China strikes massive deal with Iran as US conducts war games (Full show) -

China strikes massive deal with Iran as US conducts war games (Full show)

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As China strikes a new $400 billion deal with Iran, the US readies itself for a summer of war games designed to prepare its leaders for a hypothetical “global crisis” of the near future involving multiple fronts, bombers and aircraft carriers. The games will also determine the Pentagon’s requested budget for the coming years. RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez with the details. (4:29)

A joint video conference between the French, Russian and German leaders will address, among other questions, the future of Ukraine and how to calm the violence there. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the details. (10:05) Then former UK MP George Galloway weighs in.

New York is introducing the “Excelsior Pass,” an app to provide proof of having been vaccinated for COVID-19, thereby restricting participation in theater, sports, restaurants, mass transit, and other places of public gathering to those who have been vaccinated. (18:19) RT America’s Trinity Chavez explains.

Plus, Instagram has been found to be much more invasive than many users once believed, sharing 79 percent of its users’ data. RT America’s John Huddy reports before Todd Shipley of Dark Intel shares his expertise. (20:28)

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  1. As an Iranian, I am very happy with this contract 🇮🇷🇨🇳

  2. I agree with you exactly, we Iranians do not have a problem with the American people, but we want all Americans to know the fact that America has been colonized by the Zionists.

  3. Every deal and investment China makes is a strategic calculation in isolating the US politically, economically, and militarily. Just looking at the BRI and how it's laid out on land, you can see how it's designed to limit the effectiveness of the US Navy in preventing China from acquiring raw materials from resource rich CIS countries.

  4. fuck the war let's all plant trees around the world fruits vegetables this is better than making more war equipment until it's too late for everyone until it's too late

  5. Its a commonplace to gain fuel. Deal so I won't be surprise about. It they still look for 2 more resources then the game is set.

  6. US : we need to protect our democracy.
    China : we need to protect our economy

  7. The MSM is hoping the USA will choose to remain ignorant of what is really happening in the world.

    Xinjiang people has been Forgotten from the islamic Countries.
    Genocide of Uighur

    Xinjiang people has been Forgotten from the islamic Countries.
    Genocide of Uighur

  10. Everyone should be united to face big bully USA. Any country that try to out-compete USA will face the same consequences….don't care who you are even if you are an ally of the usa. @n6zo

  11. It’s just go to shows, who really has balls to get things done “GO CHINA”

  12. the "capitalists" and the "communists" splitting the slave population between eachother for a century now and the trick still works. they're both the same, psychos and egomaniacs terrorizing people into slavery to the left hand or the right hand… follow the money

  13. Write congress tell them to declare war on china

  14. China knows we fighting against each other they waiting for this

  15. heeee WdaF is a problem with ''yellow book'' heeee

  16. Lie of the century, Iraq weapon of mass destruction. With that lie, USA went to war, causing so much lives and hardships, which Iraqis are still bearing. Those days, without social media, the world is fed with news by USA control media. Even I believed that Iraq had WMD, but later on to only realise that it was false when no such weapon was found

  17. War games ? america cannot even defeat a teeny, weeny SARS-CoV-2 virus with the most pandemic deaths ( 576,702 deaths as of 2nd May 2021 and counting …..) in the last 15 months whereas countries like vietnam, singapore, new zealand, taiwan has less pandemic deaths than their 2020 annual traffic fatalities at 35, 31, 26, 12 respectively.

    america has a poor military track record fighting asians: if not for the atomic bombing of japan , the imperial japanese army would not have surrendered . korea war was stalemated in 3 years of fighting. vietnam defeated america in 1975 . afghanistan defeated america in 2021 after spending $2 trillion and 20 years of fighting an un-winnable war ; the american “withdrawal” is a fig leaf to hide an abject surrender . afghanistan had earlier defeated uk in the 1910’s after 7 decades of fighting and the russians in the 1980’s after 9 years of fighting.

    afghanistan is more of a superpower than china, having defeated 3 western powers

  18. Europian dont want war in europe, but they want war outside europe specially in ASIA, I KNOW YOU SERPENT SEEDS your the old serpent who kill so many innocent people

  19. The Chinese will laugh at the US.
    Watching the US military is like watching old re runs of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
    The US is coming very close to having the cheques it's mouth writes, being cashed.
    The US can't do it.
    The US is a big mouth with a trodden down military.
    The US is like a 90 year old Hulk Hogan.
    All the US has now is fake tan and face lifts to make it look viable.
    US go home. and fix your own country before you try and fix others.

  20. Those holding USA TREASURY BONDS are actually funding USA WAR SPENDING – according to Michael Hudson book Super Imperialism & War Spending.

  21. Difference is China is making trade deals Australia an USA just complaining about it instead making buisness ties with countries before China does ,soon China's currency will be replacing the green back .

  22. The US is playing Checkers while China is playing Chess Best way to put it 😬

  23. China believes in uplifting the world. America believes in tearing it down.

  24. China is the country who will bring the world better.
    USA is the opposite.

  25. The balance of power is tilting from US to China

  26. The US has lost credibility with the majority of the world.

  27. A lot of hate towards America u all sound like a bunch of spoiled brats mad at daddy cuz u can't drive the Ferrari and have to drive the viper so u started dating a drug dealer to get back him. If u could only live in either China, Iran or the USA which country would u live ?

  28. Every time I hear an American lecture others on human rights or freedom of speech, its akin to listening to Charlie Manson giving a lecture on Morality

  29. We are very happy to help China in the field of energy, do not forget that China will not be able to prosper without Iran's energy resources, because the energy resources of the Arab countries are under US control, and they can destroy China's economy by cutting energy, and We are happy to help China

  30. China and Iran could have a secret agreement to help each other in a time of conflict. This would be very advantagous to China.0

  31. War games with open cheques . No approval from Congress needed …..

  32. China talking your shit… 😆😆😆 GOT'EEM

  33. And the deal will not be done in US dollars 👍

  34. Good, IRAN deal to CHINA and ZIONNIS USA UE Fear

  35. As usual, US only can produce war, not peace.

  36. all world wars started from blockades China planning for its future the belt and road project across Asia USA can blockade the sea lanes around china but the USA hasnt a foothole in Asia, China deal with Iran will be based on arms, Irans spends 40% of its earnings on arms.
    China needs oil for its economy. China got the best deal, weapons for oil, wont help Irans population, Iran one of the richest nations on earth and yet the people doesnt see any of it. it all goes to arms.

  37. Where did you guys find that clown. Talking to us as if we are idiots. Is that the norm for newscasters in the USA?

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