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Apex Legends – Official War Games Event Trailer

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Check out the trailer for the upcoming new War Games Event, which features five rotating takeover modes with new modifiers, new challenges, a new rewards track, and new skins.

The trailer gives a look at what to expect with the new modes including Second Chance, Ultra Zones, Auto Banners, Killing Time, and Armor Regen.

The War Games event kicks off on April 13, 2021.

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  1. everybody-YES NEW GAMEMODES EARLY!!!
    Reaspawn- New Ltms!
    50% (including me) YYYYYEEEY

  2. Olympus is aweful, please remove it for next season or have 3 maps in rotation, never removing worlds edge again

  3. We need a non battleroyale mode not this basic sh

  4. Cool trailer. Have no idea what is going on though lol

  5. now THIS is how developers should keep their games alive

  6. Better be some free to play content beyond the game modes

  7. Respawn please just give us another titanfall. Stop blueballing me

  8. Fuse dropping back in like he's baaad just for us to remind him he got clapped by a Crypto. 1 heads hot, he was clearly weak. Take the L Fuse 😂

  9. Wait….so…..are the apex games in a war games sim and that’s why all of the legends never actually die!

  10. Brush this would be the most chaotic event ever

  11. Who here is ready to tweak their life away? 😀

  12. Is it me or the biggest battle royale maps are 45 fps on console (ps4)


  14. Until they do something about the servers and hackers it doesn't matter what kind of shine or bling they bring to the game. Take care of the fundamentals or its all for nothing at this point, people are fed up.

  15. finally, im bored of "die at the start or 10min looking for a squad" because theres only 5 squads remaining in round 1 or 2

  16. Isn't mirage Arabian? Cultural appropriation much? You guys just failed this with the China event. Now this. Lol

  17. Now try with 4 or 5 players in a squad mode

  18. anybody else realized lifeline res shield is gone ?

  19. Hope they bring back the airdrop event. Still one of my fav LTM ever

  20. Honestly these modifiers are awesome. They should keep some like the ring closing faster on kills.

  21. Wait. Anyone immediately catch that FUSE WAS THE ONE SINGING?!

  22. Fuse voice actor did a great job singing for the trailer

  23. Still want me my neon hip hop theme skin for Rampart!!
    0:38 that sass.

  24. auto banners – and people will still leave early! lol reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. People are definitely about to farm 20 kill badges with the respawn and banner modes lol

  26. Ahhh yes another 200 dollar event for skins ahhh yes thanks

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