Are Team Ripley and Team Baszler ready for WarGames? -

Are Team Ripley and Team Baszler ready for WarGames?

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Hear from the participants in the first-ever Women’s WarGames Match as they prepare to make history at NXT TakeOver.
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  1. Rhea Ripley doesn't deserve anything she is so over rated

  2. Shirai is cool just cause I'm Japanese and io is japanese

  3. Sheyna team should have won she had complete Allstars

  4. the music was so good! but that woman fell on the ladder really hard from a high plase

  5. The Nightmare: Are We Ready For A Good Time?

  6. The Nightmare: Let Me In And Lock The Cage

  7. The Nightmare: Let's Make History And Let's Go To War

  8. the look on her face when she said "We have Io Shirai" she looked almost scared to say her name lol

  9. Nxt is actually real nxt is better
    Than raw and smackdown combined

  10. I love how Shayna, Bianca, and Kay Lee Ray talk and Io just screams
    And Shayna goes “we have io shirai

  11. Team Baszler should have included her lackeys since Team Ripley "won" with 2 on 4..

  12. Ripley is the best and the greatest player I've seen ok and baszler is greatest to but she is not the best I've seen ok😋

  13. If team baszler won:
    Rhea: I’m still better!
    Shayna: hold my shirai

  14. What’s better then*ripley* lock the cage

  15. Avengers infinity war
    Loki: We have a hulk
    Shayna: We have Io Shirai

  16. Both teams were badass at war games and it was exciting to watch

  17. Obvio que shayna aunque pierda es una de mis favoritas💖💖💗

  18. The only reason why kay Lee ray is still the women's uk champion is because she hardly defends it and she faces the same people all the time.

  19. Shayna – "Everybody wants a fight with me and it has come to this. Wargames"

    team baszler casually loses

  20. I love the video package but a lot of the lines are corny. Particularly when Rhea, Shayna and Bianca speak,. Particularly Rhea’s “lock the cage” line is super corny. The cage is gonna be locked Rhea. You don’t need to say it.

  21. ''so now i gotta do what i gotta do'' bianca always makes me smile

  22. Bazsler has the submission specialists, and Ripley has the Hardcore beasts, istg look up "Candice LeRae gets superkicked with thumbtacks", It's gruesome.

  23. What makes Candice think she knows how to win these wars ? Because her husband Johnny Wrestling has been through Wars. Worst Wrestler of the 8 not even close. She needed to give her spot to someone More Deserving

  24. Poppy just singing while this violence is going on 😂😂

  25. Great video package. Feels like it's been years since it actually happened.

  26. Everything's so serious until i saw Io shirai's shirt

  27. "We have Io Shirai."

    And that's all ya gotta say lol

  28. Just saying Shayna's voice sound like naruto

  29. This is long-term Storytelling at it's Finest , Shayna Spent All 2019 beating damn near all these women just to slowly build for WarGames , look back all intertwined

  30. If you like :
    Team Rhea Ripley : like
    Team Shayna Baszler : Comment

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