Belarus shows off its war games with Russia, and the president makes an appearance -

Belarus shows off its war games with Russia, and the president makes an appearance

Washington Post
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The Washington Post’s Mary Ilyushina observes military drills with Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko on Feb. 17. Read more: . Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. 🇧🇾❤️‍🔥🇷🇺❤️‍🔥🇮🇶😎

  2. If NATO ever got involved fully in this war, there wouldn't be a Belarus nor Russian forces. There are far too many sophisticated weapons for them to handle. They'll run into weapons they have never heard of. Top Secret Weaponry… Believe that because it's the truth!

  3. Беларусь 🇧🇾❤️‍🔥🇮🇶

  4. Yes, it’s Wimpy again— throwing his weight about to steal everyone’s burgers !

  5. WaPo doxxing people, now those people lives are in danger. How do you sleep at night knowing the harm you cause?

  6. Support to Loukashenko and mr Putin from the entire nation of America and mr Trump, our most favourite president ever. 🇷🇺♥️🇺🇸

  7. Never go to solve climate change if these morons keep doing this. Ultimately destroying themselves

  8. Today at the briefing the Secretary of the RNBO of Ukraine. Declared that he did not see the threat of invasion! This is the official statement of the Ukrainian authorities!

    We ask Biden to stop making fake news and fake sessions for their low ratings. Biden's fake news harms the investment attractiveness of Ukraine, undermines the stability of the financial system.

    Pay attention to your internal problems, you have a lot of them!

    Leader of the Ruh Ukraine Doroshenko Sergey.


  10. The Washington Post sucks you guys are a bunch of doxxing motherfukers go f*** yourself…
    And I am proud to say I support Convoy up in Canada and the one coming in the United States and I donated too cheap bastards

  11. Look at that doggo wants to be relevant lol "Belarus"

  12. ahahahah imagine your only ally being a shithole like belarus, must be depressing

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  15. Pathetic potato man. They call him cockroach in russia and belorussia

  16. NATO and sovereignty are bait in the trap. NATO is never going to invite the region of Ukraine to join. That would permit Ukrainians unfettered access to European countries and markets. The last thing that European nations wish is to have their countries flooded with Ukrainians. As a result of this venture Ukraine will be saddled with huge debt, pay enormous levels of taxes, housing prices and rents will skyrocket, it will be forced to admit massive numbers of immigrants each year in order to satisfy population growth targets demanded by lenders and within a generation the country will assume an entirely different character. It will take on an outwards appearance of prosperity that is not shared with the individual. The nation will become one gigantic revenue producing entity for the chosen few by extracting the lifetime earnings of residents through rent. Who fills the vacancies is irrelevant, but one thing is certain, it will not be native Ukrainians. This is Kiev? Where are the Ukrainians? Perhaps, a visitor should be forgiven if he believes that his plane has mistakenly landed in Morocco.

  17. Ukraine has an antitank missile for every tank and a stinger for every helicopter – they will not roll over

  18. Belarus needs to GTFO of Polands border, and stop pushing migrants into Poland

  19. Communicaton 101: Found In Translation says:

    Like anyone trusts you or Putin. Or Xi.

  20. Ricardo Cody - Flea Market Video Game Finds says:

    Defend your Countries at all costs Mr Presidents . Long live BeloRussian People !

  21. As per UN Resolution 110, "Measures to be taken against propaganda and the inciters of a new war" – Washington Post shall consider this as a warning.

  22. Praise the lord hallelujah truth God Jesus Christ help all countrys war stop all conutrys prayar for corona viras omicron viras hiling meracal protect prayer


  24. We are living in the E n d Times, evil is allowed to prevail at the moment because the world is on the brink of the 7year Tribulation – GOD'S wrath upon all unbelievers! Please get rapture ready, people: accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior today!!! Study biblical end times prophecy, listen to Dr. Ron Rhodes on end times chronology. Blessings from the West

  25. You know when these dictators start dressing military style the war is about to start soon. Just look at Hitler and Mussolini's when at first they were wearing suits and then when war was about to happen they dressed military style

  26. For everyone that disliked President Trump, I hope you understand the blood of those in Ukraine will be on your hands.

  27. Wake up NATO!!!
    Russia is going for that Pipe Line that Germany help them build… RUSSIA is already in BELARUS, so after UKRAINE they will go after POLAND then Germany. History is repeating itself. 🤨🧐😕😳

  28. Belarus chose its side, now make them face the consequences.

  29. Two idiots having fun with their arms. Bravo "Colonel" Lukashenko. lol.

  30. they enabled the invasion they are just as monstrous as putin. letting troops deploy from your country and playing it off like satellites cant see it stupid fucks.

  31. Decides to invade… this last remark at the end of the video jinxed us all. Should’ve never been said, now look at us.

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