Are Team Ripley and Team Baszler ready for WarGames? -

Are Team Ripley and Team Baszler ready for WarGames?

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Hear from the participants in the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match as they prepare to make history at NXT TakeOver.
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  1. Team Rhea Ripley 🇦🇺🇺🇸🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  2. "We have Io Shirai"
    Damn Shayna, I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why does Io Shirai sound like the purple minions lmao

  4. After the buildup on Shana only to have her buried was ridiculous… picking Charlotte and Becky over her was just stupid

  5. Ya gotta love the way regal says WARRRGAMEEESS

  6. Nah- they be very serious :Ooo
    If I’m there I’m out bye bye Good Luck y’all I’m not doing this today no mam not today

  7. It’s kinda weird that team sheyna lost they were obviously the better team

  8. Any one else think of the "we have a hulk" scene when Shana said "we have Io Shirai"

  9. What do you think expect when you women team is lead by very strong man in shanya

  10. Rhea Ripley: Shayna thinks she has a tough team
    Shayna Blazer: hold my Io Shirai

  11. Iron Man: “We have a hulk”

    Shanya Baszler: “We have a IO Shirai”

  12. I'm team Rhea Ripley because shes my girl I like her so much 😍😍😘😘😘

  13. 1:34 Fearless
    (Nikki Bella has entered the chat) Srsly tho I love Candice but she wears a baby dinosaur gear😂💜💜

  14. Everyone else: "I'm so tough, I'm the best"
    Io: "AuaAAggHGaaHhhhaghHh"

  15. women in NXT: badasses superstars and lets go to war
    women in the main roster: dance challenges and lana…

  16. Team Baszler, only because of Io Shirai and Bianca Belair.

  17. Shayna and rhea in ring fightttt
    Them in real life pranks eachother

  18. Bro idk what it is but every time I watch this I get goosebumps

  19. I hat you shayna because you bite Becky lynch so am going to finish you and fight wheth you

  20. Imagine if you get on a fight with someone and they say "We have Io Shirai." Idk about you, but I would honestly back away.

  21. 2019: Team Rhea vs Team Shayna
    2020: Team Shotzi vs Team Candice


  22. Team Shayna Bianca Belair, io shirai,- unbeatable. Team rhea. CaNdAnCE LeRaIr

  23. Bruh why is nox being lit in these let her do normal matches or we’ll never see a good run with her. Damn high flying matches injuryinv her

  24. Badass, fearless, sexy and beautiful at the same time.. Damn nxt women roster..

  25. did i just saw poppy in nxt oh hell yes i haven't watched her channel for 1 year now

  26. A team with world class travlers pure athletes and yeam bazler still lost

  27. Throwback to this and I am shookt seeing a no makeup Bianca, Shayna and Io Shirai speaking English

  28. My friends told me I was crazy after I made a prediction that Kai would turn heel.


  30. "We have Io Shirai"
    Truly one of the best quotes of Shayna, in my opinion.

  31. Can you do another war games team bianca vs team mia and the member. Of tteam bianca is shayna,kay lee ray , shirai

  32. I always come back to this one…amazing promo !

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