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Avengers Infinity War Game Trailer Breakdown – The Avengers Project

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Avengers Infinity War Game Trailer Breakdown, The Avengers Project. Square Enix Release Date, Deus Ex Mankind Divided style Marvel Movies, Spider Man, Thor and more! ►
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  1. maybe it'll be like Final Fantasy XV and Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  2. bruh if only i had a playstation or xbox or anything at all

  3. I watch all of your videos but this is my first time trying this! well here's my comment

  4. I watch your videos while Eating food lol and that says a lot !!
    The best marvel news channel

  5. The main character will probably be Iron Man or Vision. I mean think about it, he tore the Avengers apart so it should be his job to bring them back together.

  6. Can you do a video about Peter Dinklage roll in infinity war? Thanks man keep up the good work!

  7. I wonder if the game will feature voice acting from the general actors or whether someone else will be hired to do the voices.

  8. The way it sounds, I'd probably compare it to the Mass Effect games.
    One huge stroy and world, but all 3 games can also work on their own.
    RPG elements, pick and choose your team, eayrn their trust, help with their stories, stuff like that.
    THat would be nice. ^^

  9. Now I need to go play Deus Ex. I've heard it was a really great game anyway.

  10. have you heard any spawn news . PS great channel

  11. hell yeah!!!!! id watch a whole year long infinity war movie!!!!!!! lol😂😂😂 m8 id even sign up 2 fight in the mofo if i could!!!!!lol😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I love their games and was subscribed since he had just 20,000 subscribers,You have come along way man well done

  13. Spider man game is going to be awesome

  14. I hope they actually put some time into this game. It's been too long.

  15. Omg this looks so nice hope quicksilver is in it as he's my favourite character in age of ultron

  16. I don't think this is connected with MCU i think Spider-Man ps4 and this game are connected.

  17. I hope they don't just forget about civil war cause it was a let down, they didn't have many heroes in civil war

  18. I feel like it will be like Batman Arkham Knight meets Amazing Spider-Man meets Hulk Ultimate Destruction meets Transformers Dark of The Moon.
    I also need Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and Spider-Woman in this game.

  19. i love spiderman sooo much od love to win the game, also i now know where to go for my marvel game news

  20. Gonna be frosure Let's play that spiderman game if I won it

  21. Soooo,they are making the cancelled game from 2014,huh?

  22. Welcome to your 50+ Hour Avengers Movie the best possible bomb marvel could have dropped. This won't drop till next year, but they're hyping up Infinity War and there will be multiple new games over the next several years! Posting new Flash Movie later tonight!

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