CoD Takedown IRL #shorts #callofduty -

CoD Takedown IRL #shorts #callofduty

Alex Zedra
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  1. Kinda wish I had a lower back cage now.

  2. I don't wanna be the one who dumps her and am feeling sorry for her SPOUSE.

  3. You're supposed to hold the enemy while you kill him

  4. In the jugular… not the chest.. do we all have that

  5. See that ring finger boys. Yeah… not a man willing to sleep next to that at night

  6. Almost like your rib cage is there to protect your organs

  7. Yo siento que ami me pega en el pecho con el cuchillo😂

  8. First stab was not accurate
    Continues take down

  9. This is why certain knives are shaped to slip between the ribcage

  10. Her hand just about slid down the blade on that first thrust. Good thing it was the last bloody slippery thrust

  11. Yeah right… That's some fu*king chest and ribs there. What if you're a skinny mf

  12. buuuuuhhh!!! im get bored😴👈🏾🗿

  13. Still waiting on the part where she farts on you👀

  14. The fact that I’m not even British and I could stab this better

  15. I'm glad this isn't insta comments 💀

  16. 9 year old thugs with shanks from London been real quiet

  17. Dont do that, your to beautiful… Look like isis

  18. That’s why we never sent woman to fight real wars

  19. And that is why women don’t belong in wars

  20. There's no second chances in war or a life and de•th scenario..


    You go for the spot just under the ribs in the front,with your weapon pointing upwards…
    Also there's many hand held alternatives to a knfe that are more effective….
    Try a long screwdriver next time…

  21. Jenna Hamilton's Bigger Sister Right?!

  22. I feel like majority of the commenters don’t understand this is a call of duty take down animation in a video game. Not an actual attempt to stab in the heart. Just had to clarify it.

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