China vs USA: War in the South China Sea -

China vs USA: War in the South China Sea

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If war suddenly breaks out in the South China Sea, how might a flashpoint incident play out? HypOps simulates the sudden outbreak of hostilities over the Spratly islands due to a Chinese rocket shootdown of an American drone. We explore the geopolitical context of this hypothetical war and examine some of the weapons and technologies involved at the operational level. The HypOps team wargames each separate engagement and observes the tactics that emerge when opposing weapon systems clash.

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  1. Based off of recent events I don't think the Chinese missiles have the range that they say they do.

  2. The missing factor is the fact that US is surrounded by allies halfway around the world and China is surrounded by enemies even in its neighbourhood.

  3. the AIM-120 has on board INS, the F-15s wouldn't need to crank for the AMRAAM to track properly, realistically the F-15s would immediately turn cold to the J-11s

  4. American be mindful, third world countries are hating you American, and your economic will collapse 4
    Before 6mth,.

  5. I’m late to this, but what is a simulation showing aged US fighters and not F-35s?

  6. Watch the CSIS simulation between China and the US. Over 20 iterations were run and it did not turn out well for China in its attempted invasion of Taiwan.

  7. Ngl bro it became worst compared to the the original

  8. You DO realize south korea AND japan have US air bases… right? Lol, this was so ridiculous.

  9. drone swarms are now operating in ukrain so :I

  10. I’ll never believe f-15’s—never before lost in combat—-would be that easily defeated by Chinese missiles made out of recycled beer cans.

  11. Naive…well, if the Chinese is half as good as you described, we've already at war.

  12. China grabbing lands from its neighbors. The 9-line is a lie and greed. That is why countries should less trade with China and stop their aggressive behavior

  13. I wish you'd continued this series.

  14. Nonsense battle, China's fighter jets have long since achieved A-shooting and B-guided missiles. Gallium nitride radar also leads U.S. equipment. Just let the United States try it and you will know.

  15. Either they are biased against Chinese military equipment or they have little knowledge of Chinese weapons.

  16. This is By FAR the most interesting take on the conflict given reasonable limitations

  17. actually America is not the sleeping giant anymore….jus sayin

  18. I just love your icon for direct energy weapons and 6G aircraft. LOL.

  19. how funny would it be to say that China does not like to see the US dominated the the Gulf of Mexico because it does not align with Chinese interest and want to see the Americans off.

  20. Team US should be called: Imperialist.
    Team China: Asia Defender

  21. How is America still being called a sleeping giant?

  22. From someone who worked on them it's called rq-4 r stands for reconnaissance they do not shoot mq stands for multi role which means its reconnaissance and strike

  23. Wrong! All Chinese tech is stolen. They are too stupid to build anything tech.

  24. China builds crap all reversed engineered they have no deep blue see experience with there navy and in Korean War thwy had WW II weaponry and only overwhelmed USA and other was by shear numbers. And we had a DA president

  25. This simulation makes no sense from a tactical view on the US's side. Why use F15s 😭😭😭😭

  26. Are you chinese speaking fluent english?

  27. Well like most simulations, the Chinese missiles perform flawlessly without them ever being tested in actual combat. That is stupid. There is no way the Chinese missiles would work that well. Also the F-15 pilots wouldn't put themselves in a position of flying slow and low. They are much better trained than the chinese pilots and many have combat experience which the chinese pilots do not. The US Navy also wouldn't have a ship in the area that is not capable of defending itself. So much of this simulation is flawed and unrealistic. Again the chinese missiles or their pilots would no way be as good as this stupid simulation shows. Their military has no actual combat experience nor is their training very realistic. This is more of a fantasy video than one based on reality. Have to give this joke a thumbs down.

  28. First of all why is the US using an F16 and not F35's? Second, the F15 has never been defeated in combat.

  29. China v the country they stole the tech from. Geeese… wonder what happens?! Untested China vs the most war tested country on the planet.

    China loses.

  30. I’m here after reading the PLA leaks. It’s be cool if you’d redo taking that info into consideration

  31. Amazing Video. Scary Video. We can't ignore this reality.

  32. The United States has occupied China's territory in the Americas, and the United States must unconditionally withdraw from China's inherent territories

  33. People act like it's a video game,war is not a pretty thing, its devastating and terrifying

  34. If china is sleeping giant, Germany is the sleeping beast. Bewear of it's silence, it's more dangerous if he speaks. Remember Germany was involve in 2nd world war.

  35. I wish this had made it to full series – it's a really interesting concept and the production value is really, really good. Please consider coming back to this.

  36. It would be awesome to see some how some real life "micro engagements" play out several times in the simulator like the Dutch F-16AM vs Serbian Mig-29 engagement over Yugoslavia. Curious if real scenarios could play out differently over various runs. Been binging your videos, I can see you surpassing quarter million subs in a year or so.

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