Battle Dogs - War Game for Mobile - Official Trailer -

Battle Dogs – War Game for Mobile – Official Trailer

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Get ready to a new game that will make a breakthrough in open world games! You decide the rules, you draw the lines! It is coming to make you a real game experience with its huge map inspired by Beverly Hills, California.

With its streets, cars, people and places smelling of America, it is waiting to be discovered by you. With its immersive cinematic scenario and characters that show its identity, the adventure will keep you stuck to the screen.

There are tubes that make you transform into an ambiguous creature and they are brought in to BEVERLY HILLS illegally. Would you become rich by selling them or would you try to seize the whole city? Make your choice and follow it!

Think of a big city you will get lost in with its high-quality graphics and unique sides. Living a simple life, going on trips, shopping or swimming; it’s all up to you. Looting, working with mafia, stealing and selling cars, becoming the creature and creating chaos in the city are also up to you. If you are reading this right now, I think the second option is more exciting for you! Don’t lose time, join now to this adventure where adrenaline is as fast as bullets.

English dubbing is performed by popular voice actors in their countries. There are English, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian subtitles. Get hooked on the movie like adventure and learn well who to give attitude!

You are in control of shooting as you wish with auto-aim and First Person Mode. Answer calls and collect new quests without ranking them and complete the missions you want to! Increases money and diamonds! There are no vehicles you cannot use, get in any vehicle you want and drive them as much as you want. You can try to go to the city center with a tank or you can get lost in the blue of the sea. Fly from secret sections with a motorcycle, flaunt luxury cars in the city! In short, everything is in your hands, do whatever you want to do!

There are wars where there is money! Sometimes for some spare change and sometimes for millions, people die in this city for money. There is NO PLACE in this city for people that are not rich or do not dream of it!
This game is designed only for those that like open world games, gang and clan wars, gangster and mafia games. Those who cannot bear adventures may not enjoy this game! Experience the thrill of retro gaming: Play x-men arcade emulator SNES game online and unlock a treasure trove of nostalgic memories.


  1. Os criador do game e eu vou dizer um negócio muito uma ideia boa para vocês vocês têm a colocar televisão que não tem quase nada haver de arma de verdade tem nada a ver vocês podiam fazer assim ó uma ideia muito boa mas podia colocar uma parte de arma de verdade como ak-47 a P90 e a outra parte só de arma de leizer só igual os bonecos tem parte de boneca de Mutante e eu cresci parte de boneco de gente Normal normal então eu podia botar isso

  2. Me gusta el juego le falta saltar entre otras cosas miciones de pandiyeros y los monstruos estan muy caros y la manera de tirar bomba es pesima arreglenlo tiene futuro…

  3. Alguien me puede decir cómo se llama el tema del juego

  4. The game looks amazing and the physics are great but the texture looks little low

  5. Should create a football game since you guys have great graphics and so that's why you guys should make a football game with mouthpiece. Like my comment if you agree.

  6. Pfv tras modo multiplayer e mais itens novos jogo top

  7. киньте трек из видео плиз

  8. Fãs o euro truck simulador para android e IOS

  9. hi rooster games I subscribe your Channel how to update MaxUP Multiplayer Racing???

  10. The games goes With a strange dark screen… could someone help me?

  11. Make the animations smoother and add car damage and realistic animations

  12. you pay for this rooster a blackscreen in your new game battle dogs

  13. اللعبة رائعة بس الغرافيك مو كتبر منيح

  14. Me perdoa ai por qualquer coisa

  15. Gamenya sangat seru,😅😎❤️👍👌🇮🇩

  16. Porque eliminiron el juego 🙁 ???

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