Can You Beat Stick War Legacy Without Spawning Units? -

Can You Beat Stick War Legacy Without Spawning Units?

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Can You Beat Stick War Legacy Without Spawning Units?

Welcome back to Stick War Legacy! Today I try the impossible, beating stick war legacy without spawning units. Time to get tactically savvy and put my inner military elite strategist mind to use! Let’s do this!

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  1. honestly he may have downloaded the ohio stick war legacy


  2. Wtf I didn't watch content about this game or search for it I just thought about this game and 5 seconds later YouTube recommend this video

  3. Dude i completed this in insane mode in no difficulty cuz i used the keychy properly

  4. Bro I'm stuck on the wizard dudes I can't get past the explosions

  5. When you use headshots it makes the chances 0% when you hit it's head only I learned that

  6. I don't remember if it has campange yet on stick war 3

  7. It does have multiplayer tho o. Știckwar 3

  8. I would in no units but the only u only can win is using gold spearman and gold archon but Idk the others😎🤟

  9. If you kill them with a body shot they will crawl but they won't with a headshot

  10. Bro is so ez bro i so pro in the stick war

  11. i play on phone i am installing now on pc i am 9
    years old

  12. Bro just use your shells and you only got one griffin spell bro i'm a hacker i can do anything i have 20 hundred 77

  13. Funfact the user control actually does dubled the dmg bc 64 plus 64 is 128

  14. The headshot will sent them flying and the normal hot put them in the ground

  15. Tysm, I unlocked the mission and it's so fun!

  16. Lol I wish I had kychu and his golden archidon army

  17. I thought you were slow when you were trying to figure out why they were crawling😂

  18. oh ho ho ho
    time to be the archerdon leader
    no power up
    no army
    No CHEAT

  19. I'm pretty sure headshots prevent them from crawling 😊

  20. How do you make the speartons have more of a amount of time left before they come out

  21. if you get a critical hit last shot it will not become a crawler

  22. Stick war legacy Hackers: Really Easy level

  23. Did you know when your archer get a last live a head shot it will die instead of clawing

  24. You cany buy units you can spawn but not buy united

  25. If the zombie turned into a crawler it's about the critical hits and accuracy. Because if a zombie dies to a critical hit, it doesn't turn into a crawler. But if the zombie dies to a normal shot, it will turn into a zombie crawler. If you headshot a zombie and it dies it doesn't get a second life. So you have to hit the zombie in the head. 😊

  26. Well that mission was easier for me like I had 30 golden archers spamming arrows

  27. Hey Kytchu is a she not a he so you have been calling kytchu a he but kytchu is a she

  28. his different he is the brother of atreyos the zombie starter spearton

  29. I found the mission that said you get no units

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