Bear vs Shield Wall -

Bear vs Shield Wall

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Testing the Saxon Scieldweall!

Formation of a shield wall is a military tactic that was common in many cultures in the age before early modern warfare. There were slight variations of the tactic by culture, but in general a “wall of shields” was formed by soldiers standing shoulder-to-shoulder, holding their shields so that they would abut or overlap. Each soldier benefited from the protection of the shields of his neighbours and his own.

Short clip from an episode of Instruments of Death documentary series, investigating how military tactics and technology have helped shape the history of battlefield combat throughout the centuries.

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  1. He’s pulling back. He should charge like a bear not a cat!

  2. I thought it was a bear but it was somebody named bear

  3. Slowing down before impact is not how one applies pressure. Net a high school age American football lineman or full back to try that. A pro would be overkill.

  4. Nordic people inventing a lesser version of the phalanx. 😮

  5. should get a rugby player to do it, i reckon he'd most likely go straight thru if he got a big fulla

  6. why you using circle shields in shield wall

  7. Weak shildwall.

    No second line, shilds way too low, soldiers straight instead of low, etc.

    A proper bear charge would have walked through.

  8. That dude can’t be taller than like 6’1.

    Why don’t they find someone with actual size?

  9. Big nerd still nerd. Bet a 5 foot 9 high school linebacker would run right through you reenactors even with your interlocked shield. Not everyone is a warrior in that sense and this is really a better description of that imo than it is of a shield wall

  10. Red rover red rover, send bear right over.

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁

  12. Kinda disapointed in tha charge, to be honest

  13. As long as they don't flinch, it probably could hold against a bear.

  14. the concept is good, however the shields are way too small

  15. I thought they were gunna use an actual bear, but they brought sth bigger 😂

  16. Now try not stopping right before the wall

    Also i don't like that thing where they do moves on command like some musketmen.

  17. How did they get Ashton Kutcher for this? And what happened to his voice?

  18. Much better and realistic than “Troy” (2004)

  19. Mr. Bear lacked the encouragement from a Mega pint of Beer. He failed.

  20. Dude is stopping before going into the shield wall. Why? Because he would send those women flying if he went at it 100%

  21. Archers were so much more OP in battle back in the day than TV or games reveal. Good archers could annihilate almost any formation. Even the shield wall wasn't completely immune.

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