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RTS Battle Room
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Song: Victor Cooper – Windwalker (No Copyright Music)
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  1. Damn I havnt gotten to play in years looks like it improved alot

  2. That's why Caesar focused more on banging cleopetra

  3. Where to download this because i can't find it in play store

  4. And here I thought the Centurion was just gonna get run over by a chariot. 😂

  5. Mid level roman unit vs top tier Egyptian unit.

  6. That fatigued animation got me in the end 🤣

  7. Can you please tell what mod it is ??I have been trying to find it but I can not .

  8. Yeah ik the best Egyptian unit but in reality the roman would and should have won

  9. Not a good idea going on one on one battalion sword fight when youre using a roman unit

  10. Wasnt the roman use a short spear for throwing before engaging the enemy

  11. Why The Music Tho?
    The Rome 2 Ost Is Nice

    Rome 1 Ost Is Better Tho

  12. It’s all about raiding use meat shields and get archers,slingers, with dogs or elephants have them attack. Finishing them with fire arrows and slingers.

  13. if someone didn't see the description, the music is Victor Cooper – Windwalker

  14. Bros too scared to face a Praetorian Guard so he turns out to fight a Centurion

  15. If this was a real fight the centurion already sliced his throat cuz he had a swing at the neck but didn't put his hand forward so it went besides the neck

  16. Sorry i poked your eye. Hit me up later bro.

  17. my druk dad vs the applebees employee

  18. And where the heck that centurion legion go

  19. Is this one of the scenes from the Android or PC version?

  20. Rome defeated Egypt so there is no need for this video lol

  21. Самая сложная сильная и интересная фракция это селекиди

  22. Интересна было бы посмотреть битву с человеком из когорты орла)

  23. Teacher: Leaves clasroom for 1 second
    The whole class:

  24. Not to discredit the egyptian, but was the centrion from one of the weaker roman legionary units?

  25. Ну и кто на свете всех сильнее?

  26. ah yes my favourite, ‘best egyptian unit’

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