Castle Defense War Game 6: Neon City and Undead Invasion TABS Mod Totally Accurate Battle Simulator -

Castle Defense War Game 6: Neon City and Undead Invasion TABS Mod Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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This is episode 6 of the series.

In the last 5 episodes…
Halfling King is fighting the Human and their alliance for the Halflings.
He wants to create a better place so that the Halflings will no longer suffer.
However the undead army is too strong…
For the first time he needs to cooperate with the Human…

Makai Symphony

I use Fern’s UML edited by Meme Dealer and Derulan’s 3d model importer to make the mod as usual.

Episode 1:
The Halfling Kingdom

Episode 2:
The Magic Power

Episode 3:
The Alliance Battleships

Episode 4:
The Underground Kingdom

Episode 5:
Truth of the Sky Castle


  1. I think the skeletons are a little to powerful

  2. Пиздес соғыс болды🙄👍

  3. It's like there's a massive gun shooting the enemies

  4. 8:02 This two reminds me of some random idiot duos from panic movies.

  5. What more can i say than this was worth the wait? Well, i can say more, like the fact that your custom units never cease to impress me, especially the dragons and the gnome inventor’s machines.

    Edit: oh, and uh, is this ever going to be a downloadable mod or something? Because i really wanna play around with these cool units

  6. dude this is so cool the last fight was staight up anime fights

  7. Bro i just wanted to tell you that i loved the way you introduced the characters telling us about them and then showing their skills live nowadays some Hollywood movies don't do that so to see it in a yt video it was great! Good luck with the project!

  8. Heeeyyy, its been a while. I found this in my recommended. You always find a way to impress me 🙂

  9. I love all these videos you do. It's better than playing the game itself!

  10. Game of thrones after 1000 years

  11. Biggest army in history me littraly using thousands of archers to fight one god

  12. Bang tapi di tabs nya gada map baru bang lu nipu nya jangan bohong

  13. Why half ling and humans be always united and fight every one in their way

  14. I love how the halfling put his hands on the tesla guy then got blown away afterwards

  15. I love your content man! It is so creative and unique!

  16. Halflings and Humans in this be like: Apes together strong

  17. Wait…is "Necromancer Chaos" the small glowing being in front, or the skeletal revenant that appears to be holding the small glowing being? I need to know this.

  18. da thing that the necromancer is holding like the reaper death seal

  19. Is it just me or is the pure F I R E in this video burning my laptop?

    Seriously, this is amazing!

  20. And how you make that thing of When The necromanscer kill one enemy the enemy turn of team

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