China War Games | U.S Congressional Delegations Lands In Taipei 12 Days After Nancy Pelosi's Visit -

China War Games | U.S Congressional Delegations Lands In Taipei 12 Days After Nancy Pelosi’s Visit

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A delegation of American lawmakers is visiting Taiwan just 12 days after a visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that angered China. China responded to Pelosi’s visit by sending missiles, warships and warplanes into the seas and air around Taiwan.

The five-member delegation is led by Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and is in Taiwan on Sunday and Monday as part of a visit to Asia, the American Institute in Taiwan said. They will meet senior leaders to discuss U.S.-Taiwan relations, regional security, trade, investment and other issues.

A Taiwanese broadcaster showed video of a U.S. government plane landing about 7 p.m. at Songshan Airport in Taipei, the Taiwanese capital.

China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its territory and objects to it having any official contact with foreign governments.

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  1. US is playing so hard to get this battle started…

  2. Trap for China. They know China gets angry easily. Their country will fall if they invade Taiwan. They should learn from what’s happening to Russia.

  3. China would have shot down the US plane. US is playing with fire 🔥 instigating China to fire hypersonic missiles to Taiwan. I would rather China shot down this US military carrying US Congress members.

  4. Chinese wiser than Americans they never attack thiwan they don't want another Ukraine.

  5. Not sure majority still remember a well known Jordanian business tycoon about 5 years back predicted or prophecies that soon China and USA heading to real war. This news came out front page of Jordanian newspaper and also commented by UK newscaster during HKG's riot.

    The prophecy is after the war the world will be split to two blocks. One lead by USA and another lead by China.

    After the war USA will be left with 1/3 of it's current population.

    Initially upon reading this news I thought it was another prophecy nonsense, but slowly looking at Ukrainian war and now Taiwan issue, I basically goosebumps to think back this prophecy.

  6. ✝️🇺🇸🦅💪🏻China USA is no joke 😂😂😂you better realize who your f’n with!!!

  7. I think China is indecisive to attack Taiwan or dare to shoot down US military aircraft. President Xi got no guts as compared to President Putin, man of respect. Attack Ukraine first talk later with Nato and US. India a good friend of Russia should send 100000 crack commandos to help Russia to finish off Ukraine.

  8. The message is giving Signal to China to invade Taiwan.

  9. Wonderful. The power of democracy. The power of QUAD.

  10. We should not forget what happened in Afghanistan. USA is not a reliable partner. At the same time China

  11. US has balls of steel.
    India is spineless as always.

  12. A very good and positive step taken by united states of America.


  14. Russian not moving back yet from Kherson region to Crimea

  15. This looks like to counter China’s insisting on docking they’re Spy ship in Sri Lanka

  16. Well done USA 💪🙏👍
    Chinese Spy ship sails into India's backyard then why can't US land on Taiwan.

  17. India just doesn’t get it. This new group is nobody happening all the time, which China can care less. The reason Pelosi visit was different is she is the majority leader and 2nd in line of succession to the presidency.

  18. Ha, Ha, Ha, . . . . All China can do to Complain and shoot weapons at FISH . . . .!

  19. Remember in a war no one wins Taiwan China us but if I had to make a strategic decision I think China will attack bases United States bases in the Pacific first

  20. America are just sickening. All this for chips. Many will die because of greedy America

  21. The US has already won round one. In his bout vs Nancy Pelosi, Xi has chickened out. The US and allies must now ratchet up the tension further. Xi must not be allowed to be reelected in October. Hence, he must be made to face two stark choices: Either really go to war with US, a war which he is sure to lose and face complete annihilation or to blink yet again and face oblivion, by being rejected by the politburo and thereafter thankfully consigned to the dustbin of history.

  22. why U.S.A. sue of U.S.A. Trump ,but support green Terrorism head Tsai Ing-wen of the "Taiwan" Independence ?
    head Tsai Ing-wen of "Taiwaneses' Independence" the green terrorism , supported the students and others of "Taiwan" Independence to destroy violently the government of 🇹🇼Republic of China many years ago, that is like the Capitol storm of U.S.A.

  23. They are trying to create another Ukraine in the east to make profit from war.

  24. Fastening the process of China invasion of Taiwan.

  25. Next US president world leaders must land in Taiwan China must respect Taiwan is independent country and protect sovereignty prosperity

  26. Globally US is viewed as a troublemaker nothing positive ! Superpower but many countries globally hate the US and they viewed China as the real Superpower not the US. China is a peaceful superpower who are only keen on economy and trade and not wars. China is not a merchant of death like the US.

