Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War - Game Movie -

Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War – Game Movie

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Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Game Movie

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Gameplay: lapman17
Editing: lapman17

Game Developers: Treyarch, Raven Software, High Moon Studios, Beenox, Sledgehammer Games
Game Publisher: Activision


  1. When park get shot
    Me: i sleep
    When Mason and Woods get shot
    Me: řĕæł ćŕāp

  2. Moral of the story: It's always the fucking USA and the CIA messing with the planet and using their experiments for their own agenda. Then they make it so they can be the heroes like every fucking time.

  3. I watch this since my tablet wasnt broken this is my favor channel

  4. LOLX i missed the first evidence by throwing Qasim hahaha

  5. The thing I cannot imagine about all these COD games is that, America does some fucked up shit like planting more than a dozen nuclear missiles in Europe and when it turns against them, they are "fighting to save the countless lives that will be lost" like reality check ya bastards you planted them for this exact purpose, lol, COD should try to make new storylines these wars against russians are becoming so boring and lame.

  6. Love your channel keep up the good work cause these are amazing

  7. I love the part where woods takes down the mannequin and says “not a fucking word”

  8. This is my opinion but Reznov would be a perfect character

  9. Dude i watched all call of duty every single one of them thx for gamematics

  10. lol the persian they speak is so weird XD especially when they curse

  11. seriously, I joined the army in 1985 and I don't remember rile laser sights till the mid 90's

  12. Great gameplay bro, immersive story.

  13. Sorry to be cruel, but the second ending is much better for me

  14. Who else was having Call of Duty Black Ops flashbacks in the mission echoes in the Cold War.

  15. i enjoy gamematics, ive been watching his game movies since i was 4 or 5, im now turning 13 in february, once again much love

  16. I never rlly notice this but bell’s name always changes.

  17. Dont mind me…im just commenting to know where i should continue from シ︎

  18. Here watch and enjoy your video: Have a nice day

  19. Call of duty Vanguard is November 5th, 2021

  20. Department of the Erusean Royal Navy says:

    Did they get a new voice actor for Mason? He sounds different…

  21. I feel bad to those grenades that remain unused. Great video btw! Keepi it up

  22. The terrorists in this game looks like hippies that protest war

  23. twin engine huey in the Vietnam sequence didn't come out till a later

  24. Bro I think in part 2:33:38 Bell couldn't save Lazar or Park. I think that this scene would be better for a game movie. Tho I'm not saying u did a big mistake but it's my POV.

    Eventually I like ur every Game Movies and I always watch it. U are very nice in these!! So keep carrying on.

  25. I love this COD black OPS cold war but next time please don't show us bad ending (character mason and woods has been shot).

  26. Fun fact: Perseus voice actor is the same actor who voiced Rigby from regular show

  27. I love the little nods to the first black ops like when they said our collective our very way of life is at risk

  28. this is probably my favorite COD game ever, I just think that the setting and pacing makes it a game I can play 5 or 6 times over and still not get bored of it!

  29. Jack Bauer…. You are a man of culture for that name choice.

  30. The final mission should be called order 66

  31. Where was the last time steiner dead and also kravchenko??

  32. 1:53:27 as a spy he would definitely fail , I didn't understand a word if it wasn't for the subtitles

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