Battle of York - Ryse Son of Rome -

Battle of York – Ryse Son of Rome

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Defence of the Roman city of York against the barbarian horde in Ryse Son of Rome, xbox one gameplay.


  1. Diyor Mardonov {DNeagle Company} Дима cover ♪ says:

    Good morning

  2. 2013 game and the graphics is just WOW, in that time any game had that amazing grapichs and cinematic.
    Mind blowing game, with the Roman Empire power and that type of epic scenes, crazy…

  3. they just needed moves and aura of shadow of rome, sadly it was a little stuff to work with.

  4. If they made this game with "Assassins" than it would be more fun

  5. Just so you all know York wasn't called York in Roman times. It was called Eboracum. It was a Vikings who cold York York

  6. Play this game while listining legio æterna victrix>>>>

  7. Bro jun khelte nai banta to fer kyu khelte ho bus bach kar bhag rahe ho maroge kab jub wo tum ko mar denge tub

  8. Anyone notice that Ai is horrible in gameplay or is it just me?

  9. esse jogo foi lançado a 10 anos atras e ja tinha um grafico que nao deve nada pra varios jogos atuais.

  10. this game is like assasin`s creed to me so nostalgic.

  11. It’s great to see how some of these walls are still around in York today.

  12. They were not barbarians. They were the Germanic people and they were defending their lands and lives against the Roman invaders.

  13. where are the arrows that show u the way???????

  14. im gonna have to go xbox now , playstation has shit games

  15. The one and only game I wanted yo get first for the new xbox.

  16. the walking/jogging stance was a little odd…this is a testament to cryengine 3 …this game even today looks realistic…

  17. This was the weakness of the empire that ultimately brought the fall of Rome…having one man in charge…with the republic, there was no space for crazy shits like commodus…but when you have a person like him with all the power..that's when even a great empire will go to shit.

  18. Ok,York was founded by Vikings,it did not existed during Roman Times.
    The game is good though,even being not very accurate.

  19. They mightiest well remake this I haven't ever played it buh the story looks fire ash😯

  20. great game, played it 2 times, thanks for the excerpt from the game

  21. funny how depictions of ancient worlds come with modern moralities.
    Truth is most Roman conquerors were there to conquer and were not dis-heartened by bloodshed. They would not call the Britons as a great people.

  22. That game was so boring, but the cinematic is dope!

  23. I loved this game back in the day. Very Very underrated game. Graphics still hold up!

  24. This game was the worst victim of Social media. It was a very nice game but some fuckers started propaganda that its a shitty game and then everyone though it to be shitty. Same happened with many games.

  25. As a person of English/Irish descent I've never felt like a bigger traitor to my own kind playing this game but fuck it was a fun game

  26. The game is called "Ryse Son of Rome".
    For those who don't read titles or have little grasp of the english language.

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