Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs - nzwargamer.net

Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs

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Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs

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Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! In today’s video we have some news to go over including a brand new lore video featuring Bangalore and Wraith that was posted to the Apex Legends Twitter account yesterday.

I also wanted to show you guys some concepts from Reddit as well as some datamined information provided by iLootGames on the next seven LTM’s that will be coming with the War Games event!


Trident Glitch:

Friendly Abilities Concept:

Why Bangalore Hates Wraith Fan Theory:

00:00 Intro
00:18 Friendly abilities concept
00:45 Grow Towers Glitch
02:07 New Bangalore/Wraith Lore
03:40 Who is Bangalore’s brother
04:20 Fan theory on why Bang hates Wraith
05:45 All War Games LTM (Datamine)


  1. I just want viper already, it’s his knife, totally.

  2. You my new source for Apex news
    Thank you for being u

  3. Probably the wraith from our universe (the one who change places with our current wraith) was responsible for killing bangalors brother. Maybe that is why she does not know why bangalore acted so strange.

  4. I hate takeovers I wish they would stop and make them ltms because none of these appeal to me lol

  5. Lmao I sww someone camping atop of grows ystd and luckily I had just looted a kraber and had the ramp high ground between the towers and gardens. Man stood no chance.

    Stoked about Bangalore lore (Banga-Lore ?) finally. Always thought she had one of the coolest back stories we've never got a chance to explore. So stoked.

  6. What if this is a teaser for a new legend? I mean its a pilots knife and Wraith and bang are fighting about it

  7. Bangalore is a bish. I hope Pathfinder just turns evil and starts blasting people's skulls.

  8. I'm not a big fan of the "see which ability is friendly" I feel like it takes away from some of the fun of caustic and other characters

  9. Takeovers are so dumb, they need to have them as LTMs and stop ruining basic fundamentals of the game to sell there shitty recolours

  10. Mad Maggie is coming back??!! its time for ranked

  11. Bangalore had a brother who was a Pilot it might be his knife

  12. Day 1 of asking Omega to play duos with me on apex

    (My playstation name is brown_mushroom95)

  13. Y’all ever think the characters are conscious in the game?

  14. My main finally opening up a little bit 🙌

  15. Trophy hunter skin next exclusive plz

  16. Does Maggie got to be in every god damn season 8 event

  17. You know I would be happy for this event but I don’t want to hear Maggitt Maggie’s voice again

  18. I personally think that as the time wraith was a pilot she was in the attack on the ship and probably the one who is responsible for Bangalore’s brother’s “death “

  19. Oh so the wraith is me and the level 5 Bangalore who somehow has a heirloom just wants to get the game over with so that’s why I’m always first blood

  20. Maggie announcing is just a nightmare
    Damn I hope they disable her voice or an option for it

  21. could bangalore's knife belonged to Wraith before?

  22. oh great, I won't be able to even play the war gaems because servers are so trash im lagging in the lobby. Another event Im missing, love it

  23. Respwan said wayyyy back in season 0/1 that they wouldn't make Caustic gas any colour other than yellow cuz it's meant to be risk when you enter it, and they didn't want to confuse anyone on what it is, newer players might get confused as to what the cloud is if it doesn't look like gas and is just blue smoke, I really don't think they'll do it

  24. This is off topic but I had a great concept for lifelines rework. What if lifelines doc only placed a shield around her teammates downed body so while they are being revived they don't get finished. This i think would be a good start to a need for her shield and it doesn't mean completely taking the shield out of the game.

  25. i got out of a car and got stuck in the fountain but was able to jump drive out

  26. I wonder if Jackson was or is Jack Cooper from Titanfall2

  27. imagine not hearting this comment…pffffft cringe if you dont

  28. i’m mad that you didnt take the r9 over the p2020

  29. I would totally use the friendly ability color thingy

  30. Hello I’m a big fan and I really want to play with you so if you see this place send me a message on Xbox cause I don’t have any socials

  31. I thought that ARES was part of the IMC. Why would they attack their own ship?

  32. Hey omega I was a fan since 2019 but couldn't sub bc my mum wouldn't let me have a acc but now I have one and I subbed and I play on ps4 I was wondering if me and you wanted to play ranked s9 my user name is Ace_Blaze12342

  33. Hey i got the battle pass and its my first one are they worth it?

  34. 8:14 octanes and bald wraiths gonna hate this gamemode because they Wont get to steal your loot

  35. what im confused about is why she wasnt told by the voices that bangalore was gonna charge at her

  36. Why is wraith holding Bangalore hostage in thumb nail?

  37. Don’t tell me I’m the only one that heard that noise in the background at 0:07

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