BREAKING: WARGAMES At WWE Survivor Series…Cm Punk Accused…Trish Nearly Dies…Wrestling News -

BREAKING: WARGAMES At WWE Survivor Series…Cm Punk Accused…Trish Nearly Dies…Wrestling News

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Topics Discussed In this Video:

0:00 Intro
0:48 WWE Survivor Series 2022 Wargames
1:33 Vince McMahon Send Off
2:19 Bray Wyatt Concept
3:13 Edge Return date
3:29 WWE Leaving Hulu?
5:00 CM Punk Accused
5:52 Young Bucks Location Suspended
6:07 Malakai Black Explains His Departure From AEW
7:58 Trish Stratus Nearly Dies

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  1. I'm glad that Trish Stratus is okay. We don't want to lose another hall of famer.

  2. I find it hard to believe that CM Punk is a racist. I know he comes off as and most likely is an asshole to deal with but no way is the guy a racist and right now everyone's taking as many shots at him as they can because of what happened. The guy has pissed so many people off that they are coming out to attack him now and some of it I believe is deserved but not all of it.

  3. So a wrestler who refuses to identify himself and these ao called "journalists" say Punk is a racist but provide 0 evidence and offer 0 credibility. I don't know why people both watching these BS dirtsheets.

  4. cool, I wonder if that means it'll make it on a wwe video game now.

  5. If it's not RAW vs SD, then how do we determine teams? Is it going to be like HIAC, just at Survivor Series

  6. I heard cm punk slept with the entire rosters wives and he got them all pregnant….. This is not an EVP account

  7. Traditional Survivor Series Match in a War Games stipulation will be perfect

  8. Dude signs a contract for 5 years only gets through half a year and says he has be given the opportunities he waa promised. Im calling straight BS.

  9. Is it a new way of work to put out such dumb rumours of Punk? Come on, noone will buy that one. His ex best friend is a jew and one of his best buddies on WWE is black. WTF?

  10. Survivor series was the worst ppv because none of it made sense. Red vs blue with heels and baby faces on the same team was stupid. War games makes more sense. I won't miss it this year

  11. Be leary whenever someone throws out the racist accusations…..

  12. Who is this indie wrestler who saying AEW is racist

  13. War Games at Survivor Series oh hell yeah I'm looking foward to that.


  15. HHH doing what Vince should've done years ago is godly

  16. idk, being the longest reigning champ in the wwe at the time of the lowest interest and ratings is something to be proud of.

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