Bolt Action Partisans - Using Wargames Atlantic Resistance -

Bolt Action Partisans – Using Wargames Atlantic Resistance

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the channel and in this video, I am outlining how I am using the Wargames Atlantic French resistance to build a small resistance/maquis force for Bolt Action.

The Wargames Atlantic French resistance box is a brilliant plastic set but there is a slight lack of rifles which may be an issue when building a resistance army for Bolt Action. However, I have been using several bits and pieces from various allied plastic Bolt Action kits by Warlord Games to kitbash the additional rifles.

In the video, I’ll show you what bits I’ve used and how these go together with the plastic kit by Wargames Atlantic.

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  1. MAn thanks for this ONE! One day I will field those Awesome Partisans! MAn WHAT A KIT!!!

  2. The partizan kit mixed with german sentrys would make great polish resistance

  3. Fun figures! That army would add variety to the tabletop scene. The bit of vocabulary lesson also adds flavor, “stonker”, not common in my part of the world.

  4. The idea of a 20 man squad with 4 smgs and 16 pistolers armed with Molotovs around for like 110~ points

  5. Exactly what I was looking for !Going for WGA box to build my FR resistance infantary 😀 Thanks a lot

  6. That's going to be a very cool looking army Ste! You are the Bolt Action conversion king!!!

  7. Thankyou for video its great Do they come with stands

  8. The partisans look exceptional, 👌 i wish they got an mp40 also. I like the painted ones, the green bases really makes the miniatures come back to life. Looking forward for the germans flames of war. Cheers Ste.

  9. Nice work; I need to get the 0200 supplement that includes the WA resistance

  10. Thanks for the shout out.👍….I did use the Atlantic boxset too….and also subbed in some warlord rifles…..remember if you decide to use a Jedburgh Team for the resistance….you need access to extra bren gun guys in case you roll lucky

  11. Excellent conversion ste,and that's a lot of extras on each sprue,also very well painted

  12. Great stuff Ste can't wait to see the finished force

  13. When I used this box to make my resistance I combined it with their WW1 french infantry. I was inspired by a book called
    Tears of glory about the fight for the vercors and a resistance fighter who put on his old WW1 uniform to inspire his men.

  14. Cool i have to get some of self now I see what you have done with some I should have some spare when I get around to do my troops.

  15. The Partisan box is an excellent kit, but I do agree that you need one box of "something else" to really push it to the next level.

  16. Looks great! I really want to do a resistance force.

  17. Great work on this project so far ste, once painted you can’t even tell the arms are kit bashed 👍

  18. Everybody likes a good conversion. Mixing and matching bits to create something new and awesome is one of the great joys of the hobby.

  19. Your partisans look great, nice job and congrats from France!👍👍

  20. Great video Ste, I think brown is a cracking colour to base in 👍

  21. Great Ste, you have been very creative as usual with your dancing hands and all the plastic bits. Its good that there are so many usable parts in all the WW2 plastics. And no cork was used on these models, so the trees in Spain and Portugal were harmed in the making of Stes's new army.

  22. Cracking work! I've got plans (once a few other projects are out the way) to use a box of these as a base for some Volkssturm, with some extra parts from a bunch of different kits. I love the way you've painted yours up, they really are full of character, and it's a real inspiration to see. Hope it all goes well!

  23. They look fantastic Ste. The effect is brilliant

  24. if youve got access to a 3D printer WA have released digital files for female resistance

  25. Great stuff!!! The Wargames Atlantic 'Partisan' box seem to be made to represent French or Western European, 'Maquis' type 'resistants' but, with a little chopping and changing of weaponry, could also be used for Spanish Civil War Republican Militia, Very British Civil War types, Irish Rebels 1916-1923 and even Polish resistance fighters from both the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto uprising of 1943 and the wider Polish Home Army Warsaw Uprising of 1944. (The Polish fighters in the latter two ill-fated uprisings used elements of German uniforms and 'kit' including weapons, helmets and caps etc. so they might be fun to experiment with?) For 'Pulp'-type inter-wars 'civilian' games, the dress/bodies and heads of the Wargames Atlantic kit would suit USA 'Gangster/Prohibtion' era set-ups and even 'Peakey Blinder' imaginations, particularly when combined with the WA 'Western Gunfighter' kit they offer. (Always loads of spare arms and weapons left over…)

    I might add that I'm very much a fan of your 'mix and match' -'kit-bashing' skills as a modeller/painter and, although at first glance at the unpainted creations the 'Bolt Action' arms looked a bit too 'heavy/bulky', when painted up you really can't tell!!! (I930s/'40s civvie-clothing wasn't as 'fitted' as more modern styles anyway…)

    As always another inspiring and informing post from you!

    xx SF

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