BREAKING: WARGAMES At WWE Survivor Series…Cm Punk Accused…Trish Nearly Dies…Wrestling News -

BREAKING: WARGAMES At WWE Survivor Series…Cm Punk Accused…Trish Nearly Dies…Wrestling News

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Topics Discussed In this Video:

0:00 Intro
0:48 WWE Survivor Series 2022 Wargames
1:33 Vince McMahon Send Off
2:19 Bray Wyatt Concept
3:13 Edge Return date
3:29 WWE Leaving Hulu?
5:00 CM Punk Accused
5:52 Young Bucks Location Suspended
6:07 Malakai Black Explains His Departure From AEW
7:58 Trish Stratus Nearly Dies

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  1. I guess its gonna be the bloodline vs a few faces for war games

  2. MAnY tHaNKs to tRIpLe h. 🥱
    It wasn't his idea it was WCW's.

  3. people forgetting cm punk and kofi were like bffs

  4. Nobody noticed the bray Wyatt tease during the main event of raw where they cut the lights

  5. I wonder how I am gonna stay caught up on Raw and Smackdown then? I wish Peacock had the recent Raw and Smackdown.

  6. Not sure bout anyone else but WWE has completely bored ppl to death and drug out these title reigns with Roman and usos its ridiculous for other talent to have to wait that long and the get to the point where a non wrestler in Logan Paul challenges for title cone on now! Second it's pretty ridiculous that all these ppl had nothing to say bout punk while he was on top now they all have something to say sounds like ppk are getting paid to make headlines!!

  7. Im happy for the war games at main roster, but kinda sad to not be raw vs smackdown anymore at survivor series

  8. Good luck to Black. I know what it's like when you get hit with one thing after another, are dissatisfied with your work, and you feel completely done. I'm going through that now and am making my exit so I can be healthier and happier. I look forward to my future and know I'll be better off once I move on. So, I hope he'll be okay too.

  9. Well that’s what happends when you barely defend the titles, that you made records. Shocker.

  10. If you have to say absolutely 100% when you're trying to get somebody to believe you. I'm not going to believe you

  11. Not surprised that Punk is a racist, he looks the type.

  12. 🤔 everyone watch impact wrestling every Thursday night on axes TV at eight

  13. WWE should induct Vince McMahon in to the HOF but they should induct Linda McMahon too she played a big part of making WWE the global brand it's became today so both should go into the hall of fame.

  14. Reminder: If you see black person or colored person in general.. roll out the red carpet for them just because they are there.

  15. Being a jerk should not be mis construed as racist. A jerk is a jerk.

  16. Dude wtf a war games match with the 5 on 5 survivor series match is gonna be sick af

  17. I don’t fall for Punk being a racist. He’s overly not racist, to an annoying degree actually

  18. I was in San Jose, and they randomly played white rabbit with the lights off, and towards the end of the song, the lights went red

  19. Hope black comes back to wwe. Trish is still amazingly beautiful. War games nice

  20. If we're just going to conveniently dismiss all of the off-camera things, then Owen should get in. Vince can wait a while

  21. I'm sorry, but I'm tired of hearing about CM Punk. As tired of hearing about him as about Tony Khan, since every time I hear their names it's something negative. They're always doing some BS and STAY on the drama train

  22. Always a race card, maybe he just wasnt as good as he thought. People love to blame everything on everyone else but themselves.

  23. Oh hell Yeah bring war games!!! It should be at the main roster. Really hope Brawling Brutes will win, but we all know that won't happen

  24. The accusation looks fake i think the guy wants some attention

  25. I wasn't really excited about Survivor Series until I heard they gonna have their War Games which I am very interested in seeing

  26. Survivor Series should have 4 matches, 2 men matches from RAW and SmackDown and 2 women matches from RAW and SmackDown. I think it’s unfair for either brand if the match is storyline wise

  27. Dam where am I going to catch raw and smack down now that it’s off Hulu???? Anyone?


  29. 🤔 Something tells me CM punk is being called a racist because of "microaggresions" or "unconscious bias"… Some minorities feel like they deserve worship just because they exist nowadays.

  30. It will be a huge event war games is back

  31. Nah Punks Beat Friend is Literally Kofi Kingston

  32. Someone who isn’t white when someone doesn’t like them: OMG THIS PERSON IS RACIST.
    I swear at this point calling someone racist shouldn’t have any credibility.

  33. 😂 Why is it impressive? They are still tag team champs because it has been agreed upon. Nothing impressive about it. At all. And did you say "fanses"? LMAO

  34. Man Trish is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL. She is aging perfectly. Man. Man. Man…..

  35. "Punk is a racist because he said something that hurt my feelings." Because everything is racist

    Isnt Punk's wife Latina?

  36. "racism" is a cry screamed by the jealous.

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