  27. Why. How come UK colonies India for 2 hundreds years why why why

  28. Cheenah is a Joke, you disappointed me!

  29. us empire in colapse,in dispair,losing the war in ukraine

  30. Members of Congress can go anywhere they want. Biden and the administration have no say. They cannot tell a member of Congress they cannot go somewhere.
    Right now, Taiwan is very popular in US, and with our Congress.
    So, they will go to Taiwan because it will play well politically.
    Even though it might cause foreign policy headaches for Biden.

  31. Us government has gone nuts unlike the Kennedy era; they are playing nuclear war/ww3 poker with upcoming superpowers / near superpowers lololol

  32. We hope america protect taiwan coz is a democratic form of goverment and to stop china adventurism ii power

  33. As usual US policing world..
    Europe vs Russia and US vs China simultaneously.. WWIII on. Ordinary people will be bleeding more..


  35. La Diplomatie du Cowboy Américain est celle des Canons. Nancy Pelosi, l'allumette de 82 ans, n'a pas réussi à allumer le feu de la Guerre à Taiwan. Une autre délégation du Congrès Américain vient d'atterir à Taiwan pour prendre le relais. La Provocation Américaine à la Chine continue.

    The Diplomacy of the American Cowboy is that of the Cannons. Nancy Pelosi, the 82-year-old match, failed to light the war fire in Taiwan. Another U.S. Congressional delegation has just landed in Taiwan to take over. The US Provocation to China continues.


  36. Nancy Pelosi, une allumette de 82 ans, s'est rendue à l'ile rebelle de Taiwan. Mission : Provocation à la Chine !

    Après le départ de l'allumette Pelosi, l'ile rebelle de Taiwan est encerclée par l'Armée de Libération. Un embargo de fait pendant trois jours. La marine américaine contemple la situation très loin de l'Ile de Taiwan !

    Le projet de visite de Taïwan par Pelosi n'est pas une bonne idée. C'est une idée dangereuse. Les militaires américains ne sont pas capables d'assurer sa sécurité du voyage. En revanche les militaires chinois ont lancé un exercice militaire au large de Taïwan. La voiture Bélière Pelosi risque d'allumer un conflit armé qui conduit à la retraite générale des militaires américains de l'Asie Pacifique.

    Pelosi's plan to visit Taiwan is not a good idea. This is a dangerous idea. The U.S. military is not able to ensure his safety from the trip. In contrast, the Chinese military has launched a military exercise off Taiwan. The Pelosi ram car is likely to ignite an armed conflict that leads to the general retreat of the US military from the Asia Pacific.


    Il existe deux solutions au problème de Taïwan. La solution politique est celle de UN PAYS DEUX SYSTÈMES. Taïwan suit l'exemple de Hong Kong pour le retour à la patrie. La solution militaire est celle de la Capitulation Sans condition du Régime Indépendantiste de Taïwan pour le retour de Taïwan à sa patrie. Les militaires de Taïwan refusent de se battre pour le Régime Indépendantiste de Taïwan. La Première Dame de Taïwan possède un plan de la fuite en cas de guerre. Celle-ci signale la libération de Taïwan.

    There are two solutions to the Taiwan problem. The political solution is one COUNTRY TWO SYSTEMS. Taiwan is following Hong Kong's lead for the return to the homeland. The military solution is that of the Unconditional Surrender of the Taiwan Independence Regime for the return of Taiwan to its homeland. Taiwan's military refuses to fight for Taiwan's independence regime. The First Lady of Taiwan has a plan to flee in case of war. It signals the liberation of Taiwan.


    Le chef de l'ONU confirme la politique d'une seule Chine après la visite de Nancy Pelosi à Taiwan.

    The UN chief confirms the one-China policy after Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.


    L'Assemblée Générale de l’ONU a décidé, au cours de la nuit du lundi 25 au mardi 26 octobre 1971, d’admettre au sein des Nations Unies le Gouvernement de Pékin et d’expulser le Régime de Formose. C'est la fameuse Résolution 2758 de l'Assemblée Générale des Nations unies. Depuis cette date la République de Chine (Taiwan) n'est plus membre des Nations Unies. Officiellement Taiwan n'est plus un pays depuis 1971. On l'appelle alors l'Ile Rebelle de Taiwan. Cependant le Régime Indépendantiste de Taiwan refuse la Capitulation Sans Condition. Sortie par la fenêtre Taiwan n'est plus capable de rentrer par la porte des Nations Unies. L'indépendance de Taiwan est une voie sans issue depuis 1971. A l'origine le Régime Nationaliste (Nazi) de Taiwan est fondé par les Criminels de Guerre de Première Classe de la Seconde Guerre Civile Chinoise (1945-1949) en exil à Taiwan en 1949. Leurs mains étaient tâchés du sang du Peuple Chinois. Au lieu de vendre la démocrature de Taiwan, les pays occidentaux doivent appeler le Régime Indépendantiste de Taiwan à la Capitulation Sans Condition dans le respect du Droit International.!!!!

  37. How can such crap be allowed in yt😘

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