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Avengers Infinity War Game Trailer Breakdown – The Avengers Project

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Avengers Infinity War Game Trailer Breakdown, The Avengers Project. Square Enix Release Date, Deus Ex Mankind Divided style Marvel Movies, Spider Man, Thor and more! ►
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  1. This actually looks great, I know that they were working on a first-person multiplayer Avengers game a while ago that got cancelled, but if it's anything like the other Square Enix games I've played it could be a game of the year contender.

  2. Spider-Man game for me please!!! Thanks love ur vids

  3. I hope its multiplayer online, and a throwback to the Avengers arcade game from the early 90's

  4. Another garbage marvel game… Just stick to the movies

  5. i hope I win a copy for 😉😉😉😉✋✋✋

  6. I think they should make this game like Mass Effect, so you have to assemble a team and your choises will affect who's on your side and how it plays out at the end

  7. This game will be dope. There's like a one in a million chance that I'll win this give away but that's fine as long as you keep making marvel and D.C videoed then that's fine I'll be content👌🏾👍🏾

  8. This would be epic! I love the spiderman games too. What I want, is to be able to play as the Avengers, fighting the aliens in New York from the first movie. I would play that forever.

  9. Oh God, Gotta win this giveaway!! Nice Video!!!

  10. I'd love to have that Spiderman game. keep up the great videos.

  11. Maybe in a game some Agents of Shield characters could be included in a way they couldn't be in a movie.

  12. … Will Square Enix ever make Kingdom Hearts 3? I'm more excited for Sora's return than this Avengers game :/

  13. will xmen characters be in the game, also what about fantastic four.

  14. they already have that pc marvel game don't they? i vaguely remember when that game was released

  15. I Can't wait for Spider-Man and Peter Quill to meet each other in Infinity War. They'll be like "Hi I'm Peter"

  16. Video game are like the middle ground for comics and movies

  17. Your the best you are always giving good news thanks you deserve a lot.

  18. can i finally win something please? 😀

  19. This is coming out?? Anxious to see what kind if game will be :3

  20. @EmergencyAwesome: is it too soon to ask as to when the 1st game should be released? I don't recall you saying in the video.

  21. Any chance any of the actors from the MCU come in and do voice over work for the game or will they hire different voice actors all together? Probably the latter, huh?

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