BATTLE OF VERDUN - The Great War Total War Mod Gameplay -

BATTLE OF VERDUN – The Great War Total War Mod Gameplay

Pixelated Apollo
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The German Empire is preparing their brave soldiers to cross into no man’s land to take out the French defense. They are going to have to face chemical warfare, artillery, and machine guns in this bloody assault. This is the Battle of Verdun and were are going to be right in the middle of it! Enjoy 😀

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  1. My great grandfather fought for Italy in ww1

  2. you should do the battle of the somme

  3. "Took like MONTHS, Can't recreate it in a game like that"

    Foxhole: Am I A Joke To You?

  4. Alex the rambler was on the french side he is a YouTuber

  5. "Shut the fuck up heavenly you anicent bitch, you were at the battle of verdun"

  6. 12:00 "Here is the gas … look at this ! This is sooo cool."
    OMG …. you Monster !! °°

  7. So this is a Napoleon total war mod? You should at least give credit to the mod community that allowed you to even do this. DAM!

  8. losif Stalin of Советская Россия says:

    I wish mine worked

  9. I miss the days when Total war was blowing up. 2015-17 for sure the best days

  10. World War One is the best war fought my men since there's only two wars and world war 2 sucks

  11. so sad i couldn't get this mod to work because i can't get the game to be on the correct patch /;

  12. my old grandfather slapped my grandfather when he played with weapon toys as a kid because of world war trauma

  13. Видимо все новобранцы. Пусть Ремарка почитают. Будут знать, что если вместе держаться—получится хорошая мясная нарезка.

  14. Damn I copied your battle XD yesterday I made battle of vedrun in the same game I think but I didn’t do like this

  15. epic !
    I thougt bf one would be that way of gaming, but it was absolutely not…in fact it was bf1942, but with 1918 rifles and vehicules…

  16. the speect of germans ja will wz ivanszde the swine sucmz

  17. Who else loves to watch these snuggled in a chair or couch on a rainy day??

  18. 16:05 Germans:sir were not forming an ‘u’ were scared of the machine gun
    The machine gun: u dare oppose me mortal

  19. why do they make a U form?

    machine gun: ON NE PASSE PAS!!!!.

  20. la seul guerre la plus meurtrière depuis 100ans juste la seconde guerre mondial c'était de la rigolade.

  21. I thought sturmtruppen was what they called the Canadians in WW1?

  22. 16:10 and there was the single machine gun without a crew that held off an entire German Company

  23. Stop talking so much. That's not the content we come to see.

  24. please do you can leave me whole game wuth this mod on drive or disk

  25. This was the most terrible battle ever, it took not only 4 years . But the soldiers where standing sommetimes months in water, so afther months they had to amputate somme soldiers foots and leggs. not talking even about the musterd gas they spread. Living with rats in youre holes etc etc WW1 also took also much more casualties then WW II

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