Apex Legends War Games Event Brings 5 New Modes! - nzwargamer.net

Apex Legends War Games Event Brings 5 New Modes!

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Today we watch and break down the brand new event trailer for the “War Games” event coming to Apex Legends on April 13th, 2021! There are a lot of exciting features being tested in this event and have the potential to bring big changes to regular Apex. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video.

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  1. Wait wat if they make it were crypto passively auto picks up cards idk if thats a good change or not bc he can just use the drone but in theory it could be good

  2. 90% of you dont understand why they have the "zone" in battle royals! Every game I play, my squad dies because they're caught in the zone while fighting teams. I DO NOT FIGHT IN THE ZONE! PERIOD! I will leave you behind if you're running away from the circle while the ring is closing! It's not hard to figure out how to play the game people!

  3. Can i play with you for just one game in ranked?😄

  4. Fix the shitty servers EA! I can't enjoy updates like this because EA's servers fucking blow! 1/5 matches I get one game where I get a good server.
    But don't get convoluted, I love this game! It's really fun when all the gears are grinding in unison.

  5. i wanna know what kinda settings they have for graphics becasue i have them all maxed and its probably 50% as realistic looking

  6. im glad apex knows the problem… fortnite had the same problem about people dying too fast in matches… and thats why fortnite is hated on now

  7. Apex website has details and the order of the modes

  8. Eyyy the event Will start 13 april, that is the islam's day of Eid Mubarak, OMG Greetings tolerance to everyone, IM muslim ❤️🙏❤️

  9. In the zone mode you could just go to the middle of the map and camp there.

  10. Bro they did wattson so dirty showing her OG skin with all these flashy revamps being thrown around

  11. Also, are all of these going to be combined into the current matchmaking we have? Or is there going to be some separate queue for each mode?

  12. I'm definitely excited for this, however it's all still battle royale and it's all temporary. Like yeah we get season 9 shortly after but I'd love literally any other game mode to be permanent. I just feel like the game gets dry after 3/4 matches now.

  13. Could you get the skins with crafting metals ? Or real money

  14. I dont think its permanent modes it's sad bc I'm tired of br and want to inproof faster by playing this 5 modes this is a bit disappointing for me but cant wait 🙂

  15. Has anyone seen that lifelines drone revived without a shield

  16. 3:40 is the lifline auto rez WITH shield gone I mean lifeline doesn’t have a revive shield

  17. Fortnite is better than apex legends 100% true

  18. Reskins…yayyyyy. apart from that this event looks to be the best yet for diversity.

  19. Are the modes will be permanent or not permanent 🤔 please someone let me know if you know

  20. Me just watching the trailer:
    Me as a lifeline main seeing the second scene: IM ABOUT TO BEAT THIS BITCH UP😤

  21. 3:35 did anyone else notice lifeline doesn’t have a Rez shied or am I tweaking

  22. Omg speaking of apex I got my first solo dub after my friend had to start school he left.):

  23. I landed on that eagle design land thought what the da fug it was🧐

  24. Who wants him to play titanfall multiplayer you know what to do it’s comment yes or no

  25. this guys sucks on mouse and key always goes back to controller cause he need aim assit. just proves it. most these ppl are only good cause of aim assist. i hope the next big game that comes out doesnt allow controller half these guys are fking trash.

  26. Did anyone notice that for second chance, Fuse flew in on the crypto with his gun that he died with? Maybe you get to keep all your gear for when you get your second life.

  27. I wish they’d give us recolors of Lobas legendary skins already 😭😭😭😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  28. Second chance … i see 20kill bagde coming

  29. I would love to see a game mode that has no ring. Yes it could be a very long match but it would also be a very strategic game. Maybe there could be a 1 hour timer on the match also.

  30. I would love to see a mode where it’s every single mode in one (from war games)

  31. Did u hear about the crypto heirloom being leaked to come out next season? It’s going to be fire

  32. Crest of Planet Salvo, or they're just big fans of the show, "Game of Thrones".

  33. On the second chance when crypto does a finisher on Fuze you can see fuse instantly spawn behind cryto in the air and fuze Flys in to bunker area landing in the cargo shipp.

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