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Call Of Duty World at War – Game Movie

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Call of Duty World at War Game Movie


Gameplay: lapman17

Game Developer: Treyarch
Game Publisher: Activision


  1. it Should Be in Order . Cuz it Should Be The European Front First Cuz Russia Got Invaded By Germany in June 22 1941 & After Dat … USA Goes To War With Japan in Dec 1941

  2. It was a part of history from the perspective which the schools never taught us

  3. Woaaahh…that was a nasty headshot on Amsel

  4. “As long as you live, the heart of this army can never be broken”
    back when COD was on a different level 😭

  5. في دقيقه ٢٩ كيف اقتل القناص

  6. My favorite American general is general macarthur because he stood up to the Filipino he protected the Filipinos from Japanese forces And my favorite quote of his is Give me 10000 Filipinos and i shall conquer the world

  7. I always play this with no background music and i feel like i am at war

  8. I remember "Vendetta". The intro to Reznov. Glad you threw the whole level in here. #classic


  10. Back when the games actually lived up to the name call of DUTY. They were fun but actually had an anti-war message rather than the glorified violence today.

  11. 1:44 Pvt. Miller – 'Semper Fi', Makin Atoll

    8:35 miller – 'Little Resistance', Peleliu

    14:10 miller – 'Hard Landing', Peleliu

    22:20 Pvt. Petrenko – 'Vendetta', Stalingrad

    35:15 petrenko – 'Their Land, Their Blood', Seelow Heights

    41:44 miller – 'Burn 'em Out', Peleliu

    44:43 miller – 'Relentless', Peleliu

    48:35 petrenko – 'Blood & Iron', Seelow Heights

    52:27 petrenko – 'Ring of Steel', Pankow

    58:23 petrenko – 'Eviction', Berlin

    1:04:10 PO Locke – 'Black Cats', South of Okinawa

    1:12:32 miller – 'Blowtorch & Corkscrew', Wana Ridge

    1:17:00 miller – 'Breaking Point', Shuri Castle

    1:25:09 petrenko – 'Heart of the Reich', The Reichstag

    1:29:09 petrenko – 'Downfall', The Reichstag

  12. This game has the best Russian campaign

  13. Private Pyle!
    I wonder if he stole a jelly doughnut from the mess hall when he was in training.

  14. Wow dis is a very good cod I played cod ww2 in my ps4 I want to try a ww2 game on my xbox 360 and this will be very good

  15. Petrenko should have been promoted to Sargent.

  16. I got so pissed at my 6th grade history teacher when he tried correcting me throughout an entire class that emperor hirohito planned the entire attack and carried it out on pearl harbor when it was adm. yamamoto when there was this magnificent freaking game existing. Btw, still pissed at you Mr. Clowes, still pissed.

  17. buioc .nada uiokc vs buitwo. nada uiokc 2021 – 2022

  18. I'm been playing this again and again for years

  19. 0:29 Semper Fi (American mission)
    8:34 Little Resistance (American mission)
    14:11 Hard Landing (American mission)
    22:20 Vendetta (Russian mission)
    34:15 Their Land, Their Blood (Russian mission)
    41:44 Burn 'em Out (American mission)
    44:44 Relentless (American mission)
    48:35 Blood and Iron (Russian mission)
    52:27 Ring of Steel (Russian mission)
    58:24 Eviction (Russian mission)
    1:04:11 Black Cats (American mission)
    1:12:32 Blowtorch and Corkscrew (American mission)
    1:17:00 Breaking Point (American mission)
    1:25:10 Heart of the Reich (Russian mission)
    1:29:10 Downfall (Russian mission)

  20. These graphics still look amazing in 2021. Seriously, this game was so far ahead of its time, just look at the other games that were being put out in 2008. I still remember those ads where the soldier would spray the flamethrower over the title screen and being amazed by how realistic it looked. No other game has blown me away quite like this one. Graphically, story wise. Nazi zombies was just the icing on the cake. This is as good as COD ever got. Black Ops was also good and was a worthy sequel to WAW, but after that it went downhill very quickly.

  21. Ha! Almost forgot the “Saving Private Ryan” reference from the first level

  22. imma watch all cod series(btw i never play cod T^T,thats why im so grateful when gamematics made all of cod )

  23. This is my favorite cod game and I plan on watching the rest of them!

  24. This game and MW3 was life back then. Wish they’d remaster world at war for ps4 an Xbox one

  25. 22:11 by far the most chilling portrayal of war, goes from the glorious victory of the US Marines and JUMPS at you to a dark, scary, and gritty atmosphere of Stalingrad


  26. 13:57 Japanese: literally shouts before he attacks
    guy: alright lemme just stand next to the door and not aim at the door

  27. Got a genshin impact ad when watching the Japanese were ambushing the Americans in the first mission wtf

  28. This game set the bar so high, it makes CoD WW2 looks like a sh*tty DLC, and Vanguard deals with too much pressure that may make its terrible, or mediocre at best. With WaW, you can enjoy a masterpiece with both gameplay and story-telling, not even include the infamous Zombies.

  29. A remaster of this game would be very awesome tbh, and much needed.

  30. This game forced COD WW2 to slap it's own pussy until the existence diminished

  31. Am I the only one who think that soviet battles are more epic than the american ones?

  32. Reznov, isn't he the ghost from Black Ops? the voice that's in that guy's head he thinks is still alive?

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