Chivalry 2 - Exclusive 64 Players Siege Battle Gameplay (New Medieval War Game 2020) -

Chivalry 2 – Exclusive 64 Players Siege Battle Gameplay (New Medieval War Game 2020)

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Check out new gameplay from PAX East 2020 of the upcoming Medieval Multiplayer Combat game ‘Chivalry 2’. Thanks to the developers for sending in this footage straight from the event for all of you! I hope you enjoy and if you wanna see more exclusive things, make sure to support. 🙂
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  1. mordhau already took this decade, too late guys

  2. Chivalry 2 will be better than mordhau and it will be the best medieval slasher game!!!!!

    Chivalry 2 is coming out 8th of june 2021.  Torn banner studio is working hard to make game as good as possible. 

    Why mordhau will die?
    -small studio
    – no good new maps
    -lagged servers
    -retarded and bugged mod downloading
    – small community
    – slow progress
    – boring and uncreative objectives on maps
    – they have added 3 maps since reelase. 1 stgood map 2nd unbalanced  and hated by community and 3rd lagged and too big.
    -small popularity in mass media
    -48 and 80 player server issue (48 player servers are small and often population of these servers go down) (80 players servers are lagged and have high ping).
    . Mordhau is boring game. It had many players beacuse people needed a new medieval game. Chivalry 2 is going to be great game.  Devs focus on optimalization,  maps, animations and important aspects of the game. Chiv 2 has many experienced devs( more than mordhau has)

    Chivalry 1 today is dead game but look how much good things devs have done to chiv 1
    -many good maps with great objectives
    -many skins
    -many weapons
    -good mod support
    -easy mod downloading
    -servers for low rank players

    On june we will see a big battle beetween mordhau and chiv 2. Mordhau devs want to add new maps and some fixes but it wont save game.
    If you are mordhau player who hate devs start trolling in this game ,block spawns, votekick abuse and kick nobles, just destroy game for players.

    For chivalry 2 !!! Make chivalry great again!!!!  We are rising from ruins and facing the future!!!!!.          We will win   we will be great .         Long live chivalry 2 !!!!!!!        For the devs !!!!

  3. "Inspired by the Game of Thrones and Lord of The Rings series", that sounds incredibly dumb since burning villages and killing peasants and whatnot was just part normal medieval warfare. People act like those series invented the middle ages.

  4. Any idea if this will be VR compatible?

    would be insane

  5. Мордхау выглядит все равно приятнее

  6. cross play will fail… pc players will ahnihilate consoles peasants.

  7. When the first trailer for the game came out, everyone was like “pfffft look at those garbage animations, mordhau way better, this game going to be dead at release” but now looking at how the mordhau devs release 1 update in 1 eternity with little to no content being added, it’s safe to say that this game gonna get a lotta mordhau refugees, be this game good or not, people r still gonna want new content.

  8. I’ve never played the first one but 3 days ago my friend sent me the think to videos of the new one and I can’t wait for this to come out. Happy I discover it later then earlier so I don’t have to wait.

  9. Omfg comparing it to mordhau, new chivalry Is has worse graphics and gameplay, you can’t even feel that I’m really hitting someone with sword. You feel like playing with a toy sword looking at these animations(

  10. ОЧЕНЬ надеюсь что системные требования будут по ниже чем в мордхау. По видео такое ощущение что графика из первой части.

  11. Ahoy! uh the dung covered peasant convention is 👉 that way

  12. I love how the Archer throws his bow like piece of shit

  13. Finally a game that is gory enough to piss off the snowflakes

  14. this looks like a downgrade of mordhau. Lol…staying with mordhau

  15. Definitely getting this on release for my ps5 looks so fun!!

  16. Anyone remember robbaz’s old video on the first game?

  17. Hopefully they don't abandon this game like they did with the first one

  18. No for honour shitty movement system I'm in

  19. looks clunky as fuck and why are your eyes on your chest

  20. This looks like a minecraft mod trying to be Mordhau. Hope they give it a complete overhaul before they launch it.

  21. Chiv1 still looks better than this shit, in any points, sorry but that’s the truth

  22. Hm I didn't know mordhau changed its name


  23. Well I rlly do think that the pc player are going the most stay on mordhau and the console players don’t have another option then buying chivalry 2(mordhau don’t has a console version so yea I buying chivalry 2)

  24. I like the guy screaming after he got decapitated.

  25. Bruh those animations are so poor. Feeling like playing dragon ball fighter Z for the first time and wondering where are the fps lol
    Guess I'll stay on Mordhau

  26. Idk..I would appreciate something it's in kingdom come

  27. Now that this game is one day for release. me and my freinds bought it a 12 days ago so we're excited

  28. Yeah must be using lightsabers rather than swords to cut through the armour.

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