China wraps up three days of war games in Taiwan -

China wraps up three days of war games in Taiwan

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The Chinese military has performed its third day of drills in a show of force around Taiwan. The exercises took place a thousand miles away and are being seen as a response to the Taiwanese president’s visit to the United States. CNN’s Selina Wang reports. #CNN #News


  1. 70 years with its own elected government. Seems pretty independent to me.

  2. title must b China-USA tension, Taiwan Lready related to China,,
    I'm from non-involving countries so we've a neutral non-sided news agencies ,, the WW III has already started by the most logical economists, rational politicians and wisest leaders, all people from the rest of this world say thanks alot, so God speed poor oppressed planet Earth, i wanna say C U n heaven but I know u won't b there , lmfao 🤣 😇

  3. 1) In 1894, Japan invaded China and Korea, the Qing gov was defeated and signed the [Treaty of Shimonoseki] to cede Taiwan Island to Japan.

    2) During the WW2, at the Cairo Conference held in 1943, China asked the transfer of Taiwan's sovereignty back to China after the war. This content was included in the [Cairo Declaration] and later reiterated in the [Potsdam Proclamation] that it should be implemented.

    3) On 14 Aug & 2 Sept 1945, the Emperor and govt of Japan issued the [End War Edict] and [Japanese Instrument of Surrender] , Japan surrendered and accepted the [Potsdam Proclamation]. The Japanese troops in Taiwan surrendered to KMT General CKS. Taiwan re-entered the territory of the Republic of China (ROC).

    4) Soon after that China civil war broke out between KMT and CCP, the KMT was defeated and fled to Taiwan. However, due to US intervention, the CCP without strong navy at that time has no ability to unify Taiwan. The CCP then established the People's Republic of China (PRC) on 1949. The civil war continues…..

    5) In 1971, UN Resolution No. 2758 ruled that the PRC had obtained the representation rights and all legal rights originally owned by the ROC in the UN. That means the PRC is China’s only legal govt under international law, and today the PRC also become China’s only legal govt recognized by 181 countries around the world, including the USA.
    "The USA recognizes the Government of the PRC as the sole legal Government of China."
    "The USA acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China."
    Joint Cummunique on the Establishment of Diplomatic relations between the PRC and the USA in 1979.

    6) Therefore, according to international law, international reality, and the wishes of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, Taiwan should return to PRC and the PRC have every rights to protect it's sovereign integrity.

  4. First time, military exercises. Second time also military exercises…am I missing something? Is this all CCP can do each time the Taiwan President meets with the American Speaker?

  5. Дмитрий Чукичев. Логика против мифов в науке says:

    "Последнее" китайское предупреждение. Ха-ха.

  6. We will save the world like we saved China’s ungrateful ass last time

  7. Reunification of Mainland China and Taiwan is inevitable. It's just a matter of which government that will govern the whole of China. As you know, Mainland China (PRC) and Taiwan (ROC) both claim to be the real China and succeeding government after the removal of the Qing Dynasty. As a result, this is why you have the One China Policy. Taiwan also claims Mainland China as their territory as much as Mainland China claims Taiwan.


  9. The United States seems to think that it can easily defeat China. If a sino-american war really happens, the Asian hegemony that the United States gained after World War II may be swept away. We can take the opportunity to eliminate Japan, south Korea, this dog country of the United States,

  10. Enough BS about China is American Made , Remember the saying US only has mutual interest , that is the issue .. China ROC or PRC repaid USA in full , with 2008 financial Crisis. and WW2 .
    As American you people are too ungratefull , Chinese Immigrants build your railway , Chinese immigrants did a lot for the USA without even being put on the spot light, the story of Bruce Lee ring a bell , somebody who exported Martial Arts to the West and in return got nothing , cause of white always pick their race first .
    But we love to create hate and we need a enemy , yes offcourse that is what tearing up the USA at this moment isn't it ? China is a easy target since they do not want to be a Vassal like Japan.
    But even Japanese or Koreans these days there is a limit to tolerance of giving in to USA demands.
    Infact if USA never had ambition to conquer the whole world, China itself could have been the best friend of USA , why both have almost similar system in working hours , 10 hours a day.
    Both are gamble addicts 😛 to a fault. both are very nationalistic in a crazy way. this coming from a European .

