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Apex Legends War Games Event is Insane!

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Today we are back on Apex Legends trying out the start of the brand new war games event! First up, the second chance mode is active and my goodness, it’s crazy fun. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Sponsored by EA


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  1. The game mode right now for me is shield regen and it puts Wattson's passive shield regen to shame, I can see why they only made the shield regen small for Wattson.

  2. My two favorite apex YouTubers in one vid, leggo! 💯

  3. Bro no disrespect but Zeus is very annoying and kinda trash lol

  4. I am a little disappointed because I am camping so I can’t play

  5. this mode is shit i do my fierst 4k bad i don't get it becouse is this mode on trios

  6. Bro so much negativity from you got outplayed by aim assist

  7. Man it’s crazy how Zeus sounds like muselk

  8. I want to see stay with zues and zylbrad together it would make my life

  9. How do you get that octane skin I was trying to get it but I couldn't find it.

  10. Stay thats not a L-star its a havoc 😂😁😀

  11. Love the fact that I got to play 3 games of second chance and then it was gone no 42 hours there not even 24 hours

  12. What's your video settings and sensitivity

  13. Sick game bro solid agression, and zeus is a beast 🙌

  14. i have been watching this man since 100k subs i love u stay ur my apex idol lol

  15. I was play on my nintendo lite and it was fun the war games its so fun

  16. Did the same thing to me first game my kills didn’t not register I had like 4 and it said I had 1 assist

  17. Your videos butter my biscuits thank you

  18. Imagine killing a Predator and beating them again 😂😂😂😂

  19. You already know when you come to this channel its gonna be a vibe

  20. Is anyone else wins not counting towards the war games badge?

  21. Sadly I can’t play bc my PS4 doesn’t work😤

  22. I hope they both do more games together, I'm happy to see 2 of my favourite apex legends together.

  23. literally CRYINGG i missed this first mode because of school ugh.

  24. So intense, it is basically just double the numbers.

  25. The danger with this game mode is it has a very high skill window, it would drive away all the average players like myself, I played it for a few hours and just found it too intense.

  26. My Dad Told Me If I Get 1000 Subs He Buy Me New Monitor Do You Want To Help Me 😥

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