Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs - nzwargamer.net

Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs

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Apex Legends Drops HUGE Lore For Bangalore! War Games Takeover Explained + Trident Bugs

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Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! In today’s video we have some news to go over including a brand new lore video featuring Bangalore and Wraith that was posted to the Apex Legends Twitter account yesterday.

I also wanted to show you guys some concepts from Reddit as well as some datamined information provided by iLootGames on the next seven LTM’s that will be coming with the War Games event!


Trident Glitch:

Friendly Abilities Concept:

Why Bangalore Hates Wraith Fan Theory:

00:00 Intro
00:18 Friendly abilities concept
00:45 Grow Towers Glitch
02:07 New Bangalore/Wraith Lore
03:40 Who is Bangalore’s brother
04:20 Fan theory on why Bang hates Wraith
05:45 All War Games LTM (Datamine)


  1. I'm really hoping Bangalore gets her own Story From The Outlands soon… WHAT IS SHE HIDING?!

  2. I’m da first
    Edit: keep doing what your doing

  3. I’m just glad that Bangalore is getting some love finally

  4. Love you omega keep up the great vids and I can’t wait to see you grow

  5. 2:17 I found Hitler…..

    But seriously that shadow makes him look like Hitler

  6. Somebody is rageing when they die in game but bangalore is rageing when somebody touches her knife lol

  7. Omega, you should use the G7 scout it's destroys

  8. wasnt wraith supposed to be a science pilot??

  9. The Devs said in the last stream that they dont want to have different colors for abilities bc it adds an element to that ability (where in the middle of a 2 Caustic's gas, only the 2 Caustics can safely fight ).

  10. What if the pilot bangalore took the knife from was wraith??

  11. Not to play clueless, but i have a hard time believing Bangalore dislikes wraith…it probably the holding of the knife for to long that she started to become agitated…I like bangalore and she wouldn't react like that and lose her cool head if it didnt mean something to her, plus wraith willing to help and try to help bangalore wouldn't be out of touch for wraith ethier, i think wraith gently wanted to help and kill two birds with one stone…the knife could belong to Jackson.

  12. Nooo, you cut the part where mirage said "who fights on the dropship" 😭

  13. getting shot! someone's gonna pay for that! says:

    I'm just curious, why did you drop that volt and pick the r45 at the start of the video?

  14. wait his ps4 name is KNOWasomega???? how have i just realized this ._. i thought it was knownasomega

  15. bangalore had said something about "you are not taking anything else from me", could it mean wraith took something from her? maybe she did it but cant remember it? or maybe im going too far 😂

  16. thank you for these amazing vids they're by far my favorite news channel to watch thanks bro for the awesome vids 🙂

  17. It blows my mind how consistently godawful this man is at pronouncing things. Every single video I see makes me wonder if he just never learned or is outright stupid.

  18. I will love for dem to do tht bro 👍🏾👍🏾

  19. I had an Octane take our squad up there. Didn't stay but meh.


  21. Bangalore's brother didn't die there's no fall dmg 🙄

  22. I personally hope that most of those takeover events DON'T happen, i really like the style of apex right now in terms of the main part of the games, every time an event happens it just makes me reluctant to play the game, i was finally glad when the ring flare event ended, that i could just play the main part of apex. if they're gonna do these events they could at least give you an option to play them or the base game. and don't get me started on the event from a while back where you started off with level 1 gear and a Mozambique. i like starting off with nothing, this just ruins my experience.

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