  11. Biden bows down to China's demands on the blockade on Taiwan. Accourding to anynomus sources.

  12. Taiwan's constitution says both taiwan and mainland belong to China.

    Chapter I General Provisions

    Article 1

    This Act is specially enacted for the purposes of ensuring the security and public welfare in the Taiwan Area, regulating dealings between the peoples of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area, and handling legal matters arising therefrom before national unification. With regard to matters not provided for in this Act, the provisions of other relevant laws and regulations shall apply.

    Article 2

    The following terms as used in this Act are defined below.1. "Taiwan Area" refers to Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and any other area under the effective control of the Government.2. "Mainland Area" refers to the territory of the Republic of China outside the Taiwan Area.3. "People of the Taiwan Area" refers to the people who have household registrations in the Taiwan Area.4. "People of the Mainland Area" refers to the people who have household registrations in the Mainland Area.

  13. America wants to make war. America is involved make war.America want to sell arms. America has stolen oil in the Iraq and Syria and Lebanon. America is the biggest thief in the world.

  14. America wants to make war.America want to sell arms. America has stolen oil in the Iraq and Syria and Lebanon. America is the biggest thief in the world.

  15. China thinks Taiwan is part of China, despite a completely different government re-establishing there after losing the civil war. Taiwan will never agree to be part of China, unless it's by force.

    Easier solution is just to split. If China would recognize Taiwan officially as a seperate country, maybe friendly relations could be established with the US and China.

  16. Hey CNN or whoever you people are why don’t you ask the Chinese why we don’t see any videos from night time. Don’t they know how to fly at night. Thought they know how to land on aircraft carriers at night?🤷🏼‍♂️🚬

  17. Come on, Yankee, don't be a coward, come and fight.

  18. Israel is spying on the United States.
    Secret documents of the Pentagon and the CIA are being leaked by the Israeli company NSO Group.
    China does not steal US missile and warplane technology, but the secret plans of the American military industries are transferred by the NSO company to China. Many Israeli spies were arrested, but were soon released without the knowledge of Congress. NSO is a Zionist company, as evidenced by the sum of the letters N + S + O = 14 + 19 + 15 = 48, which is the year of the founding of Israel.
    In 1948, wealthy English families began financing Jewish immigration to Palestine and handing over the remnants of the British army to the Zionists. When President Biden's administration has exposed the work of the aggressive company on the United States, the company has resorted to hide and claim bankruptcy,
    The Zionist Jews feel that they are owed to the United Kingdom because they have achieved their dream
    to establish a national home in Palestine after the UK occupation, so the Zionists serving English interests even if they opposed their original interests. Many see that:
    Any violations by Israel are borne by English families
    The Rochelled family is the real owner of the company.
    (Woe to Jews from the Zionist families)
    F. Northmans

  19. Communism is challenging democracy. World war three will happen!… I can’t wait!🎉🎉

  20. Xi wasn't even born when the PRC was proclaimed… Xi was not born in Taiwan! Dictator Xi can't dictate Taiwan and the US' relationships. However, he can waste taxpayers' money and do more drills. Taiwan and the US are NOT AFRAID! The CCP will never govern Taiwan! Taiwan will not listen to Xi! He is only a human being, and a piece of dung!

