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Apex Legends – Official War Games Event Trailer

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Check out the trailer for the upcoming new War Games Event, which features five rotating takeover modes with new modifiers, new challenges, a new rewards track, and new skins.

The trailer gives a look at what to expect with the new modes including Second Chance, Ultra Zones, Auto Banners, Killing Time, and Armor Regen.

The War Games event kicks off on April 13, 2021.

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  1. This event may be what finally makes me break my controller…I'm ready

  2. What is the Fuse skin? Can't see it as a free skin in the event's free unlocks… does it already exist?

  3. Octane mains rise up!! Just cause of course

  4. Пацаны я в ах*е от этого трейлера

  5. Apex is the best battle royal right now, because it’s exactly fun to play

  6. So is anybody gonna say macro told ea to put a gamemode when a player dies the ring closes in more?

  7. Goddamn the skin design in this game is lazy 💀

  8. Are we not going to talk about how Pathfinder got knocked and nobody help him up

  9. As Solid Snake would: “War it has changed , it no longer about Politics “

  10. If there is no cage match, this isn't worth considering war games

  11. Why take away lifeline shield she has no defense or offense that makes no sense

  12. That wraith skin lookin mean… glad another event is almost here.

  13. A wise NXT General Manager once said, "WARGAMES!"

  14. fun fact: the annoying announcer is back and she brought guns

  15. Fix stability lag in servers never

  16. So your saying that wattsons NEW passive is not useless in this game mode, seems legit

  17. Crazy how they’re going to charge thousands of dollars for skins

  18. 1211÷1÷3#33=====##==_%%%%%%%%%%%%%///####//#///////!12101211-*^€!?!

  19. Devs: *release war event*
    Everyone: what about the cheater?
    Devs: Want skins?

  20. So when are they gonna fix they're dam servers?

  21. they should do something with the plenty server problems!lately its unplayable!you are fighting knock 2 from 3 , it freezes code net,you reconnect just to see you team mate miles from there,waiting to be recovered

  22. Is it gonna be like team death match type play ?

  23. Ign, the useless donkeys who reupload trailers constantly

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