Best Simulator of the Modern Submarine on PC ! Game about Russian and US Navy -

Best Simulator of the Modern Submarine on PC ! Game about Russian and US Navy

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Detailed simulator of the modern submarines us and russian navy . Modern fleet in game Dangerous Waters on pc


  1. Absolutely reminds me of 688i. I loved that game, and real sub tactics actually worked! (Yep, ex-bubblehead here!)

  2. This was Duller than an UnPolished TURD ! The Graphics Look Like they are from the mid 1990's = YAWN !

  3. Terrible Graphic…Worst than the first Silence Hunter.

  4. This guy's a lunatic. Has no idea. All crew members should request immediate helo evac!

  5. This guy is really a Self Killer Submariner. Crewmembers shall do better put him into a torpedo tube and throw away ASAP!

  6. Well. The result was never in doubt. Pottering about at periscope depth, merrily springing away with sonar and cavitation? Are you sure this captain wasn't a KGB spy? The only surprise here is how long he lasted! Maybe the Russians were laughing so hard the tears got in the way.

  7. might aswell got silent Hunter if we are going retro

  8. Jane's 688i had one thing that this one and all its successors didn't have… A Ships Head Marker (SHM) on the Sonar that wasn't 180 degrees out! (In the above game you are doing approx. 270-280 heading, but your shm is showing a little over 90 degrees – right in the sonar's baffles.

    Because of this bug I just can't play the later games. I'm so surprised no one has ever mentioned it. If you have 688 still knocking around take a look to see what I mean…

  9. Playing through Cold Waters right now. I like it so far. It condenses some of the detail in Dangerous Waters and has some simplifications, but the tactics are the same and the enemy is just as punishing. Dangerous Waters still plays great many years later, as does Silent Hunter 4 Gold with the German boats and that sweet late war prototype.

  10. Are any of the "Janes" simulations available? I used to have them all. Last one I bought was Desperate Waters. Spent countless hours in 688I and Longbow. Where have they gone? Does anyone have these that will run on today's systems? Is there anything that comes close, today?

  11. I have this and I hated it. Modern warfare as modelled here is all distant and impersonal. There were some aspects I liked but overall I thought it was bad. Great programming etc just crap in terms of decent immersive gameplay. Something the Silent Hunter series got together quite well eventually.

  12. So this is a tutorial on how not to play the game.

  13. 好懷念這種可以玩全球各國海軍以及各地區都可以玩,模擬得非常好,只可惜WIN 10 64BIT下不能玩

  14. Seriously, say this game is the best in 2017 when we have games like Silent Hunter 5 is very idiotic. What a crap.

  15. You can't walk around in the sub, and when hit with a torpedo, it lights on fire, and starts smoking, and sinks without so much as a dent? Fire?? Smoking??? Underwater?!?!

  16. Would like to get a game where one could play a boomer capt. He goes rouge and threatens to launch his nukes and all the subs from all countries tries to find me before i can.

  17. What the hell he is doing? Fired a TLAM against a Vessel lol

  18. Even in 2010 i played in much better submarine sims

  19. best simulator ? LoooL It looks like shit bro…

  20. THIS guy is a total dick. Don't stick your periscope up and use sonar. Once you fire move and dive. If you hit you will hear it. If not planner attack. Bear in mind they know your there by now. Ex torpedo man on Polaris bombers. UK RN

  21. fuck this looks terrible. We got better graphics when fist 3d cards came out.

  22. cool video.
    how about for PC & android

  23. What the hell? It's 688i. They didn't even re-skin it. This game is 18 years old if it is a day. It was developed for Windows 98! Even the sounds are exactly the same.

  24. As an old professional salt AND successfull 688(i) Hunter-Killer player for many years I can confirm that this guy knows nothing about submarine warfare: Once he UNSUCCESSFULLY fires twice a grand total of 5 missiles plus two (2) ACTIVE sonar impulses PLUS several radar impulses, he should see to it to get away, at least under the next thermal layer. From a first beginning he should have taken ONLY series of (passive) ESM bearings from the Kirov until he obtains an idea for a firing solution (bearing, distance, course, speed) of the same. Then launch two (2) ADCAP fishes. That should do the job!

  25. 2018 – looking for a modern submarine simulator with waterfall etc. Any recommendations?

  26. pretty sure I played this on SEGA and it was called 688i ….. at least it looks likt its from the late 80's. Play Cold Waters…

  27. Seriously, WTF with the graphics? Its as though Sonalyst has kept the same graphics designer going as far back as Janes F15….lame graphics…lame and I mean lame! OH, and their latest game/sim….totally absent of graphics which proves my point. They can't afford a top shelf graphics simulator. And you uploaded a game created for 4:3 ratios and you stretched the graphics! Confirms my point yet again.

  28. Dangerous Waters doesn't work for me on Win10. It crashes every time I try to run it, on every Win10 install I have tried it on (lots & lots).

  29. Only issue is that it doesn't work on Windows 10, just Windows 7 and Vista. Otherwise, since I can't play this, I play Sub Command. Still wonderfull!!

  30. I'm gonna forgive how he plays, because this is maybe the first time when he said "best" anything and was actually right.

  31. I would love a Silent Hunter 5 but with nuclear submarines…

  32. First Sub sim with an actual deployable towed array.

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