  21. 👩‍🔬The USA provoked the Ukrainian war by killing 14 thousand Russian children, women, and man in DONBAS. The Ukrainian people are just been used by the USA, BRITISH, France, Germany, and NATO, in a PLANNED PROXY WAR AGAINST RUSSIA. Do the people of Taipei, TAIWAN know they are next to be used by USA-NATO IN a PLANNED PROXY WAR against CHINA? The USA is arming Taiwan to give their Government the allusion they can win a war against China. Think about it. In 2014 NATO, Obama&Biden started the Ukrainian war by training 900 thousands Ukrainians and put lot of weapons including biologic weapons labs in Ukraine to give their Government the allusion they could win a war against Russia, most if not all of that 900K are now dead. TAIWAN will suffer the same destiny their island will be destroyed🐷

  22. Wraps up 3 days of war games when Taiwan calls their bluff

  23. It’s just childish, looking at these “invasion plans”.
    Send more and more missiles, and then just walk in.
    Taiwan has an absurd amount of prepared defenses waiting for them.

  24. China can invade and take over Taiwan anytime they want to. Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese so he can't do anything about it.

  25. Need for severe testing on covid, apply to turist traveling back to EU from communist country

  26. As a Taiwanese, I am very grateful to the President of the House of Representatives and Taiwan has not been part of China since ancient times. Maybe China has discovered that it cannot deceive the world with fabricated history. Recently Xi Jinping told French President Macron that Taiwan is the core of China's core interests and will not compromise. So because you want Taiwan's major interests, you have to invade and rob? Is this country bandits, robbers, or rascals? The most ridiculous thing is: the French president said that he can ignore the fact that Taiwan may be invaded by a relatively large country, China, and he does not stand on the same democratic front as the United States. A president is not even afraid of being stolen for the sake of selling more designer bags technology? He is willing to let French aircraft be assembled in China. He does not mind big countries aggressing small countries, but he will turn a blind eye. I don’t know where French President Macron’s moral values ​​and democratic values ​​lie? The French president actually gave up universal values ​​just to make money because of his inability to develop the economy. He only does business for the dictator to make money. Maybe he doesn’t believe in God? God would want them to be devoid of justice, courage, fairness; want their interests to come first? I hope he ignores the big country because the small country has interests, so he can sacrifice his life and find an excuse to snatch it? Yesterday, Chinese military planes circled Taiwan 92 times!

  27. For those who don’t know the history of Taiwan, take a look. Taiwan has not belonged to China since ancient times, and the People’s Republic of China has never ruled Taiwan for a day! The Qing Dynasty once settled in some areas on the west side of Taiwan Island. After that, the Qing Dynasty ceded Taiwan to Japan. At the end of World War II, the Allied Forces handed over Taiwan to Chiang Kai-shek. Chiang Kai-shek brought more than one million troops into the Taiwan. This is the beginning of the suffering of the people of Taiwan. Chiang Kai-shek ruled with high power and killed innocent people indiscriminately. In order to clear up the internal noise in Taiwan, he carried out the Qingxiang Movement: killing or imprisoning countless Taiwanese elites and Taiwanese Japanese soldiers. "I would rather kill ninety in vain Nine, as long as you kill one is really enough." The most famous case, when the army entered Hualien Qingxiang, on the night of April 4th, Hualien famous doctor Zhang Qilang and his sons Zhang Zongren and Zhang Guoren were shot in the wilderness of Fenglin. Disgusted and dumped beside the cemetery. Two days later, when Zhang Qilang's wife Zhan Jinzhi and his son's bodies were found, they were shocked to find that not only their faces were covered with cut marks, their stomachs were also pierced, and their intestines were still hanging out. Taiwan's Lee Teng-hui's quiet revolution is Mr. Democracy. Since he began to implement direct presidential elections, Taiwan has waited for the long-lost democracy and freedom.


