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Apex Legends War Games Event Trailer

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Check out the official trailer for the Apex Legends War Games Event! Apex Legends War Games Event is coming on April 13th and will feature all new game modes and new skins to unlock / purchase!


  1. Nah fuck everyone i love forced LTMs is exciting really spices everything up

  2. Yeah I’m not really looking to buy skins you already sold us just cause you changed the color on them 🙁😗

  3. I want a mode with all 5 modes combined , chaos

  4. Yeah I’ll pass on that shield regen mode. TTK is long enough as is 😑

  5. Is nobody gonna talk about that the crypto is gonna respawn

  6. Please please please keep trios/duos normal and add event modes as separate queues…. I literally only play rank during events now cause they don't give events their own queue just force them on everyone. That last one with the circle rings was awful 😂

  7. 0:04 so we’re not gonna talk about how the guy getting teased dosnt have a shield from lifelines drone

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