CANCER ♋️ WAR GAMES. The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play… -

CANCER ♋️ WAR GAMES. The Only Winning Move Is Not to Play…

Heather Reeves Tarot
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Thank you for tuning into Heather Reeves Tarot. I am a former respiratory therapist, who after dealing with some of the sickest COVID patients, got inspired to take my love for tarot, combined it with my passion for helping others and decided to make a YouTube channel…

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Go to my website and select which reading is right for you. Availability is extremely limited. Must be +18 years or older to purchase. All major credit cards & ApplePay accepted.

Any donations are very much appreciated and never required. I read for any and all of the adult humans out there, who happen to feel drawn to watch my readings and I do not discriminate whatsoever. All people are beautiful, all people are divine and all people are welcome. Should you feel inspired to donate to support my channel, feel free to do so at:
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I do read primarily for the sign of Cancer, but be sure to catch my Love Readings for the Collective, each of the 12 Zodiac Signs & Pick A Deck Collective Readings. Always remember to check out your Sun, Moon, Rising and Venus signs to get the best perspectives in regards to your situation.

** Please note, Heather Reeves Tarot will never solicit or approach anyone to offer readings or anything at all. Always BEWARE of scammers. Heather Reeves Tarot takes no responsibility for monies lost to the hands of individuals, who falsely claim to be me or associated with me.

Purchases for personal readings can only be made through my website:

All General and Personal readings, are to be considered “for entertainment purposes only.” Heather Reeves Tarot takes no responsibility for any actions/decisions made based on these tarot readings. Readings are not intended to replace licensed professionals.


  1. What do I do if he is currently my boyfriend and we live together?

  2. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thank you for the personal reading❤️❤️ I appreciate everything you do❤️

  4. Yeah, cut the shit and take healing serious!

  5. This is a tough one Heather…this Pisces man is hearing impaired and has a sad prognosis with Cancer, I am his contact with his Oncologist, etc…he is extremely toxic, manipulative and although I ended the negativity and abuse with him nearly a year ago and had no choice but to walk away, I can't consciously ignore arranging his appointments with the specialists…he is delusional…blaming, name calling, guilt tripping, gas lighting and on and on it goes…I have laid down boundaries, his family has totally abandoned him…

  6. just started watching this. brilliant film. my situation is only a game on there side. they are playing I'm not. its never been a game. my life restarted in 2011. I did what i needed to do and proud of it ……. job done. 😎

  7. I choose to do nothing. Let God do as he may with me, I'm very sick with health problems. I know going to prison they won't treat my 4 diseases. So thats my choice. I'm done with these b.s. spiritual games !

  8. Your readings are amazing! I love your honesty, definitely helping me navigate these difficult times.

  9. More more learn how much to trust me the Holly spirit

  10. This reading has made me angry , nothing against the messenger. Wish I never saw this reading

  11. Do yo do readings thrugh zoom for people that are not in the USA?

  12. I have my psychiatric illness hope i can control myself

  13. Both trauma and chemical in balanca i have

  14. Dear Heather, good day to you, I've been listening to your broadcasts for a week (I'm zodiac Cancer), I'm from Russia. I'm an empath, I've been reading Tarot for a year, I accidentally found you on YouTube. And I want to express my deep respect and gratitude to you, because everything that is discussed in the above 9 videos is happening to me now in my life. And the universe sent me to you, and this is a gift. You are helping me a lot on my difficult path. I have been in a state of transformation for 9 months, and everything in question resonates with me in real time. It seems incredible. I feel everything you say subconsciously and chose this path with my heart, intuitively and with God's help of course, and heaven sent you as an Angel to me🙏 I have a story with a twin flame. It's not easy for me, but I'm a fighter and with me is the power of light and love, a piece of which I send to you, I pray for you and God bless you. Thankyou.

  15. Is there a timeline on this? We’ve been reviewing it for weeks now. Any message on that?

  16. Thank you for speaking the truth I am exhausted but staying quite xx

  17. Smh, I got this lesson some years ago. They are going to try this again… they've been revving up their idiot engine over the last 6 years while in blocked mode for an upcoming event to show my alumni that I'm not stable when everyone already knows that he isn't. I've worked in mental health/ crisis intervention/ substance prevention for over 30 yrs…there is more entitlement and anger in most people than true imbalances or trauma.
    I went from a very high level to absolutely nothing in 60 days or less by dealing with 3 groups of people. Never ever ever again….

  18. Just like working in detention center of kids.You dont give out any personal info.nor play games with them because things always escalate beyond control!

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