  28. La Guerre à Taïwan est le Rêve Irréalisable des Médias Occidentaux depuis 1950. Finalement un jeu vidéo est réalisé.

    Indépendante L'Europe n'a pas à suivre la position du cowboy américain sur le sujet de Taiwan. Nous apprécions la claire voyance de Macron sur ce sujet. Voici les faits historiques. Le cowboy Américain soutenait les nationalistes contre les communistes en Chine entre 1945 et 1950 et les nationalistes étaient battus en 1950. Le cowboy américain soutenait militairement le Sud contre le Nord en Corée et il était finalement battu en 1953 ! Le cowboy américain soutenait militairement le Sud contre le Nord au Vietnam et il était finalement battu en 1975. Contraire au cowboy américain l'Europe n'a pas à intervenir dans les affaires domestiques d'un pays souverain. Nous recommandons à tous les pays d'Europe de suivre la position de Macron au sujet de Taiwan ! Contraire au cowboy américain l'Europe n'a aucun intérêt de voir une guerre en Asie pacifique.

  29. All filipino supports USA.. ALL filipino wants a war againt china.

  30. So sad for Americans taxpayers, lost and losing everything specially friends all over the world ,, Better back home using every penny from taxpayers back to improve American life 🤭

  31. You cant defeat taiwan.. usa wel help in taiwan

  32. China has increased its political, military, and economic pressure on the self-governing island in recent years to submit to CCP rule. Additionally, CCP is attempting to incite Taiwan even farther toward war with this military drill.

  33. I’d much rather cooperative efforts by the world’s preeminent nations to move humankind forward. There’s no reason that that can’t happen. Time to finally evolve. ✌️ 🌏 🌍 🌎 ✌️

  34. China has to be boycotted like Russia. Taiwan is the new China now. To hell with psychopathic national-communists on this planet!
    The West has to invest in companies of true liberal and democratic states, not in dictatorships! We are living in the 21st century!

  35. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲👍♥️🥳😘💌💋🌹🌹👏💖💝😍😍❣️🥰💓💕❤️💟😊😚💞

  36. Biden's weakness,no show Joe
    No News about Bidens Fouchi China COVID Lab Lies from demoncrats.
    No News about Bidens Boy and the China spy's😮

  37. Taiwan belongs to China this is reality no matter what corrupt western propaganda will tell you. Even the US terrorists officially accept it but they cant let a crisis go to waste and dump weapons into Taiwan instead of helping Chinese reunification. US terrorists will not stop creating chaos until thousands of people die because of them just like in Ukraine and all the other countries in the world that one cant even count anymore.

  38. These are the reasons of conspiracy of USA. They created the Ukrain-russia war. The real terror of the earth is USA now

  39. china/cnn what a match made in heaven!! ccp media

  40. China is the province of the Philippines

  41. Dictator Xi Jinping is a criminal. China is not a developing country. Even if all 1.4 billion die, we must remove the dictatorship virus that is more terrible than the corona virus. The key information that will kill 1.4 billion people must begin with the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Taiwan this year. When nuclear weapons are deployed, Biden is a patriot and the Huntergate incident must be covered.

  42. I have been noticing that when CNN does its articles about people shooting each other that they include color if it's a white person shooting a black person, if a black person shoots a white person there is no mention of color .As a black man I don't understand this and feel for some reason CNN has become a racist organization that has to point out black people and the color of our skin matters when we get shot. CNN why are you so racist against black people and have to tell Americans what color we are when there's pictures and everybody can figure out what color we are? Does it help your story being racist and describing that a black person has been shot? I showed some of the articles to all my cousins and family at a family reunion and we have all come to the same conclusion that CNN is racist towards black people!

  43. China weren't be a advance economic and military Superpower country if it hadn't been for Democrats President Jimmy Carter, who open US and China Relationship back in 1980. To Democrats President Bill Clinton, who sign into law the US/ China free trade agreement and enter China into WTO (World Trade Organization) from 1998 to 2000. Thanks to all the Democrats Liberal supporter who voted these Democrats to be the US commander in Chief of United of States. Also thanks to all the Liberal news like CNN, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC news that made it possible for these Liberal Democrats politicians to be President of the United of States.

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