China strikes massive deal with Iran as US conducts war games (Full show) -

China strikes massive deal with Iran as US conducts war games (Full show)

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As China strikes a new $400 billion deal with Iran, the US readies itself for a summer of war games designed to prepare its leaders for a hypothetical “global crisis” of the near future involving multiple fronts, bombers and aircraft carriers. The games will also determine the Pentagon’s requested budget for the coming years. RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez with the details. (4:29)

A joint video conference between the French, Russian and German leaders will address, among other questions, the future of Ukraine and how to calm the violence there. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details. (10:05) Then former UK MP George Galloway weighs in.

New York is introducing the “Excelsior Pass,” an app to provide proof of having been vaccinated for COVID-19, thereby restricting participation in theater, sports, restaurants, mass transit, and other places of public gathering to those who have been vaccinated. (18:19) RT America’s Trinity Chavez explains.

Plus, Instagram has been found to be much more invasive than many users once believed, sharing 79 percent of its users’ data. RT America’s John Huddy reports before Todd Shipley of Dark Intel shares his expertise. (20:28)

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  1. अमेरिका हारेगा चाइना से supar power is China' not amrika

  2. China every step they makes are calculated, be very careful no country in this world are GOOD. 🌍🤔


  4. "' All warfare is based on DECEPTION "' ( Sun Tzu ) 5th Century.

  5. The US War Machine MUST have conflict and Wars to justify its existence. That is the bottom line in explaining why the American interference in Ukraine.

  6. 美国就侩子手,粘满了阿富汗,伊拉克,叙利亚……国家人民的鲜血!

  7. While the US invades & blow up citizens, and rob their economies, and colonizes about every country in the world, and stops the EVOLUTION of Humankind, CHINA creates islands from nowhere lands in the Pacific ocean and makes COMMERCE!!! BRAVO mind blowing CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU USA!

  8. Even if Iran exciepts it there not stuipd they will fight china these are the same people who tie bombs to them & blow them selves up

  9. 24:17 " We can exist without those things." ( in regards to social media ).

    WOW! You are pathetic!

  10. When you bully other nations for a living, you got something coming for you…

  11. China did not tell Iran what to do. Iran makes it's own decisions.

  12. I know a way that Biden can win over Iran… lift all sanctions on Iran, cut all ties with Israel, and put a total embargo on Israel.

  13. That’s a lot of money for Iran ! I am nobody but war with China is just not viable , we are not in the 50s , if the war happens it’s the end of the modern world, and powers to be have much too loose ! Unbelievable!

  14. You people are a.. l…..s.Taiwan in red?! Are you cuddling up with China?

  15. It's funny how the two demons that created the war production machine in the Asia Pacific, now turn to teach each other.

  16. Good for them and we got biden what the left wanted not me….the u.s.a. is threw and iam all for my state to be its own country with no unions

  17. Asia is Egypt, Arabs, Israel, Persia, India. All the teachers of all the faiths are from Asia. Asia at the beginning had nothing to do with the European, Africans, Orientals. When America attacked Iraq everyone in Asia knew that America will no longer be a power. America's invasion was not just Greed for Oil but an arrogance of creation is on their side??? This is what happens when all civilizations start playing God it does not go well. The sad part is America had a great opportunity to change the Asia with the Shah of Iran and economically a win win for all, but the thinking stayed primitive. The biggest lie is using the Asian Bible to manipulate it into the European image for 'Power and Greed". The names, stories in the Old Testament are Asian e.g. Sarai, Amir, Shemi (Indian) because it was their narrative, their spiritual history and all have outside interference. All religions are corrupt and radical today, the teachers never wanted religion. This is how this planet Earth was colonized. The Italian Mafia has teamed with the Vatican and the Nigerian Mafia to sell drugs and prostitution to the world. The treatment of women and children in Asia is disgusting. The original faith of Asia was scientific, moral and we should have studied honestly, and been seekers of the truth. The teachers put the power in their words and Christ's words are more powerful than the primitive thinking of man "the world was created in his image" look at the world and see all the faces of creation, not just yours. Today the state of all radical religions is like "my precious"(Lord of the Rings reference).

  18. On the way to Petroyuan… On the way to WW3.

  19. America has been in decline since 1960. Rock’n’Roll is responsible.

  20. Politicians instigate power wars the people always suffer

  21. it is afact .the world getting tried from American policy .RAMBO POLICY…China make deals just like America making deal and suck the blood of Suadia and Arab Emirts .why it ok American Trumo taje 400 billion dollars from Suadia …every country has the right to do trade with others for their interest .

  22. The USA can't exist without it's 'endless wars' syndrome starting with its genocidal wars against the native american tribes to recent invasions of seven muslim majority countries, and now potential wars against China and Russia and it's 60 plus embargo and sanctions war against Cuba…….The usa must stop it's colonial and imperial ambitions.

  23. You Vaccinated Flowerheads! Covid#19 Shot Has the mark of the (666)!(luciferis tech).
    This Is What Happens When Science Is Your (god).😇🙏

  24. One country make deals the other wars. The countries you do business with are rarely go in war with you. Make business not wars…once you pocket full you can go for love as well…lol

  25. There will only be peace and freedom in the world, when America is wiped from the face of the earth.
    America is the Satans homeland where he has erected his throne…

  26. who the hell is america telling others what to buy and sell do america own the world if america don't that country then don't do business with them

  27. u.s.a. will go bankrupt if they start another war call them war demons

  28. The Russians dont want the USA to have titanium for war planes from Ukraine

  29. War Games!
    Who cares!
    USA can't even win any small country in the middle East. Who can we scare? NONE.

  30. US invaded so many countries but all missions failed .. At the end US don't have money to improve their NYC 100 years old junk subway.. 🙂 lol

  31. 🇨🇳China helping another country Developing. respect from USA🇺🇸

  32. China is cleaning slow-joe's belfry… what's left of it. And per usual, playing chess ♟️ while AMERICA is playing hopscotch🤯🧠

  33. AMERICA is EXTREMELY afraid. Daily making decisions that will hasten the demise of BABYLON (AMERICA).


  35. Strange how the US tries to implicate Iran as "evil" but yet the US destroyed Iran's Democracy for it's own profit, now THAT sounds evil.

  36. United States of America Marchant of War the largest exporter of weapons in the world. Peace is not profitable for USA.

  37. Who supports the harvesting of organs from people in jail… i wonder if this guy is clued in to that… and that is just one teeny tiny tidbit… of a much bigger picture…

  38. US: Starts wars
    Also US: Wait, you aren't allowed to hit back. Heeelp they're dangerous!

  39. The confederate states of America is finished. Interesting since it’s birth and conception in 1776 it has only seen 11 of peace. They are nothing but a plague upon the world. They have caused more death and hardship than any other nation. Good bye and good riddance

  40. War games…..China is shaking in their boots already. LOL

  41. So another word the US Pentagon wanted to go to war a numbers of countries China, Russia, Iran Pakistan and Afghanistan or the world get real USA your Ignorance thoughts are clouded minds!!!🤔🙄

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