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Apex Legends War Games Event is Insane!

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Today we are back on Apex Legends trying out the start of the brand new war games event! First up, the second chance mode is active and my goodness, it’s crazy fun. Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Sponsored by EA


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  1. That combo of Zeus and Stay is hilarious! Love to see it!

  2. Ok fine respawn I won’t complain for this event it’s pretty good

  3. Day 5 of asking for you to bring back Rogue Company
    They are dropping a new event

  4. I'm so sad because I have no control to play

  5. Rouge Company's new event is out. Can't wait to see you play it.

  6. Sbmm on this game mode is on max level every game is full of Diamond & Predator ranked players

  7. Is anyone having problems that the game doesn’t count your kills, damage and wins? I won a match with 24 kills and 5k damage and the game didn’t give me the win for my progress of the event. I know the 20k and damage badge don’t count but at least my tracker should show a difference

  8. thank you for all your hard work Staycation! keep grinding the vids I will keep liking and commenting on your vids!

  9. yeah but damage, kills, wins, and badges don't count. Lame.

  10. I havent played apex in a while, might just hop on to check this out

  11. 20 bombs r back, random teammate had 5k 24 bomb 😳

  12. This mode, in my experience, was super sweaty lol.

  13. I love how staycation calls people who shoot back at him from inside the ring weirdos 😂 6:15 it's a fair thing to be salty about though haha! Much love staycation 👌 love your games

  14. IMO this mode is sooo bad!
    – can't armour swap or collect any additional ammo or healables.. they can drop the odd battery if they were holding it as you downed them..
    – 3rd parties are even worse
    – laggiest servers ever!
    – benefits noobs who camp!

    I'd rather S9 be early and give me Valk already!

  15. Do you like mouse and keyboard or controller more?

  16. The elimination count was definitely glitched


  18. Could this get me my first 4k and 20 bomb I hope so wish me luck please

  19. Why does this man pick every item on the floor and in the loot boxes

  20. Bruh wars games comes out and my mom takes my Xbox away 😔

  21. Staycation you’re a goat, and watching you is incredible.

  22. Gives you two deaths a game but doesn't give you kills unless it's the second one…. Game mode is wack

  23. Im so sad that i have a test next week and its such a bad timing for respawn to release it yesterday its so frustrating i just want the skins and trackers maann

  24. Hey staycation You liked my comet on one of your new vids that's how I Know that You care about your fans that is why You pined this comment 🙂

  25. Holy shit this this guys a kill thirster loot stealer I'd never play with.

  26. I literally got on after a week and got my heirloom 🥺🥺🥺

  27. stay yu always come with bangers no matter what game yu play 🐐!

  28. So I played both modes today armor region and second chance and my favorite so far goes to second chance

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