Arthur B. Rubinstein - Edge of the World (End Title) - (WarGames , 1983) -

Arthur B. Rubinstein – Edge of the World (End Title) – (WarGames , 1983)

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  1. This song and Ravel's Bolero are my two favorite instrumental songs..And to think I heard them both in movies…..

  2. Dabney Coleman just passed away. Died: May 16, 2024 (age 92 years), Santa Monica, CA

  3. how come this song is not on spotify.. it doesnt show up under any arthur b rubinstein or wargames etc.. wtf

  4. Before smartphones, internet, and —before whazzup dawg sway the head wag the hand in aggressive ways with the typical hiphop beat took over the world. Like it or not – it's accurate.

  5. Its cool that this song has a vocal version. I did not know this until the other day, but have loved this song forever.

  6. Every time I hear this I’m 12 years old again going to little league practices and hanging out with my friends on a Saturday.

  7. So relevant to today, even with AI.

  8. This music sounds like what 80s pictures look like

  9. Fantastic – someone mentioned this theme is a ' time to move on' sentiment – Concur.

  10. Excellent Movie and Ending Theme 😎 " Semper-Fi"

  11. There some films which were subtly erotic; this, and Teenwolf was another.

  12. Goosebumps anytime I get into this track. Remembering good old childhood summer times between my c64 computer and vacation at sea with my grandpas..

  13. Meravigliosa ha 40 anni e fa ancora sognare!❤️

  14. Just rewatched this great film for the umpteenth time and this theme is exquisite.

  15. WarGames
    Directed by: John Badham
    Written by: Lawrence Lasker, Walter F. Parked
    Produced by: Jerry Weintraub
    Cinematography: William A. Fraker
    Edited by: Tom Rolf
    Music by: Arthur B. Rubinstein
    Production Companies: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Jerry Weintraub Productions
    Distributed by: MGM/UA Entertainment Co. (United States), United International Pictures (International)
    Release Dates: May 7, 1983 (Cannes), June 3, 1983 (United States)
    Running Time: 114 Minutes
    Countries: United States
    Language: English
    Budget: $20 Million
    Box Office: $124.6 Million

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