Can a Millennial Troll Survive NATO's Biggest War Games? -

Can a Millennial Troll Survive NATO’s Biggest War Games?

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In 2018 NATO, the European and North American military alliance, organised one of the biggest war games ever enacted named Trident Juncture. This massive show of force included 10, 000 vehicles, 150 aircraft and 65 ships from 28 countries all being shipped to Norway to take part. And for some reason they’ve allowed VICE’s resident dickhead Alhan Gençay to come along for the ride. Will they be able to craft his pathetic millennial character into a noble fighting machine?

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  1. Yea he is obnoxious as hell but gave me a few laughs don't understand the dislikes.

  2. Ahh vice, clickbait correspondents like the onion irl

  3. Well they're Irish on the British Army, they kind of deserve his shenanigans

  4. what is the name of the song he plays on the way

  5. Man said nuts magazine they aint made that for about 10 years 🙄

  6. Lol the crazy thing is that I had homies who were there in that war

  7. I laughed when man used the carry handle on the gpmg as a sight

  8. "I'm hungry, f**k all this"

  9. This was terrible I expect more from vice news find someone better that guy so annoying

  10. The best was him asking if this was a real war several times

  11. Kind of sad how it's clearly comedy but nonetheless reminds me of the millenial generation. The spoiled, effeminate western youth, that cannot withstand any pressure and always takes the easy path with the most comfort.

    Written by a millenial.

  12. Whats scary is people like him are real.

  13. I get it's all in fun but I'm still surprised he didn't run in to that one old man in every battalion that doesn't take anything as a joke and beats the crap out of anyone who disrespects his crew.

  14. All I’m saying is that commander Erwin gave a better speech than they did

  15. Glorifying "the town fool" may seem hysterical but it also sets a dangerous precedent. It may end with a town of fools.

  16. Massive support for our armed forces, I seriously hope people aren’t taking this seriously it’s just a laugh lads,

  17. "Delivering smoke on opp block"

    I can already tell this is gonna be a great video 🤣

  18. "In laymen's terms, are we fucked yeah?" lol

  19. Funniest thing about people getting mad at this video is that army guys are the biggest bunch of jokers and pranksters, lol.

  20. why y’all disliking this? doesn’t the title explain everything

  21. It’s nice to see professionals work with a less then mediocre person.

  22. Why does he keep flipping of the viewers with his middle finger?

  23. I’m getting major Ali G vibes off of him

  24. When Vice asked for permission to join these people they probably didn't say that they was going to act like a fucking idiot the whole time.

  25. They picked Norway and that area for a reason and called it Trident Juncture for a reason, another word for Juncture is  critical or crucial time or state of affairs,and a place where things join. that area is where the Russians are the most active in the North Sea and Baltic Sea,

  26. Alhan should have played burner 'madder than mad' in the tank

  27. Wow vice has reputation putting wrong people to wrong jobs. And they done it again

  28. the second that that Soldier handed him the SA80 in the armored vehicle he instantly put his finger around the trigger I also hate how immature this dude is

  29. Vice: What if we call this video "Can a Millennial Troll Survive NATO's Biggest War Games" to make sure our viewers know that video isn't meant to be taken seriously?
    People in the Comments: You know what? I'm feeling a bit annoyed today.

  30. Anybody know the artist on the song playing in the beginning?

  31. All 50000 of them soldiers wanted to crack him in the face I guarantee you! 💯

  32. I can’t believe how many people can’t take a joke…. if he didn’t look like the taliban I wonder if there would be less dislikes 🤔

  33. yep you couldnt handle one night in what we sleep in haha but good on you for the try ! USA

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