer games in general have a kindof simialr effect
    even the relatively cheap/actionfilmy ones inevitably have a kind of anti-glory to them
    in a multipalyer game, generally speaking, people on average die as much as they are killed
    that is inevitable
    generally you will nto be heroically gunning down undreds of enemies
    you will die pointlessly quite oftne
    that is just inevitable because of how multipalye games work

  34. Tbh Arma 3 was the first time i was trully terified as a APC shot at me. Crawling on the ground not even seing while it can see me bulets impacting around me trully feeling powerles.

  35. Anti-war propaganta among usual people is meanless, because war is planned and executed by power-groups staing behind governments and politics(over world level). And they dont play games.

  36. 4:45 Did you shoot the civilian woman that ran out in front of you? Did you shoot the thief or the soldier that apprehended him? Did you shoot Riggs or let him burn? Did you shoot the angry mob? You're focusing on the choices you weren't given but ignoring the choices you DID have.

  37. I think arma I trying to give this message about war

    "war is not exciting nor a tragedy it's boring and scary"

  38. I could tell right away from the rules and look that Train would’ve been related to the Holocaust. The glass smashing is Kristallnacht, and the yellow people represent the Star of David. That is probably one of the most amazing anti-war games just because the twist of the whole game is on the nose yet hidden well, unless you are like me and history of world war 2 is your specialty.

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