BATTLE FOR INDEPENDENCE - Empire Total War Mod Gameplay -

BATTLE FOR INDEPENDENCE – Empire Total War Mod Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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Empire Total War Mod Gameplay – Happy 4th of July! To celebrate today we have an awesome 1v1 fort battle on Empire Total War. Great Britain is defending a wooden fort, and the United States Army is attacking 😀 Enjoy the fight! Have a safe fun 4th of July!!

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  1. spain and france helped in american independence._.

  2. This video is very nistolgic for me it was the first video to get me in to strategy games

  3. you should of had some of the 42nd / 92nd higlanders

  4. For my plans for that battle I would do a Napoleon flank from the behind and then killem

  5. I have to say, even when outnumbered, this fort is a great defensive position, if u have plenty of artillery on the hill, and use melee cav and light inf to wipe out their groups in detail

  6. Who would make this political. This is an awesome mod!

  7. Britan has Lords, they have a freaking Queen! What does USA have, Thrump?

  8. 0:20
    That is the single best description of the 4TH that I've ever heard.

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