ARMY MEN Game! Plastic Green Army Men Battle Simulator! (Army Men RTS Gameplay - TBT Ep. 1) -

ARMY MEN Game! Plastic Green Army Men Battle Simulator! (Army Men RTS Gameplay – TBT Ep. 1)

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Throw Back Thursday Episode 1: Let’s Play Army Men RTS, the game of little plastic green army men toys! (Army Men RTS part 1)


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  1. I’m playing this on my gamecube right now

  2. 3:51

    Baron: What is this? Can we kill it?

    Words of a true commander.

  3. I was look for this game! I remember playing this everyday after school… times

  4. It's 2022 and this game is still awesome, never gets old. Scorch was my favorite soldier and I just suddenly remembered this game right now and I used to play this on PC since I was a kid and completed all the missions.

  5. Woah your on my same page i was playing sarges hero's and i stopped and thought of this video _(.¬.)_/

  6. I have played this before. Old memories

  7. I still remember finding this game at Burlington store as a kid back in 2006-2007~

  8. This was my favorite rts game ever. I played it so much on the gamecube

  9. I know how to get the parachute finish all of the mission

  10. I rewatch this video in 2022 and I see pandemic and now am curious and interested in knowing why it is name that

  11. they have to hearts. but they are made of plastic so its good.

  12. Please try Strike Tactics it's free in browser but it's so fun please just try it (please upvote this baron needs to see)

  13. I remember spamming Chopper was the best army I could ever have

  14. My favorite childhood games, Army Men, Army Men II and Army Men in Space also Army Men RTS

  15. last time when i was still a kid i played this game in my mom laptop now i have a pc and buy this game but the game wont open its always crash with black screen

  16. What game should we play for the next throwback Thursday?

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