Call of Duty: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 - Wargames -

Call of Duty: Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 – Wargames

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Which game is right for you? Which game will emerge the victor? Find out in our head to head competition of gaming’s gargantuan shooters.

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  1. I'm a call of duty fan but battlefield has better graphics then call of duty ghosts

  2. Let's make it clear

    BF4 better graphics

    Ghost better story

  3. "Ignore the graphics it's story and gameplay"

    Ghost for winner

  4. i have both games there both fun in there own way

  5. Giving them both a point at the end when Battlefield obviously won?! Unsubscribed.

  6. rly Multiplayer both and graphics both these were 2 points for bf4 😑😑😑😑😑

  7. Boy bf4 is b3tter you just like cod better

  8. Cod got better campaign. Battlefield got better gameplay
    P.S Counter Strike sucks

  9. I love both game for 1 reason.
    BF – For Multuplayer
    COD – For Campaign.
    So there is no better game between this two

  10. Battlefield 4 is still played in 2018 and will be played far into the future, while Ghosts is dead and buried.

  11. Ghost has the shitest muiltplayer what the fuck is he talking about

  12. Cod ghosts = working on launch

    Bf4 = a mess on launch

    Ghosts win

  13. I have only played the 360 versions of each game, but BF4 was a lot more technically impressive and smooth than Ghosts on that platform.

  14. Spoiler. Cop out. GameSpot doesn't have the balls to take sides.

  15. Single player: cod ghost
    Multiplayer: Battlefield 4

  16. 5 years later and this video still pisses me off..

  17. When I played ghosts I couldn’t tell the enemies from the backgrounds due to it being so pixilated their lighting is good but what good is that if you can’t even play.

  18. Whenever u tell a bf player why bf is better then cod they will start with
    BF player: well the graphic-
    Me: wait holdup u say graphics is the main thing that matters? And u call ur self a game ur just bunch of nubs who don't even the definition of gaming

  19. Battlefield 4 is better f@ck this guy dislike this vid

  20. Literally paid journalists. Doesn't matter which game is better. Just make a toddler decide and even that toddler will tell ya that battlefield had better graphics

  21. en historia bf4 y call of duty si call of duty tiene mas accion pero en los servers y ese lag ni con el mejor wifi ademas bf4 y bf3 superan en mi opinion por mucho a call of duty en general. call of duty en multijugador no se puede comparar con bf3 o bf4 los mapas de bf4 y 3 tienen mas vehiculos aeros acuaticos y vehiculos de tierra miles de armas por clase de soldado en otras palabras el multijugador de bf3 y bf4 supera por muchoooooo a call of duty tanto por armas ,vehiculos, atachchments tanto para armas como para vehiculos , esenario voy al punto battlefield supera a call of duty en muchas formas que no puedo explicar bien en un mensaje

  22. He forgot the part where people quit playing Ghost after the first week it dropped because it was the first title to get the unplayable lobby matching algorithm. BF4 is still beasting 7 years later.. When was the last time anyone played ghost?

  23. Before we used to crap talk the other game but now we both want are good games back

  24. Ghosts looks like a bunch of monkeys were let into the graphics room and they just destroyed everything

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