Chinese soldiers participate in Russia's Vostok war games -

Chinese soldiers participate in Russia’s Vostok war games

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The ground and air forces of Russia and China are participating in the Vostok war games. It is not only Russia’s largest military drill since 1981, but also China’s largest overseas drill since its army’s reforms. In the past, the military exercises between Russia and China were limited to anti-terrorism. This year, they involve over 300,000 troops. What message do these colossal exercises send to the world?

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  1. 吓一跳 还以为没用99式坦克呢

  2. It's been a long time china is preparing a battle to USA!! All Chinese Nationals they knew it ! Strategy was on Legos games!!! All Chinese children was molded the battle trough Legos !!!! Mind u America 😏!China evil!!!

  3. China.comMilitary > Military NewsNavigation sharing

    Professor Ris: Japan hopes to participate in the Eastern 2019 military exercise.
    2018-09-13 10:34:10 Global Times

    Original title: Japanese professor: Japan hopes to participate in the Eastern 2019 military exercise. China, Russia and Japan can form a military alliance.

    According to a report by the Russian News Agency on September 12, one of the famous experts on Japanese Russian issues, Professor Nakamura of Japan’s University of Tsukuba, in an interview with the Russian News Agency, said that according to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vladivostok As a result of the meeting, Japan hopes to participate in the "Oriental" joint military exercise of 2019 with Russia and China, and predicts that Japan, Russia and China may form a military alliance. During a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the relationship between Russia and Japan is developing steadily. This is also the first meeting related to the interaction between the military departments of the two countries.

    Japanese professors pointed out that Russia is now taking military exercises in Siberia and the Far East, and Japan will participate in these exercises in the future. He believes that during the Eastern Economic Forum held in recent days, Japanese and Russian leaders will discuss this issue. Nakamura said that in June last year, the Chinese and Russian defense ministers reached an agreement on military cooperation between the two countries in Kazakhstan. This year China participated in the "Oriental-2018" military exercise held in Russia.

    At the same time, Nakamura said that it is no accident that the "Oriental-2018" military exercise was held concurrently with the Eastern Economic Forum. This shows that although it is held in the economic forum, it also has a certain defensive nature. In addition, he said that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff’s visit to Russia in October this year is also related to Japan’s desire to participate in future military exercises. Japan will participate in the “Oriental” series of exercises to be held in September next year. This will be a tripartite joint military exercise. At present, Russia, Japan and China are establishing economic cooperation and will become military cooperation in the future.

    "Oriental-2018" joint military exercise

    "Oriental-2018" joint military exercise

    He believes that although Japan has traditional reliance on the United States to address defense issues, such alliances are certainly possible in the absence of the United States. In addition, the US government has reduced US defense spending in South Korea and Japan, which has forced Tokyo to find other ways. And the establishment of such an alliance can also eliminate two pain points in Japan. In the last decade, Japan has been worried about the growth of China's military power and North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

    Nakamura believes that Japan has been worried about North Korea’s nuclear tests and missile tests, but there will be no such tests and test launches in the future. In the Far East, Russia, China and Japan will also create a new era, not only economic cooperation, but also military cooperation. He said that the relationship between Japan, Russia and China is like the current relationship between Russia, Iran and Turkey. Because of the Syrian issue, Russia, Iran and Turkey have formed a three-nation alliance. In Asia, Japan, Russia and China will form alliances because of the North Korean issue.

    However, the Japanese professor said that the military alliance will only happen if Trump is still the president of the United States. If another new president emerges and announces an increase in military spending, then this alliance will be for Japan. Lose attraction. However, if such an alliance is established before the new president of the United States takes office, it is impossible to reverse it. Nakamura said that the new world situation will emerge, time will continue to disappear, and the United States will not change anything.

    Editor in charge: Fu Xin CM033

  4. PLA need some serious modding add to their rifles and some body armors

  5. If the US is reckless enough to venture to wage war to Russia or China that means it's tired of life.

  6. Does this mean Russia will Increase its Trade Imports from China,,,,,,and replace Russian built products with China Products

  7. Is Russia drilling for a war against a country in the vostok?

  8. The PLA is so weak the US Navy could sail up the entire Yellow AND Yantzee river without them beeing able to do a damn thing about it

  9. Prepare to hell March! Remember Poles have a problem with their own government. Poles are being manipulated all the time.

  10. Russia and China need each other to defend themselves from NATO which has become an unruly monster which attacks and destroys weaker countries.

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