Behind the Scenes - God of War PS5 | Mocap Footage -

Behind the Scenes – God of War PS5 | Mocap Footage

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NEW the making of God of War 4 (2018). Early development of God of War IV and the making of God of War PS5. Behind The Scenes footage of God of War pre-alpha. This BTS video showcases motion capture actors Christopher Judge as Kratos and Sunny Suljic as Atreus. Includes video comparisons. 🎬 More Behind The Scenes in Video Games:
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  1. Really need them in that live action version announced by Amazon Prime.

  2. The perfect it's weird without the visuals moments

  3. I wish they had kept the boomerang axe attacks as part of the regular combos instead of making it a separate thing. The axe combat always feels less exciting than using the blades to me.

  4. Im sorry to say this but I love play god of war 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 i need to collect all might and I know will be more might Chinese, Hindu, Incas, egipcia and atkantic all Winn be good night

  5. Both of the latest God of War games were such tear jerkers. I could really tell how much the creators put into the story and the art. They were beautifully made and I bawled like a baby. ❤

  6. The axe looks like a pickaxe from fortnite lol

  7. I was surprised to learn that Sunny starred in Mid90s and Killing of a Sacred Deer. He is so young but already has an awesome acting resume!

  8. I thought the kid was aang from the last air bender. I was wrong.

  9. How dey do dis shi I would be dead laughing 😂😂😂 look at his face

  10. I think the roles in the new and old games are perfect. In the old games, Kratos is filled with rage. Carson did it perfectly. His voice sounded like he was always angry and full if rage. In the newer god of war games, Kratos is old and wise. He is calm. Christopher does it perfectly.

  11. Chris Judge can do more emoting with his cheek muscles than most people do with their entire face 😀

  12. Chris judge needs to be the live action Kratos

  13. I love these videos u guys done a fantastic job with the new God of war I bought a ps5 just to play this game

  14. Кратоса играл негр, а Атрея девочка. Мир згнил

  15. Wow its teal'c from stargate sg1!

  16. bro i found sunny suljic from mid90s n seeing his name in the credits of the first game was so crazy 😭

  17. Christopher is perfect as the much older Kratos. T.C. will always be the best OG Greek Kratos but we are now with a different Kratos getting away from his dark past.

  18. Atreus was played by an actual kid??? Holy crap! What a prodigy!

  19. Кратос черный столе в игре?

  20. @7:43 & 9:16. I am so proud to get an opportunity to cleaned up and animate the characters and props where it is needed for the whole sequence, took 20 days to complete this whole sequence with ogre. I appreciate the mocap actors as they put incredible efforts to get the data. Hope I can work in such amazing project again when I get a chance🤞

  21. Gaming is a whole new level nowadays. Back then it’s just pixels and coding for cutscenes with some voice acting, now it’s straight up filming a movie for 70% between story writing, capturing actors and stunt actors for cutscenes and to capture the gameplay for fighting, driving and other stuff.

  22. Omg these two need to be they actors for the live action for God Of War there acting chemistry shows ❤

  23. That part where kratos tells atreus to run far away from him because he believes hes a monster should have been in the game that was some emotional stuff right there

  24. God of war 2018 is not the first chapter of the series, others came out before

  25. Therapist: bald atreus can't hurt you he isn't real
    9:27 bald atreus:

  26. They’re chemistry is so amazing! I was so moved by god of war and ragnarok I named my son Atreus. Their father and son connection hits me deep everytime.

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