British Army versus Nato war games on Russia's doorstep -

British Army versus Nato war games on Russia’s doorstep

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British soldiers have been advancing through the forests of Latvia as they take on the role of enemy forces to test Nato’s resilience during Exercise Titan Shield.

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Latvia has bolstered its defences on its eastern flank, and carries out regular drills to test its defensive capabilities.

British soldiers, who were involved in this type of exercise for the first time, deployed from their base in Poland to the Adazi training grounds, which are 11.2km long and 6.4km wide.

The British troops, who played the red force in Titan Shield, needed to prove they could fight when they were outnumbered, while the blue forces – representing Nato – had to defend their territory, Latvia having joined the alliance in 2004.


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  1. Pretty good analogue to Russia as both are under funded, have low availability of equipment and an all time low of morale

  2. In order to play the russians correctly the Generals hired civilians with no military background to command the troops and sabotaged all the vehicles.They also gave several liter of booze to the troops and took away half their ammunition.

  3. UK have learn a lot about ukraine war so far and change to new strategy and tactics is important first

  4. Am I the only one who thought that lance jack at the end did not sound like a lance jack😂, I was expecting him to be an Lt or Cptn

  5. I doubt russians will ever even start a fight if they are unnumbered. This bastards know only one tactic that works for them for ages – mass numbers, no matter for what costs

  6. Are they not using camouflage by intention? (intel)

  7. Send in a actual infantry Regiment and the outcome would be very different.

  8. one problem, UK's army is nothing like russian 2nd army of Africa

  9. NATO is impotent. No critical thinking or synergy at all.

  10. basically, NATO was garbage but we had to pretend they are battle ready….

  11. 578 days of Putin's boring war. US arms dealers are still making a killing.

    Europeans still killing each other since the Romans. Yawn.

  12. All in European territory but let’s try that in England.. no😮 why? Because it’s easier in Europe.

  13. Anglo-saxons are responsible for all wars on the planet for last 300 years. Nuking America and Britain will fix them for 200-300 years and will give a chance for humanity to get rid of em forever

  14. Very impressive….the British Army whilst outnumbered excecelled, well done…. Roger… Pembrokeshire UK

  15. How do these Excersice work? How does anyone know they are hit or destroyed? Obviously no live ammunition but how does it work.

  16. Russia would stand no chance against NATO, then when they realize they fo not srand a chance, they would threaten nukes. A true dign of russian weakness and cowardice.

  17. The Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia need to get their military personnel to 25,000 fighting men each. Currently they don’t even have 2 1/2 thousand soldiers per country which is ridiculous given the fact that they are on the front line against Russia, that is determined to conquer and subjugate them. If the West stop sending weapons to Ukraine, Russia will simply role through Ukraine, and then take the Baltic countries and Europe won’t do anything to help them. Help starts at home & The Baltic countries must start beefing up their military capabilities now.

  18. If you want it to be realistic then British civilians should play the enemy. A lot of them.

  19. Muzzys should be banned from the army they are a show and propa noncy

  20. The Russians will not repeat the Mistake that the Germans made in Dunkirk. The English find their Meister in Russia.

  21. british uncircumcised army, they will run away from russia😂

  22. Would a Russian attack in the Baltics involve chemical weapons?
    How come the Canadian soldiers are hairier than 2 week conscript?
    Why does the military pay so well, yet they all look like street bums?

  23. Keep these videos coming. It's great to see how our armed forces are being used and tax money is being spent. Alot of people think they don't really do much in peacetime.
    This couldn't be further from the truth as this video shows. Always training, trying out new tactics, getting stuck into exercises like this to gain the edge.
    As much as I wanted the British to win this exercise, its not really the point. It just shows Nato is capable of taking down a strong adversary.
    So quite reassuring actually.

  24. Hmm. I must have missed the bit about the drones! 😟

  25. Why are you supporting the Nazi regime in Ukraine? Our forefathers fought against this disease. You lads are better defending this shore from rapists and narco gangs from Albania.
    And Britain's Army has been levelled three times over in Ukraine already.
    Back to base immediately.
    We need a military coup in Britain and we need you lads back to fight all these Islamic Zionist proxy military aged men about to be unleashed on OUR shore

  26. Why didn’t I use their anti-tank weapons systems?

  27. Excercise Titan Shield lol. Intellectually ten year olds in leadership? Nato is a murderous thug band so i am not surprised. Stoltenberg makes me ashamed of being Norwegian

  28. The fact that Britain did that much damage without heave vehicles unlike Nato shows they prob could’ve got it if they had tanks or APC’s like Nato

  29. codname: "burn much money… and more tanks"

  30. Let’s see how titan shield does against a well placed nuke. Keep pushing because you’re going to find out pretty soon….

  31. As an ex serviceman of the uk. The russians would eat this lot for breakfast. Do you know why we would fail. Diversity and inclusion. If you do what we have done to our armed forces then don't expect them to compete against real hard men of the russian army. Sorry if i hurt anyones feelings, but its true.

  32. Training another generation of Sons and daughters to die in an unwinable war

  33. looks like play ground nothing look like real battlefield , mines and drones and sniper this days are hard to miss 😂

  34. The british army in terms of numbers couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding its been hollowed out by our useless politicians smfh tut ,tut they would rather spend 8 million a day keeping illegal migrants in fancy hotels ,then housing 15 thousand of them they claim to have provided homes for !! Wtf is wrong with them ?

  35. Guerilla warfare tactics are the best when used against a large opposing force, using small units that move in attack quick and disperse, this will not only cut the opposing force down to size, it will put a huge hole in their confidence and destroy their morale. Ukrainians need to adopt guerilla war tactics in the fight against Russia and that's the more productive route for them to take, fighting the Russians head on is brave yet unintelligent, there Air Force can obliterate entire divisions and the losses would not be sustainable. Sabotage, ambush, rinse and repeat until the giant has been cut down to size and then all for one and one for all. I don't support Russia or Ukraine for that matter, I oppose all wars and believe it's appalling that despite world connectivity, humans are still killing each other in the 21st century and it's clear to the people of the world that like it's predecessor the league of nations, the UN has failed to maintain peace in the world and millions of innocent people have died under its watch.

  36. Beaten buy a bunch of goat herders in toyota's very doubtful the Russians are bothered. . Those who got beaten are breaking through the lines of those who got beaten. .priceless.. The blind leading the blind.

  37. Imagine all the people who died in WW2, fighting to defend Britain against Nazism and now we're defending it. Shocking.

  38. how does the shooting work in these drills? are they blanks with electrionic hit markers or something? or just normal blanks??

  39. The strength of the British military is their tactics and innovation. During WW2 the British invented the radar, which was invaluable in detecting German bombers locations. I hope even with all the idiotic cuts by the UK government, that they continue this tradition of fighting smarter, not necessarily harder.

  40. Do it like Russia! Detag the British army put them in green uniforms and send them into Moscow! UKMOD deny everything!

  41. I'm sure there was information missing from this. Why would the attacking force be smaller than the NATO defending forces and have no armour

  42. Russia will destroy all enemies of Christ the US EU NATO Vatican RCC

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