Best War & Army Games 2022 | Top 10 Military War Games PC -

Best War & Army Games 2022 | Top 10 Military War Games PC

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10 Best Military War Games To Play In 2022.
Are you looking for a good military or war game on PC in 2022? military games have always been a success all around the world and we still love them! From games such as Counter-Strike to Rainbow Six Siege, we’ll talk about the top10 military games we love. For all soldiers in the army and military warfare fans.
This TOP10 List with the best war and military games.

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  1. i could also add foxhole, pretty much war game

  2. no #1 should be Arma 3 that is the best ARMY games ever

  3. why is breakpoint there? Wildlands was much better than Breakpoint.

  4. I am telling everyone now that needs to hear it. *Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the best military power fantasy in any game ever* . Was laughing at it for like 2 years, for the fuck-up that was the launch and horrid RPG elements, but now they've gone rid of it, added an immersive mode, and together with its humongous landscape, large arsenal and *impecable* animation work, they've fulfilled one of my all time biggest gaming dreams. I pack on my backpack, bring my team, all in realistic by-norms military outfits, and I go hike through the mountains towards our target. Slow-walking, I don't even run ever, to make it realistic, authentic. A bit of role-play, and if you're a guy like me, you're gonna adore it.

  5. Why do all of your "best war games of…" have at least 2 or 3 of the same games in them?

  6. I guess these games do not amuse me anymore, good vid though but you reminded me that todays games are all the same…killing killing and more killing, one day it will stop.

  7. you showed 2 different games for warno one was literally steel division 2

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